Monday, July 18, 2005


Oh, no... Don't think that the topic has got anything to do with my marriage. Its still a loooong way to go :D
I jus got a call today afternoon from my best friend at school(he is the one who is still in touch with me regularly after the school days) saying he is going to get married this November. My first reaction was "WHATTTT????". I was really surprised on hearing that news. It was like a bolt out of the sky... cos he never mentioned to me that he was going to get married so soon...
I asked him "why so soon??". He returned back my question saying "Why do u say its soon? We are already 25 na... and am planning to get settled down..."
I had no answers for tht.. :D I jus wished him and enquired abt his fiancee...
God!!! I can never imagine tht my friend is getting married very soon...
Anyway..... my wishes for him for a great married life.... :)

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