Thursday, June 23, 2005

another tag post on books... :)

Okie.. so time for another tag post.. This one is from Ricky about books... Let me tell u, am not such a big time reader and I also don't read too heavy funda books.. jus some time pass stuffs...

Books... I guess I had written something abt this... My reading habits started from childhood days with Champak, Gokulam, Tinkle, Panchatantra and other short stories... then as I grew up, I became a Tintin fan... and I still remember me fighting for each tintin books in our school library... :) And very soon I completed the entire collection. Then, the transition to Enid Blyton's books happened, like every other children. I guess whoever has some good reading habits would have read Blyton's book at some point of time during their childhood days... right?? Hmm, she is one of my favourite authors... How can I forget those days when I used to read the Secret Seven and Famous Five series during my exam times too at home in my room without the knowledge of my parents. And, once my father caught me reading tht hiding in between my text books.... and I don't want to explain what followed tht :))
After tht, Hardy boys, Nancy Drew and other books followed...
These were during school days..

In college, I started reading books of Sheldon, Seagal, Archer n other such kind of fiction novels.... I basically read only such books, not serious kind of materials... The reading habit then became an occasional affair after I started working.. But, whenever I find time, I'd grab a novel and start reading....

Total Number of Books I Own
I don't have tht many books with me... basically borrow it from library or friends and read. I do have many of Sheldon's and Eric Seagal's books... Then, some other novels too... some 25 in all....

The Last Book I bought

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown - jus started to read this one...

The Last Book I read

Again, Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Now you know why I bought Angels n Demons next.... :)

Five Books that mean a lot to me

Enid Blyton n Tintin series - I still want to have the entire set of books...

Da Vinci Code

This is one book which most of us won't deny as an average one. It was a brilliant book and wouldn't let the readers to divert their attention for even a minute... u'll go on and on reading the whole book...

Love Story by Eric Seagal

This is another one which I'll never forget. Great, simply greatttt book.... the narration is simply superb... that it'll affect the readers too.... An amazing romantic novel.... shouldn't miss this one..

Doctors by Eric Seagal

Again another greatt book by Seagal.. Somehow after reading this one, I had a great respect for the Doctors than what I had previously. A must read for everyone....

Tell me your dreams by Sydney Sheldon

I've read almost all Sheldon's books and I found this one to be really good. Its regarding a person who is affected by Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD).

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

I read this during my school days and felt soo sorry for the boy David who was put to soo many struggles. This book is actually part of Dickens' childhood days when he struggled alot... After reading tht, believe me, I felt really sorry for such children who r put to such hardships with no one to care for and I was really thankful that I've got such a lovely parents who never made me feel that I lack something in my life. Thats why tht character still remains in my heart as one which I won't forget....

I've some books in my mind to read like Five point someone by Chetan Bhagat, Godfather (am sure I'd read this one very soon), Life of Pii (now suggested by Ricky, would read it too), Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (heard from some ppl tht this one is good.. any idea??)
And suggestions required from the readers too.. tell me some good ones to read...

Tag Five People

Hmm.. this is the most difficult part.. cos I believe most of u would have already been tagged.. if not, do take up this one..
I've a few names in my mind.. like Neelima, Poonam, Akhil, Tarun, Sweety, Shelley, Sherin, Mithuna, Nupur, Divya, Kaush, Ksusha ... Rest I believe r already tagged by Ricky... :) Happy taggie-tagging each other :D


  1. hey check my latest u have any questions for them? regarding tag...will do later.

  2. Thanx Buddy for completing the tag. I am glad I tagged ya. I am a huge Tintin fan too but as I remember, they used to be very expensive like 80 bucks some 10-12 yrs back. So, once I got the news ke some private library was closing and they were selling books for cheap. Can you believe it, I bought the whole Tintin series for 5 bucks each.

    A&D is good, on the same lines as Da Vinci but not as good as the later one. Da Vinci was amazing book to read. So, was Love Story. One more Eric Segal that I can recommend you is "Class", really good about Harvard students.

    You have nice choice in books, so keep reading and keep sharing...:)

  3. Nice collection!!! :) Love Story and The Da Vinci Code are the ones with the highest count here but ofcourse after the Enid Blytons and Sidney Sheldons :)

  4. Tarun, ya... checked it out yaar.. and sure do the tag thing when u get time.. no probs :)

  5. Ricky, u got each Tintin book for jus 5 bucks.. gosh... lucky u!!!
    Yes, I've heard of Class by Eric Seagal... gotta read that one too.. and the second part of Love story ie, Oliver's story too..

  6. anz, thanks for dropping by my blogs.. :)
    U r right, Da vinci code is a hit among everyone.. as also Love story... But, everyone must have read the Blytons and Sydney Sheldons to begin with..

  7. Hey, lovely choice of books. Tell Me Your Dreams is one of the most superb books ever...I was really taken aback by the ending. Loved it...I recently watched a tamil movie, the storyline of which is kinda based on this one...the terrific ending is there in it too! Keep up the reading..!

  8. hi nivedita, thanks :)
    yes, tell me ur dreams is a very good book which won't allow u to stop reading till u finish it..
    hmm, i know which movie u r talking abt its Anniyan right?
    even i saw tht one..