Monday, June 06, 2005

weekend n music....

Had a nice weekend... went to Bannerghatta wildlife sanctuary with my friends on Saturday and Lal Bagh park y'day. I'm here in B'lore for the past 1 year and am going to the famous Lal Bagh only for the first time after coming here :)
I had been to this place long back during our college Industrial visit...
I thought this place is fit only to go if we've a partner.. right?? whats the use of going to such a place with friends :)) and I was right... all I could see yesterday were lotsss of lovely couples trying to find a secluded place for their romance :)
We friends were jokin' seeing all these.... "kab aayega tera waqt???". Another was saying "Dheeraj rak... zaroor ayega..." A third one.... "arre kab shaadi ke baat?? uske baat kya faida hai??"
Anyway, we had a nice time thr.... wandered around aimlessly... took some snaps..and came back...

I had been tagged a week back by Neelima for this meme..... so, here it goes... sorry Neels for this late post... :)

Total volume of music files on my computer:
Jus now checked it, I've a whooping 11.7GB of songs in my machine... :D
I didn't realize it till now... OMG!!! Is my machine turning into a music box???
I should cleanup some unwanted ones....

The last CD I bought was:
I don't usually buy CDs or casettes, I live on MP3s.... And the one that I recently bought was a collection of 2005 Hits MP3 songs which includes Zeher, Lucky, Bewafa, Karam, Kaal, Waqt, etc....

Songs playing right now:
Kal Ho Na Ho title track (a really good song) and other songs of Kal Ho Na Ho.....

Five songs which i listen to a lot or which means a lot to me:
Oh.... 5 is a very small number... I've loads of fav songs... ok, let me list a few of them...

  • First and foremost, Pehla nasha song from Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikandar (a beautiful song.... luv it alottttttttt)

  • Latest addition/addiction :D, Wo lamhe song from Zeher (no prize for guessing this one ;) cos have written alot abt this)

  • Pal pal dil ke paas... from Blackmail

  • KK's Pyar Ke Pal (a beautiful melody)

  • Badi naazuk hai yeh manzil.... from Jogger's Park (an amazing Jagjit Singh song..)

  • Aur aahista kije baatein.... by Pankaj Udhas- Stolen Moments album (used to listen to this song manyyyyyyy times, when it was released)

  • Aerosmith's I don't want to close my eyes.... OST Armageddon (an amazing song... can listen to any number of times)

  • If you're not the one... by Daniel Bedingfield (a very good song, i like it particularly for its beautiful words...)

These are jus a few songs, but I like many Kishore Kumar songs too... then hmm Bryan Adams songs.... luv his songs alottttttttt......

Five People to whom I'm passing the baton:
Anyone willing to take this up can come up with their list.... guess most of u would have done this.. tahts why... :)

Ricky too had tagged me for another chain post... will come up with my list for that one soon.... :)

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