Friday, February 25, 2005

I bet u'll look for me after reading this!!!

Today was a busy day for me at the office.... so, late in posting.... jus a small one.. weekend mood na, so lazy to post :D
This is one joke which I enjoyed alot....

Once, a constant and e raised to x (e^x) were going down a road, when they spotted the derivative operator at a junction. The constant started perspiring -- fully in tension.
He said, "Oh ... the derivative will convert me into zero".

e^x was cool, he said,"Ha! the derivative can't do anything to me, I am e^x."

So, in an overconfident manner, he went to the junction, while constant stayed back.

e^x went there, and told the derivative, "I am e^x, you can't do anything to me!"

The derivative replies back, "I'm not d/dx, I'm d/dy".

:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ROTFL!!!

Even in this small joke there is a big realization.... right???

Weekend time and time to enjoy some moments with our friends...
so, have a nice time guys n gals...
Have a nice time!!!

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