Thursday, July 21, 2005

My first.....................

Ok here I am taking some quick time off my work... to write an all important post!!! :D

Yesterday morning, I came to office asusual... n when I checked my mails, I found one mail which made me very happy.. :) yes, it was from one of fellow Bangalore blogger Chandu :) inviting a few of us for a small n quick bloggers meet yesterday evening itself.

Yessssssss.... I attended my first Real Bloggers Meet yesterday.. :))

And guess who was the reason for this short and quick visit???
Kaush, who came down to India jus last week from US for a month-long visit....
She is here in B'lore for a week before going to Mumbai...

The ones who were present at the meet - Attendance list :)
Mehak n Tarun - The lovely couple
and ofcourse myself... :)

I first met Tarun and Sumana yesterday evening at Raheja arcade around 6 and we searched for a suitable place for all of us to sit and have a chat....
Atlast we decided tht the best place would be in Forum Pizza hut :)
And we all went to then meet Kaush and Mehak.
The initial apprehension was there in all our faces... :) waiting for someone to break the ice.. :D

We started slowly... went to Pizza hut, started talking.... then some fotos followed before we were reminded tht we were supposed to give orders too :D
Then, we did order something, which didn't matter atall..

All of a sudden Taran joined us directly at Pizza hut. That was a good surprise and we were happy to see him cos Mehak was jus telling us abt her marriage recently to Taran. She still had the big sets of bangles which she has to wear as a custom...
We all then suddenly got busy with our pizzas that we forgot to talk.
And Taran rightly reminded us abt tht :)
Thats when we all started in full flow.. talking abt each one of us.

Sumana was telling us abt how her name spelt and what it meant (suman+a - flower or su+mana - good hearted).
Kaush started to say her plans in India and she is happy to have made this trip cos she is surely gonna meet quite a few bloggers all over India..
We were pulling Chandu's legs querying for his single status and whether its true or not??? Chandu, we still didn't get the proper answer.. u sure have a big list of female friends, I can see tht :P
Then, Taran told abt his travelling experiences and abt many such bloggers meet he has been to. It was very nice to hear it from him....
We were bugging Mehak and Taran to tell their love story, but both were blushing alottt and we all were grinning alot :D

We were soo busy talking that we didn't want to leave Pizza hut and atlast the Pizza hut guys came and asked us if we need anything else and indirectly asking us to pay and go.. They were also playing the music sooo loud.. We didn't wilt to all those pressures.... we jus carried on and on..
But atlast, we had to leave the place. So, we decided to find someother place for our next set of chatting.
But, before tht Sumana got an all important call from her office which required her attention, so she had to leave.

The next destination for us was Kalmane koffees... And there, the only topic we discussed about was the saga of Taran n Mehak's love story... Wow, what a great love story it was (no, am not going to tell u all tht :D) and we could still see their love cos they were sharing each and everything right from Pizzas to coffees.. :D
Taran and Mehak, u both truly are made for each other jodi..
I even got a couple of good pointers for good Punjabi food... Am gonna go to one soon.. Mast kalandar...

I was glad tht I got a couple of ppl to give my visiting cards to.. :D
As all good things should come to a quick end, we all started to part with heavy hearts (Oh... the filmi ishtyleeee :D)
Guys, anything else missed out????? Do add it thro' the comments.. :)

And thus came the end of my first real bloggers meet and thus comes to an end a post which I started writing since evening :) Hope you ppl reading there had as much fun as we did :D


  1. hi prasad, my 1st visit to ur blog..
    you have given a very nice discription of the meeting.. u guys had loads and tons of fun.. i am jealous.. lolz..

  2. hey... tat was so much fun.. n i'll be honest n admit tat tat made me feel pretty jealous!! :)

    have never been to any BM. besides would have loved meeting kaushie... yeah Mehak n Taran are our reply to ppl who have no faith left in love...

    tat was a super post yaar.... keep writing...

    achchha btw.. u must have heard about Saba n Anu's idea of bloggeratti.. pls do visit either of their blogs n see d details... tc

  3. Preeti, welcome to my blog..
    hmm.. thanks.. :) we did have great fun.. i know kaush told me tht u'll be jealous.. haha.. :)

  4. Sadik, hmm. so u too were a victim of tht J!!! :) it was Kaush's idea to write this up soon so tht she can see all ur reactions.. :)) so, any good words(i mean real good words :D) u've to say do direct it to Kaush..
    btw, it was kaush who initiated all these and chandu who invited all of us.. so, thanks to those 2...
    yes, Taran n Mehak were great yaar.. u should have been here to know what i meant.. anyway, hope we all could meet one day too..
    btb, i did visit anz and saba's site.. very good idea.. :)

  5. Ankur,thanks.. glad u liked it :)