Saturday, December 18, 2004

Not well :((

I'm not feeling well for the past few days... I started getting lots of pimples last week and suddenly there were a couple of boils or something which started growing very big.. I've planned to go to a dermatologist today coz I suspect that there might be some sort of insect bite or allergy which caused this... So, I'm not in the best of spirits lately coz of this... got to regather myself...Yesterday, I left early from office to the doctor, but by the time I reached the hospital, the visiting times were over :(So, got to go much earlier today.....But, coz of this, I went to the PVR theatre complex in Forum Mall and booked tickets for Saturday night Swades (Shah Rukh's new movie releasing today). Myself and my friend have planned to go there tomorrow night...

Today, the Indian cricketers too were at their best against the minnows Bangladesh... Rahul Dravid becoming the first batsman in Test history to score atleast one century in all the test playing countries.The Aussies are also tearing apart the Pakistanis in Perth.

Gotta go now... otherwise i'll miss the doctor today too :) Hope i'll get better this weekend... Have a blasting weekend...

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