Monday, August 29, 2005

atlast time to update!!! :)

I know I've been out of this blog world for quite sometime and not regularly updating too...
Lots have been happening in my life oflate that I'm feeling completely zapped down sometimes...
I feel like I'll break down at some point or the other....

But, thankfully everything is still fine. The first thing is regarding our new house @ Kerala. We were having some problems at the end and atlast were able to sort it out and conduct the pooja right in time. My father is a kind of person who easily gets tensed for the slightest of the problems... and its very difficult sometimes to make him understand. So, my mother and myself talk to him alot to make him come out of these situations... and sometimes cos of this I hide some of the things that I find, will be irritating for him :)

The pooja and house warming ceremony went on well on 19th of August and am sure we won't forget this date cos its my sis' wedding anniversary too... what a coincidence it was!!! :)

Ganapathi omam pooja conducted very early in the morning
Ganapathi omam pooja conducted very early in the morning
Bagavathi seva pooja conducted in the evening
Bagavathi seva pooja conducted in the evening

Then, the big thing... the shifting of our things from Erode to T'mala. We planned to shift on 28th of August. Becos of the holiday I got for Janmashtami, I was able to go there and assist my parents for packing the things on Friday itself. My god, that was one helluva work...
At the end of the packing, we didn't have space to even sit down... lots and lots of cartons of things arranged in each and every room...

This is the state of jus one room dumped with the packed things...
This is the state of jus one room dumped with the packed things...

My father said he never thought we had so many things to shift, but again added thats cos he was living in Erode for the past 35 years. We all had spent most of our life there...
The difficulty in packing is cos we didn't have an official packers n movers to do it and were doing it all by ourselves with the help of a couple of friends of ours...
The next difficulty arose when we had to put all these in the truck n that was another task which required lots of energy and also planning (i said planning cos to get such a lot lot things into one truck, it wasn't child's play). My father was jus pacing up and down the house and we asked him not to come near the truck and jus relax :))
The problem was that lots of ppl were givin their own ideas of how to arrange the things in the truck and we all got confused. And atlast, somehow we jus arranged the things and this was how the truck looked after it was loaded and covered... :) (wanted to take a snap of it before covering it, but was too busy in tht work that I forgot.. )

The fully-loaded truck ready to start... :D
the fully-loaded truck ready to start... :D

So, atlast, everything went on well and the things have been shifted to the new house. But, it was a strange kind of feeling leaving the place where you grow up. Right? I always wanted to go to my native cos I simply love the kind of surrounding there and who wouldn't like their native , but still the place I studied and grew up will always be in my mind.. I'll cherish those good old days I had in Erode. My father is a li'l senti person and got a bit emotional thinking of leaving the place and above all the first house that my parents built with their hard-earned money. Hmm... but life has to move on and so we all moved too :)
But, one thing we r happy about is that we've sold out our house in Erode to my father's good old friend. So, we can be assured that he'll be careful with our house :) and also whenever we come to Erode, we can go there and stay.
Hope my parents have a nice, happy and calm retired life @ our native...
Have a glimpse of our home @ Erode and the one to which we r moving to in Kerala.

Our home @ Erode where we shifted from...
Our home @ Erode where we shifted from...
Our new home @ T'mala where we got shifted to :)
Our new home @ T'mala where we got shifted to :)

All these happenings over the past couple of months and lots of travelling each and every weekend has made me tire like anything.... Most of the weekends I travel from B'lore(Karnataka) to Erode(Tamilnadu) then from there to T'mala (Kerala).
So, its like travelling to three states in a weekend.. :D
Thts one reason why am not being able to be regular here... Moreover my work @ office too has to be managed in between..
Now tht things have settled down, I can relax abit and wait for Onam next month when I get to go home for a big vacation... :)
BTB, forgot to add.. the new house is named "Nandanam"...

I feel I've rambled alot abt the happenings in my life... right? I always write alot of things abt the happening in my life, abt whats going on in my mind... and all those which would not be much exciting for all of u to read, but the fact is this blog is like a diary for me where I can write abt all these... may be at a later part of my life, I can look back at all these and enjoyyy :))
I also feel am giving a virtual ride for all of u into my life :D

And if I stop without mentioning anything abt Ashes 2005, I would never be happy... Its a mind-blowing series and the English winning it yesterday amidst a big collapse - u couldn't ask for more.. :)
and no am not going to talk abt the Indian cricket.. even if the Indians bundled out Zimbabwe for jus 65 today... cos they do it everytime only against Zim, Bangladesh or Kenya...
Expecting the English to take the Ashes cup after eight consecutive series loses to the Aussies.. Lets wait and see....

Thursday, August 18, 2005

a post pending from my side :)

I've been wanting to write a post for the past 3 days on the trekking I went for last weekend to Honey Valley in Coorg, but barely finding enough time. Had some trainings to be conducted and apart from that my usual work too.. all draining me.... :(

Now, I've got to go to Kerala tonight. Tomorrow is the pooja for our new house that I've written abt a few posts back :)
So, some hectic days ahead. Got to shift to that place next weekend. All the next few weekends have been booked for me as of now.. :)
And am happy to say that I've got my vacation sanctioned for next month. I'm going home for a 10 day vacation for Onam next month... yippeeeeeeee... :D

Regarding the trek we went last week... the place we went is called Honey Valley resorts in Coorg District of Karnataka. Its in a picturesque village called Kakkabe. From that resort we can go trekking to all the surrounding towering hills. And there also stands Coorg's tallest peak Thadiyandamol. That was our destination and that too in the month of August when the rains don't spare the mountains and when the leeches are on the prowl :) but who cares we jus got a great experience inspite of the many leech bites we got... :))

Here are a couple of snaps for you to have a look at the place we had been to...
I'll come up with a detailed post on this trip cos it'll be really useful for any of u planning for a trek nearby....

snap taken from one of the spots we climbed

trekking hard...

Ok guys... have a nice weekend.. won't be around for the next 3 days... see ya.... take care... :)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

On my birthday.... :)

First, thanks alot for all those who had wished me.... It really brightened my day :)

Every year I get two sets of wishes for my birthday. One from my relatives and the other from my friends. You might be wondering why???

Its our tradition in Kerala ( I believe its there in many other places too) that we celebrate our birthday according to our stars. So, we see the Malayalam calendar and celebrate the day when my star appears in that particular Malayalam month in which I was born. So, according to English calendar, this falls on different date every year. This is the funda behind the two birthdays every year. One the actual birth date and the other according to the stars... :)
I believe most of you would be reading this for the first time.. right???

During my school days I used to say different dates as my birthday every year. So, my friends used to get confused. Since then I decided that I should celebrate my actual birthday for my friends and at home according to stars as my parents wanted.

This year according to stars, it was on 4th of August. when my parents, sis and some of my relatives had called to wish me...
And on my actual birthday on 9th of August, I celebrated it with my friends @ Pizza hut in Forum mall.

My birthday started with my roommates giving me a good deal birthday bumps after I cut my Birthday Cake at 12 O'clock. Some of my friends had also called me to wish at that time...

Birthday Cake...

Asusual I went to office and since I was taking some trainings for another project, I went ahead doing tht in the morning session. Then, afternoon I came to my cubicle and started to read all the email wishes and I saw a thread of mails from my blog friends with whom I had been to Pondy. They were also discussing abt a meet @ Pizza hut tht evening. I suspected there were lots of mails flying around without me, discussing reg this.

The Spaghetti Cake tht I cut to celebrate with my friends @ Pizza hut... :D

And we all got together tht evening @ Pizza hut in Forum..... n what followed was abt 2 hrs of full fun. They brought a Spaghetti and made me cut it to celebrate my birthday... Wow.. what a way to celebrate na.. with my favourite dish.. and they made sure I ate most of it.... :D
Then, there were some lovely discussions and chats... and one major discussion was regarding What do girls expect from guys given by Kuku. wow... we guys realised tht there r lots of lessons to be learnt.. :D It was a great day for me and thanks once again guys for making it great for me.... :)

BTB, regarding our trip to Pondy... Chandu has written a wonderful lessons learnt article... do read it here

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quarter century :)

Hiyaaa..... I complete my quarter century today.. :))

BTB, this haloscan commenting has eaten up lots of my old comments, so thinking of taking it down... Hence renamed it as old comment box as of now :D

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rendezvous with Spaghetti and Pan cakes...

pv: Maams, what shall we order??

myself: pv, we should try something different this time da... what do u say?

pv: I'm ok with anything.. no problem.

myself: I'm bored with all those naans, rotis and panner butter masalas... why not try something different??

pv: yes maams... we'll try something different.

myself: what about some Spaghetti maams... (after looking at all those weird names in the menu, I could only identify this one... :D)

pv: sounds good.. and also Pan Cakes.

chandu: hey guys, what r u ordering?? try some non-veg too like me and mithuna.

pv: maams, we want spaghetti only... :D

neels: lets leave it to their choice itself chandu. let them learn a lesson... :)

dheepak: I also want to try something different, apart from the naans we've ordered. What abt some mosakkas(or was it mosakkaras :D)

akhil: *smiling silently sitting in a corner watching all these*

mithuna: I'm gonna enjoy some good non-veg food.. :D

myself: okkkk.. so what... myself and pv are also gonna enjoyyy spaghetti for a change...

mithuna: lets see :D

Meanwhile the waiter comes to our table and we place an order for all of us. When we said we wanted Spaghetti and pan cakes. He asked us what type of Spaghetti we wanted.

myself: pv, what choice u prefer.. Spaghetti with tomato sauce or with cheese and olive oil???

pv: maams, we'll order for a mix vegetable pan cake and spaghetti its ur choice...

myself: lets try with cheese and olive oil.

waiter: Sir, it'll be very plain, why not go for tomato sauce.

myself: NO! We need Spaghetti with cheese and olive oil only.

waiter: Ok sir, as u wish. (He goes off after reading the list of orders once more).

neels: Prasad, what time is the bus? U said its at 11 pm or so right?

myself: Let me check it..
(And I take the ticket from my wallet, see the time of departure as 20.35)

myself: The bus is at 10.35pm, neels. Its already 8.45pm now. So, we should be fast.

This was the initial conversation we had sitting in a restaurant called Rendezvous in Pondicherry on Sunday, the 31st of July around 9pm.

After that... what happened was all comedy of errors... :) but ofcourse all those made us enjoy the trip alottt more.... Watch out for this space to know more abt the Spaghetti, pan cakes and mosakkas we had, and whether we return to Bangalore as planned and what happened before and after the trip....
Sorry had lots to catchup at work, thts why a late post.. :D