Monday, May 30, 2005

do voice ur opinion n vote....

The weekend was relaxing and I didn't go anywhere out and jus took complete rest. And now am back to my supreme health :))
I saw the movie "Kingdom of Heaven". It was nice.... you can watch it once... but, can't compare it to the director Ridley Scotts's previous one Gladiator... that one is a greattttt movie..

I must say the European F1 race y'day was mind blowing... poor Raikonnen he should have won the race after all the hard work done. That tyre didn't last for jus 3 miles.. oh.. that was soooo near yet so far... Anyway, glad that the two ferraris finished in the top 5, thanks to Raikonnen's tyre failure.. :))

Seeing the comments in my previous posts, guess lots of gals believe the guys are too much obsessed with sports... And ya, quite frankly I accept it... I involve myself alot in certain sports that I watch.
pssttt... there is a secret behind this.. u know, if u r not able to reach to great heights in a sport u want to or even play a sport u love, jus watch it and enjoy... why to worry if u r not playing.. u can always shout in excitement when ur team wins or blame alottt of ppl when ur team loses.. Thats the best way right??? :))))

Anyway, whatever the reason that might be, I accept that most of the guys like me are obsessed with sports.. and u know what.. its directly proportional to gals luving soap operas... wht do u say guys??? :D I sense some wicked grins and some gaalis too.. :))

Gals no hard feelings for whatever I write here.. jus take it light heartedly and read.. :D

How many times do women talk abt "jassi jaise koi nahin" or "kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi".. And, how many buckets of tears do they shed when they see the sati savithri bahus facing tough times... and how many times do they talk abt the clothes, jewels or any fashionable things that the gals wear in those serials....
the list is endless....

Ok... so here is for the discussion.....

How many of you think that gals are more obsessed with Soap Operas than guys with Sports?

Do cast ur votes in this voting service I've created here.... and lets know the results..... this is a good game.... so, jus take a min and vote...

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I need inputs pls... be frank in ur answers... and no cheatings... :))

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