Monday, May 02, 2005

catch me if u can :P

So, here I'm back to blogging after the weekend.... Hope all you ppl had a great weekend. Me too had an exciting one...

Last Friday, as I said.. we had a small function at office for our account. Abt 150 ppl attended it, we had a good time.. Was occupied in coordinating the event for most of the time.
My cousin had come from Kerala on Friday evening and was waiting for me at Forum, a famous shopping mall here. I told him that I'll come thr immediately after this function was over. But since I had to take care of some activities after it was over, I was late to reach him. He waited for me there for nearly 2 hours.. poor guy... :((

Reg the alumni meet @ Bangalore, we did have a great time... Huge turnout about 80 of them, right from 1996 batch of our college. I belong to the 2002 passed-out batch. We discussed abt the ways we could build a network between us so that we could help ppl needing change of job or freshers coming out of our college and things like that... Its a great idea and hope we don't lose this momentum and move forward with more such ideas...

Can you spot me in this photo taken during the alumni meet!!!

Bangalore Alumni Meet

And for the ppl who know me, do keep it within urself so that others can have a go.... I had a pic of mine in the profiles for a couple of months... thats why am saying this...

Catch me if u can.... But, I'll tell u there is a way (or I must say a couple of easy ways :D) to find it in my blogs... and I've given a clue too.. :)

I also got the family photo we took when my sister, bro-in-law and nephew had come down to India... Some ppl had asked me to share that photo... Have uploaded it in the web, but I don't want any anonymous ppl viewing those photos... So, if u like to view those and some more of my photos, do mail me.. and I'll send u an invite to view those.... :)

For ppl who r really confused and not able to catch me, do mail me at prasad [dot] raghu [at] gmail [dot] com
Will let you know the answer.....

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