Monday, April 25, 2005

weekend, F1 and movies...

Seems its the season of cold and cough.. most of my friends over here has got cold and also seeing the comments of my prev posting, there r quite few all over India..
After a good weekend's rest, am back to normal.... :)

Weekend highlights:

- Played cricket (have started to play every weekend, jus to keep myself fit)
- Watched F1 (atlast, after a long time a good race filled with lots of action)
- Had a very good long chat with my friends studying abroad after a long time
- Roamed around with my friends, did some shopping
- Went to Pizza hut with my friend (I love pizzas alottt :))
- Watched Chandramukhi, the latest Rajni's flick
- Had loads of sleep too... slept till 11.30am on Sunday :))
- But a sad note to end a weekend, broke my specs frame yesterday night. So, am without my specs for the next 2-3 days, have ordered for a new one.

F1 race
Ok now, sorry for those who don't follow F1... You can go directly to the movie part ;)
I must say something abt yesterday's race.... The San Marino Grand Prix at Imola, Italy (the home circuit of the Ferrari team), what better place for Schumi and the Ferrari team to come back into the F1 championship contention..
A good team strategy from Ferrari plus Schumi's brilliance gave them this much-needed second position.

I would have been lot happier if he won the race, but coming second after starting thirteenth in the grid.... is not a bad result atall....
I must say Alonso did really well in the final 12 laps keeping Schumi out of the top position and also reducing Schumi's pace to well below his Renault....
Schumi overtaking Button for second position was simply amazing... That kind of overtaking maneuvers u can see only coming from Schumi's bag of tricks...
Sorry to be talking abt only Ferrari and Schumi, am a great fan of Ferrari n Schumi......
The new Ferrari F2005 is really quick than all the other cars in the circuit... If Schumi had qualified anywhere in the top 5, it'd have been a different story.
Anyway, if there is some team which can challenge the Renaults (who r really amazing this year...), it can be only the Ferrari team and here they come.....

Considering our Narain Karthikeyan's 14th place performance, he has done a good job too finishing the race in a good position. With some amount of experience and a better car with atleast a competing speed, he'll surely be in the top 10 spot. Jordan cars really don't have the speed and they r also planning for a new car in the later part of the year, lets see....

Chandramukhi is no where near to its original Malayalam movie Manichitrathazhu. It was terrible to say the least.... can't see even for one time, might be for Rajni fans it'll be a treat to watch. The songs are also not that good. They've made a good comedy out of the thriller... :))
Manichitrathazhu, on the other hand, is a fabulous movie with Shobana performing a National award winning role. I've seen it atleast 3 times and the songs are also great.
I wanted to see Hitch, could have seen that instead of this one :))

Okie.. anyway... hope this week is a good one for all of us.. But, for me.. till I get my specs back, I can't enjoy the beauty around me fully (I mean the natural beauties, what did u think???) :D

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