Thursday, June 02, 2005

a day's experience to remember...

Yesterday, I took a day's off and went home to attend the farewell function given to my mother. My mother got retired yesterday..... its a voluntary retirement from service.. She worked for BSNL for the past 33 years...

It was her last day y'day.. So, my mother, father and myself went to her office to attend the felicitation function organised by her colleagues in her office. Initially her senior manager gave her the resignation letter and talked abt her service to the organisation. Then, her colleagues presented her with a Microwave oven as her farewell gift...
After that we all went to a nearby restaurant where we had arranged for a lunch party. About 160 colleagues of my mom (right from the lowest of the workers to the top management ppl) all came and attended it.

After the lunch party, my mother's senior officers came with us to drop us back to our home. It seems its a custom there to escort the retired person back to their home... great to see that.. :)

Again, in the evening, there was another farewell function, this time organised by the Union ppl. They again came and took us to the function... and seeing the praisings my mother got there, I felt really proud of her.
Lots of ppl talked in that function praising her dedication in work, respect to her seniors and frankness in attitude, standing against anything she feels is not right... And I must say, its my father who got a bit emotional hearing all these :D
I was the official photographer for the entire function.. :))

Atlast, another gang of ppl escorted us back to our house yesterday night after the function.. and it was a fitting farewell that my mother received.

Hats off to my mother for balancing her work life and personal life very well. She never made us realise that she was under any kind of stress at office. I always remember the days when she used to get up early in the morning, cook breakfast and lunch for us and then pack all our lunch boxes and getting ready for office. This is the routine she followed all thro' these years, even amidst her frequent migraine attacks. Anyway, now that she is retired, both my father and mother can relax and lead a peaceful retirement life in our native.

Overall, it was a different kind of feeling for me seeing so many ppl and such a function organised.. cos am used to see only youngsters and that too all very well educated around me in my working environment.. thats what we see in our software industry. But, there the atmosphere was entirely different. Most of them were in their late 40s or early 50s , most of these ppl are not even graduates.. they complete their SSC and joined the organisation, including my mother. Their thoughts abt life and the world as a whole are quite different.
I should also add that this is the first time I've attended a Union meeting.. :))
I've seen in many movies regarding Union leaders and their opposite parties....
Even here, there was an opposite gang who lost the union elections. They didn't attend the evening party organised by the Union, instead came and wished my mother in the morning itself. Such kind of disparities u can see it openly. And the work atmosphere there was kind-of typical central government office.. :)
Its no more a central govt. organisation, yet that kind of feeling is there always...
All these was a different kind of experience for me...

And know what!!! Am now the only earning member in the family... :))
I was kiddin' with my parents yesterday night after we came back... saying this..

Atlas, I'd like to wish my mother and father "A VERY HAPPY AND PEACEFUL RETIREMENT LIFE".

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