Thursday, March 31, 2005

Am back!!!

After a wonderful long break from work, am back to Bangalore today... and back to work too :(
I was at home for a full week. My sister, brother-in-law and my nephew were all with us since Monday. They left for Kerala yesterday and am back to Bangalore today. They'll be flying back to US tomorrow... Thats why I took a vacation holiday from office and spend lots of time with them.... was really happy.... we went to a photo studio, took our family photo... it came very well.. :)

After a long time, we are all together. Now that she'll be leaving tomorrow, donno when the next chance would come. My parents became a little emotional yesterday when they left. I asked my father why he was worried too much, afterall they r going to US only na cos I was justifying that with all the modern technology like webcam, voice chat, and things like that we can very well see all of them whenever we want to. Time and space have been very much reduced with the advent of these modern technologies..
But, my father jus replied back that I donno all these emotions, only when I have a child I'll feel those.. All those technologies won't be a replacement of seeing one's grandson or granddaughter playing with them... I was jus speechless for that...

Hmm, then today back to office after a long time.. (or thats how i feel :))
And, a really hard day... with jus meetings both in morning and afternoon...
But, they were really important cos it was regarding each of our future goals and contributions for the company... hmm, i've to think abt those for the next few days and decide where I want to go from here....
jus one thought is coming to my mind right now.. repeatedly..

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going..."

Lets see whether I'm tough enough or not :)

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