Sunday, March 27, 2005

Momma always says.......

Back to blogging after a couple of days.... I'm at home now.... Came for the long weekend... have taken a couple of days leave too... so, will be back to work only on Wednesday :))))
Had some problems with my modem for the past 2 days, thats why couldn't get into the blog world and wish all the fellow bloggers for Holi and Easter.... Anyway, here is it wishing u all A VERY HAPPY EASTER.....

"Momma always says......."
I got a DVD of the Tom Hanks movie "Forrest Gump" a couple of days back.... I like that movie alottt, so got it... and was testing it out... and couldn't resist myself from watching the whole movie. This is one movie which impressed me alot.... and no matter how many times u watch it, u'll never feel like switching it off or forwarding. Tom Hanks is one hell of an actor, and this movie is jus a small example of his acting talents. But, the movie impressed me cos of the way they've taken the film, so different and so original... so touching.....
Anyone felt like this when seeing a movie, if so do mention that movie... I'll check that out too... :))

Ok so, did u all have a great holi???

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