Tuesday, June 21, 2005

dull boy here to cheer up....

Work.. Work... Work... All work and no blogging makes Prasad a dull boy....
Atlast, I did find some time to cheer up this dull boy :D

Me: "So, how have u been these days without me??"

My blog: "Oh Prasad, without u.... I was getting bored. The regular visitors do drop in once a while to check for the updates, but they too got bored now, I guess..
What were u doing all these days without even updating me??? Got any new girlfriend or what... that u almost forgot me!!!

Me: "Arre blogji, kya karun... got work to do na... and last week we had some important code changes in our application, so was held up in that work.
And, girlfriend?? don't u want me to be happy or not??? anyway, will surely let u know when I find one.. ok??? For now, am happy with what n how I'm :)"

My blog: "Accha baba.... sorry... I was jus concerned that u didn't turn up for long.. So, any news or happenings that u want to share now"

Me: "Hmm.. nothing much in particular... weekend was jus normal.. saw a couple of my cousins who are here in B'lore. Also, went to Shankar's (director of Gentleman, Indian, Muthalvan, Boys) new film "Anniyan" but was not upto his usual standards.... "

My blog: "What about F1, u always have something to say about F1 na... what happened to that???"

Me: "Don't remind me of that, was waiting to see the US GP last Sunday and was disappointed to see only the six cars with Bridgestone tyres racing. But, am happy for two things.. 1) Ferrari's n Schumi able to win one atlast.. and 2) Karthikeyan on the points table now...
Many were blaming Ferrari's for participating and not having that sporting and comptetitive spirit. But, I would like to say that the Michelin tyre company were the one to blame for not being prepared for such a circuit... so what.. atleast our Narain Karthikeyan was able to see some points cos of this na... "

My blog: "Hmmm... u do have some sport or the other to talk abt always.... "

Me: "Know what.. my friends too say the same thing.... :)
Now that the Wimbledon has started, the focus is now on Tennis and Sania Mirza. She has won her first round match.. so, am happy abt that.. Let see if she is able to recreat that magical moment in Dubai to beat Kuznetskova again.. or if Kuznetskova manages to avenge her defeat to Sania..."

My blog: "What abt cricket and football?"

Me: "Yes, I do want to say that am happy...atlast the Aussies become a beatable team.... very nice to see them on the receiving end... And football, Confederation cup is going on now.. so, waiting for the Germany vs Argentina clash today...."

My blog: "Phew... u do have something to say in each and every sport... when do u get time to follow?? You said u were busy in ur work???? "

(My conscience-Prasad, whats this.... see now u r caught... the truth will be revealed now that u weren't working... LOL!!!)

Me: "No blogji, u know... am a committed n dedicated software engineer.. so, work is my first priority always... I watch all these matches during night after I go home.... Need some relaxation after work na... "

(My conscience-Hmm thats a smart answer.. but u and dedicated s/w engg ROTFL!!!)

My blog: "Ok ok.. no need for those explanations.. I believe u... Anyway, enjoy ur work and sports too.. But, when will u come back?"

Me: "Don't worry..... this week, work has stabilised... thats why am back to see u my dear..."

My blog: "So sweet of u Prasad ;) Does this mean that u'll come to see me only when u r free??? :( "

Me: "Oh no.... I'll try to squeeze-in as much time as possible for u even when am busy.... "

My blog: "Hmm.. lets see... I'll believe u only after I see the actual results.. "

Me: "Oh... u want to see results... now don't act like a Project Manager... :("

My blog: "Ok ok..... now u go.... don't bore me too much.. "

Me: "Ok then.... until next time byeeee byeee my dear... "

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