Monday, March 07, 2005

My nephew...

Here I'm back again..... after a good nice weekend at home playing with my little nephew.... now, am back to Bangalore....
So, I've been talking abt my nephew alot since he came here to India. So, I thought I'd post a pic of his..... His name is Pranav, but we call him Achu at home.... He is jus over 2 yrs old...
My sis and brother-in-law n Achu live in Los Angeles.... They've come here to India for a vacation and will be returning back by this month end....

My nephew - Achu
Isn't he cute???
He likes me alot... always comes after me wherever I go.. may be the reason is that I play with him like a kid....

This month, each weekend is going to be busy for me..... I'd have to go to Thrissur, Kerala to attend my cousin's marriage.... The last weekend we'd ve to send off my sis, bil and achu the last week... hmm going to be really hard....
I used to think why did we send her so far away... its really hard, especially for my parents as they are away from both of us.... Atleast I used to go once every 3 weeks to see them.. but, for my sis and her family.. it'll be once every 2 years or so... hmm... life is like that.. got to live with it.... sometimes its hard isn't it???


  1. Hes a very sweet kid :) least you know that u would never b bored on any of the weekends this month! :D

    btw..the tag board shows a DB error on your blog.My blog looks funny, with half the side board invisible..testing times..hmm!:(

  2. xena,ya.. sweet indeed...
    hmm... but things r going to be difficult after this month :(

    ya, tagboard is not working for all of the users.. now its the turn of tagboard to dump us all... :(
    what next, may be i'll try shoutbox... before that one also becomes unusable ;)

  3.'s good be with kids.....Looks like u r enjoying :)))

    Enjoy boss...have nice weekend at Thrissur!!!

  4. hey krish.. thanks yaar... ya, am enjoying with my nephew whenever I go home.. but all good things would have to end one day... and this will also stop once he goes back to US next month :((
    i'm going to Thrissur next weekend only.. nyway, thanks for the wishes.... :)

  5. awww what a cutu baby...sure its defi hard for the parents to see there kids so occasionally but as u summed it- 'thats life'

    enjoy the wedding!

  6. hey priya... ya.. we'd have to sacrifice something or the other... everytime.. kya karen... :(