Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Hahaaa.... surprised to see such a title....
I jus have some ideas regarding some changes in my template... and have been trying out a few things lately..... So, "expect the unexpected" in a week or less... :))
Jus kiddin'... have thought of some small changes only..

Prasad, the researcher. Oh!!! Did I loose my hair thinkin a lot???? Stop it Prasad... calm down....

So, if u see some weird-looking things or unarranged things in my blog, jus know that am doing some researches on my blog(oh! too heavy a word for this.. but i like saying that.. :D )


  1., which one are u?...'Dennis the Menace' or "Einstein"...;)

  2. hmm.. seems u r confused.. let me clear ur doubt.. am Conan, the Destroyer :D