Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Whats happening to me!!! I feel I'm really going mad :((
Things are not going on well today and thats what making me think like this...Today, our US Manager was supposed to come to visit us but he was held-up in some other work and so couldn't make it to our office.... So, all the work I did today morning was a waste..... work in the sense.. am not talking abt programming work... am talking abt getting early in the morning, having a clean shave, wearing full formal clothes and even polishing my shoes...after a long time :)
We, in our project, thought since it was his first visit to India, we need to make is as much professional as possible and impress him both in work and ethics....

Then, I thought I would take some e-learning trainings that I had enrolled for... But, they were too boring after sometime... and now here I'm sitting and typing somethin' in my blog...
Am I getting a headache??? Need to go home and have a good sleep...

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  1. well! somedays just don't turn out right..but the good thing is once a day like that is over u can look forward to tomoorow being a better day..right?
    thats the best part of life it swings n doesn't stay the same..