Friday, April 22, 2005

Have a headache???

I've not been well for the past 3-4 days.... Down with a bad cold and cough. Catching cold and having dry cough is really an irritating thing, I dispise it alottt...

Life here is going on pretty much the same way. Sometimes, I get a feeling if only I could change this ever-mechanical life of a software engineer!!!

Yesterday was a short day at work for me. Unfortunately, my roommie fell sick at office and had to come home early in the afternoon. He called me up in the office and asked me if I can accompany him to the hospital.
I went there to see him in a really bad state. He was having a terrible headache, shivering like anything, vomitted several times, was in a semi-conscious state... and was in a terrible state.Immediately took him to the doctor. The doctor diagonised it as a migraine headache. He had some injections, took some rest in the hospital and then we came back home late at night.

The reason I'm writing this incident here is becos many of us have headaches. Even I have headaches most often... sitting infront of this computer for hours, who won't get a headache??My mother has this migraine headache for years now and it is really painful to see her in that state.... Its hereditary too, so, sometimes feel if I'm having migraine too when I have a terrible headache....

Here are some info I got to read from the web about migraine....

A migraine headache is a severe pain felt on one, and sometimes, both sides of the head. The pain is mostly in the front around the temples or behind one eye or ear. Besides pain, you may have nausea and vomiting, and be very sensitive to light and sound. Migraine can occur any time of the day, though it often starts in the morning. The pain can last a few hours or up to one or two days.

Migraine headaches affect about 15% of the population. Three times as many women as men have migraines. Over 80% of migraineurs have family members who have migraines.

Symptoms are different for different people and are sometimes different from migraine to migraine
The following 5 phases have been noted:
  • Prodrome (a period of warning symptoms): Many symptoms can precede a migraine headache. These include changes in mood (happiness, irritability, sadness) or sensation (funny tastes or smells). Many people experience fatigue and muscle tension before a migraine headache.

  • Visual or auditory disturbances (auras): Some people develop scotomas (blind spots), see geometric patterns, experience hemianopsia (vision on only one side), or, less commonly, have auditory (hearing) hallucinations.

  • Headache: Although migraine pain usually appears on one side of the head, 30-40% of migraineurs have them on both sides. Throbbing pain may occur. Over 80% of migraineurs feel nauseated, and many vomit. About 70% of people become photophobic (sensitive to light) and phonophobic (sensitive to sound). This phase may last 4-72 hours.

  • Headache termination: Even if untreated, the pain usually goes away with sleep.

  • Postdrome: Migraineurs may not feel well for some time after the migraine stops. They might not be able to eat right away. Problems with thinking and tiredness are common.


  1. dei prasad pesama doctor kke nee padichirukkalam :-)
    I guess it is Vivek . Convey my Get well wishes to him. U know i am a fan of his . so i cant bear it :-)

  2. nope, u got it wrong.. its not vivek... anyway, will convey ur wishes to him :))

  3. Is Uma's comment tamil or malayalam? Had a hard time trying to understand ?

  4. tipu, welcome to my blog... uma's comment is in Tamil.... i know tamil too cos I did my studies in tamilnadu... :)
    as for malayalam, its my mother-tongue... so, I know it very well...
    thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see u around here often ;)

  5. Its nice to see someone in touch with their culture and heritage. Being a Keralite myself I have been reading your blog with a lot of interest over the past couple of months.I like your articles on Kerala and I hope that in addition to the general articles you write a bit more of personal perspective.For example : you described Vishu, it would be cool if you would also write a personal experience or something you remember the most about Vishu. Having been brought up outside I missed out on the childhood experiences living in Kerala.

  6. Oh.. u r a keralite... very nice to know that.. sure, thanks for the suggestion.. will write abt my experiences too..
    but, know wht.. i was also away from Kerala since my childhood, broughtup in Tamilnadu and now working in Bangalore. Anyway, my parents r moving back to Kerala soon.. after that, I'd have loads of things to tell abt Kerala.. and will write in my blogs too..
    BTB, what happened to ur blog? I hope u've got a blog too right? but, am not able to access it...

  7. I used to have a blog but I removed 2 months ago as publishing blogs hampered with my writing style. I might have one in the future when I get time and I will let you know as soon as I do.You can always contact me at my email address on the profile.Happiest of Anniversaries to your parents :) Sincerely.Tipu

  8. tipu, oh.. u've removed it..
    anyway, yes do let me know when u write a new one..
    Sure, will keep in touch with u via email... and thanks for the wishes... :)