Monday, April 04, 2005

Questions regarding ABCDs.....

Weekend over and back to work once again.... Its been a little hectic for me for the past few days.. finding hard to spend sometime in the blogdom :((
jus getting li'l time to blog now...

Yesterday night I saw the movie "American Desi" on TV, its a little old movie, i know.. I'm seeing it for the 3rd time I guess... Its kind of funny...
After seeig that movie, I got some questions regarding ppl staying outside India...

I've seen quite a lot of fellow bloggers who are desi's settled in the US, Canada, Europe, Aus, Gulf or some other places... But, reading their blog makes me to feel that they r very much attached to their motherland, know well about Indian values and cultures, and also their language... This is what I feel. Am I wrong?

Or are these ppl the ones who are actually brought up in India and settled in the Western regions?
Are there quite a few ABCDs (American Born Confused Desis) as they show in that movie?
People who are settled there for long time, have u ever felt like coming back to India and settle down?

Got some views of my own regarding all these questions, but would like to hear it directly from ppl who r outside India (like straight from horse's mouth)
Fellow bloggers who r reading this from outside India, do throw some light on this... and those reading from India, do tell me ur views too.. would like to hear whether ur view is just as mine too :)


  1. HI Prasad,

    I do think there are alot of desis who are confused. It has alot to do with upbringing as well; many times the problem here is that many parents end up neglecting their children while both parents are busy working and do not give enough attention. I have seen pretty balanced desis as well; so there is a mix but there is definitely some confusion among some ppl.

  2. There are so many confused desis in India as well..caught between cultures

  3. shelly, yes... u r absolutely right.... their upbringing is the main reason of whether the kids go on to become a confused one or balanced...
    But, i see many parents realise this and trying to come back to India... atleast for the sake of their children..

  4. oh sangeeta, u r absolutely right.. and I can see quite alot in Bangalore :)
    thats a topic which will be interesting to discuss right??

  5. Yes, Prasad and that is what happened to my family actually. I was extremely into sikhism growing up but did not think much about being Indian. With so many desis in Canada, surprisingly ppl raise their children with similar ways that parents raise their children in India. Our family moved from Canada to India in 93 for studying etc and my mom believed that would bring some culture into us as well. We moved back in 98; and I met quite a few nris there studying for sometime but usually they dont stay as long as we did.. Alot of them cannot handle the tough workload.. but the few ones that are hard working can and are able to adjust well.

  6. hmm, shelley... those ppl who come there for work, they r there primarily for money.. but, get fancied with the lifestyle and try to settle thr.. but, later when they have their family, they realize they r missing something..
    but, for those ppl who grow up there, they'll have different views.. being broughtup in that lifestyle itself... isn't it?

  7. The problem is that either here or there children are not taught the importance of being open minded and seeing an issue from more than one perspective.Parents are quick to brainwash or try and instill one viewpoint into a child's head and if you remove that child out of his/her environment then its really hard to adjust, hard to let go of the past, hard to inculcate new ideas, hard to realise that there are other ways of living life as well. Children taken out in their formative years tend to do the worst especially those that begin to think differently from the traditional Indian perspectives. Add a couple of relocations and you have a unique individual that is a composite of many viewpoints with a lot of insecurities and closed windows to new experiences either Indian or not.

  8. tipu, thats a good point... a different perspective of looking into the problem and u r right.... those children brought up in more than one style of living will obviously be confused as to which one they should embrace as their own...