Thursday, April 28, 2005


jus a quick happenings from my side....

-- Got my new specs today, so am back to my full potential.. able to enjoy all the beauties outside :))

-- Tomorrow we've got a function at our office, so had been arranging alot of things for that... was part of the coordinating committee.. will be a fun event with dance, skits, songs, and snacks too :))

-- Got drenched completely in the rain day-before-yesterday... was raining heavily here in Bangalore... And now, my throat is back to form, showing signs of cracking again... :((

-- Saw the Chelsea vs Liverpool Champions League first leg semifinal match Live last night... Ended in a goalless draw :( My friend predicted it'll be a 0-0 draw. I fought with him in the end... :((

-- Lastly, looking forward for the weekend college Alumni meeting @ B'lore. Most of my college batchmates, juniors and seniors are attending... so, anticipating it to be a good get-together, meeting lots of friends after a long time...


  1. It was raining here too. Mainly just snowing. Horrible. I wish it would show that spring really is here and it's almost summer-time, dammit. Heh.

  2. Great to see Prasad's blog ... Wondering who am I? I sit in next cubicle to that of Prasad. However we are into different accounts.. I used to see blogspot window... in Prasad's desktop .. So today just stopped by and exchanged urls...

    nice to see someone blogging just beside you :DDDD

  3. lots for you to enjoy all the parties and have a great weekend.

  4. oh.. Ksusha, don't worry spring will be round the corner... :D

    hey karthik, nice to see u blogging too.... glad there are some more ppl in my company who are addicted to blogging like me :)

  5. neetie, thanks.. yes i did have a great weekend..