Monday, August 29, 2005

atlast time to update!!! :)

I know I've been out of this blog world for quite sometime and not regularly updating too...
Lots have been happening in my life oflate that I'm feeling completely zapped down sometimes...
I feel like I'll break down at some point or the other....

But, thankfully everything is still fine. The first thing is regarding our new house @ Kerala. We were having some problems at the end and atlast were able to sort it out and conduct the pooja right in time. My father is a kind of person who easily gets tensed for the slightest of the problems... and its very difficult sometimes to make him understand. So, my mother and myself talk to him alot to make him come out of these situations... and sometimes cos of this I hide some of the things that I find, will be irritating for him :)

The pooja and house warming ceremony went on well on 19th of August and am sure we won't forget this date cos its my sis' wedding anniversary too... what a coincidence it was!!! :)

Ganapathi omam pooja conducted very early in the morning
Ganapathi omam pooja conducted very early in the morning
Bagavathi seva pooja conducted in the evening
Bagavathi seva pooja conducted in the evening

Then, the big thing... the shifting of our things from Erode to T'mala. We planned to shift on 28th of August. Becos of the holiday I got for Janmashtami, I was able to go there and assist my parents for packing the things on Friday itself. My god, that was one helluva work...
At the end of the packing, we didn't have space to even sit down... lots and lots of cartons of things arranged in each and every room...

This is the state of jus one room dumped with the packed things...
This is the state of jus one room dumped with the packed things...

My father said he never thought we had so many things to shift, but again added thats cos he was living in Erode for the past 35 years. We all had spent most of our life there...
The difficulty in packing is cos we didn't have an official packers n movers to do it and were doing it all by ourselves with the help of a couple of friends of ours...
The next difficulty arose when we had to put all these in the truck n that was another task which required lots of energy and also planning (i said planning cos to get such a lot lot things into one truck, it wasn't child's play). My father was jus pacing up and down the house and we asked him not to come near the truck and jus relax :))
The problem was that lots of ppl were givin their own ideas of how to arrange the things in the truck and we all got confused. And atlast, somehow we jus arranged the things and this was how the truck looked after it was loaded and covered... :) (wanted to take a snap of it before covering it, but was too busy in tht work that I forgot.. )

The fully-loaded truck ready to start... :D
the fully-loaded truck ready to start... :D

So, atlast, everything went on well and the things have been shifted to the new house. But, it was a strange kind of feeling leaving the place where you grow up. Right? I always wanted to go to my native cos I simply love the kind of surrounding there and who wouldn't like their native , but still the place I studied and grew up will always be in my mind.. I'll cherish those good old days I had in Erode. My father is a li'l senti person and got a bit emotional thinking of leaving the place and above all the first house that my parents built with their hard-earned money. Hmm... but life has to move on and so we all moved too :)
But, one thing we r happy about is that we've sold out our house in Erode to my father's good old friend. So, we can be assured that he'll be careful with our house :) and also whenever we come to Erode, we can go there and stay.
Hope my parents have a nice, happy and calm retired life @ our native...
Have a glimpse of our home @ Erode and the one to which we r moving to in Kerala.

Our home @ Erode where we shifted from...
Our home @ Erode where we shifted from...
Our new home @ T'mala where we got shifted to :)
Our new home @ T'mala where we got shifted to :)

All these happenings over the past couple of months and lots of travelling each and every weekend has made me tire like anything.... Most of the weekends I travel from B'lore(Karnataka) to Erode(Tamilnadu) then from there to T'mala (Kerala).
So, its like travelling to three states in a weekend.. :D
Thts one reason why am not being able to be regular here... Moreover my work @ office too has to be managed in between..
Now tht things have settled down, I can relax abit and wait for Onam next month when I get to go home for a big vacation... :)
BTB, forgot to add.. the new house is named "Nandanam"...

I feel I've rambled alot abt the happenings in my life... right? I always write alot of things abt the happening in my life, abt whats going on in my mind... and all those which would not be much exciting for all of u to read, but the fact is this blog is like a diary for me where I can write abt all these... may be at a later part of my life, I can look back at all these and enjoyyy :))
I also feel am giving a virtual ride for all of u into my life :D

And if I stop without mentioning anything abt Ashes 2005, I would never be happy... Its a mind-blowing series and the English winning it yesterday amidst a big collapse - u couldn't ask for more.. :)
and no am not going to talk abt the Indian cricket.. even if the Indians bundled out Zimbabwe for jus 65 today... cos they do it everytime only against Zim, Bangladesh or Kenya...
Expecting the English to take the Ashes cup after eight consecutive series loses to the Aussies.. Lets wait and see....


  1. whooo hoo me first!!! :)

    well Prasasd as I read about your father, it reminded me of my father. :) Bilkul ditto hai mere papa..just like yours. :)

    So many things to pack..i bet that was an adventure..when you move in you don't konw how many things you have brought with you to make your home a home. :)

    house is beautiful..good to hear that everything is settled. also that the pooja and all went with great success. :)

    kabhi hum bhi dekhne aayenge aapka Kerala. :)

    a post by Prasad is surely not complete without speaking of one or more sports. ;-)

  2. Love the new house...... must have been strange to leave a house full of soo many memories!! :)

  3. hey great house u back in visiting on the so wxcited about the trip...good luck with the shifting!

  4. ... great maams ... I guess u wud have to sweat out a lot in packing and moving , but it must be a real good exp ..... so Now u will be celbrating Onam in ur New house ... Get me some Jack Fruit chips form ur Kerla mams ... BTW it s long time since I had sphagetti

  5. Hello Prasad... yes its not easy to forget the place we grew up... sure u'll cherish those moments...

    Finally ur wish has come true to be in "God's own country"

  6. hmm..thats a nice and long post :)

    its always tough to leave ur memories but i hope u ll make new memories in ur new house. its looks just too good.

    hmm there is always loads of tension while doing all that stuff...but finally everything is done...

    take care...

    God bless u !

  7. wow tat was a long post!!! hey but u know wat i shifted into this current flat of ours abt 4 yrs back so i still remember... it sure is a helluva work!! hey but u gave a pretty good insight... and yep loved ur new house..looks brighter and more colorful... hope it brings new color to ur life too...:)

    and d ashes... my God I ended up watching the test ball by ball... and the last innings was just unbelievable!! don't count the aussies down so soon buddy... the last test is gonna be a hell of a competition!!

  8. hello,
    looks nice.....n i still remeber the grahapraveesham of our cochin house......we also did the ganapathi homam n the bhagavathi seva.......
    i cant wait for onam to be done..going home.....n celeb at college....:-).....
    and ashes..kya kahen..gr8 after another fab stuff....i am routin for England to win the last one n take the u said lets wait n watch!!

  9. What a beautiful post!!! Loved reading every bit of it (except last para, which I will discuss later below...LOL)

    Yea, we were all missing your comments Buddy. Packing can be such a hassle but I am used to it due to our constant shifting in Army. Sometimes the stuff to pack just doesn't end. It can be really tiring too.

    Wow!! Both the houses are so neat. Love your new one too. It's hard to leave the old house though, so many memories. I am glad it will be well taken care of.

    Ok now the reason for not reading your last para is that Divya had told me that you have written about Ashes. Now, I am not even watching news so that I don't look the score by mistake. Why?? Coz I have been downloading each day's highlights on my computer and I just saw Day 2...he he. So, I don't wanna ruin my fun. Will comment about your last para later...;)

  10. Seems keeping very busy...
    Your new home looks very beautiful :)

    Check out my new post... it has a special mention about you...

  11. i read all in a stretch.. yeah the place where u r born brought up is something u cud never ever forget in ur life.. i too had the same feeling when we sold our own house where i was brought up for 16 years.. man ashes was awesome.. ain't it..

  12. Hi
    Yes...we missed u...
    Dont think ur blog is boring or i loved the way u write and we are part of ur virtual diary...
    And hope u are settling in ur new house...
    BTW Happy blogday..and i have mentioned u in my last post...

  13. This will be one of the best post i read here:)and one of my fav also. Beautiful house prasad.

  14. Hi
    Me again...nice pic man...and reminds me of our house warming....

  15. Poonam, ohooo.. ur father too like tht.... hmm seems we've some things in common ;)
    ya, packing was too hectic but good tht it ended well..
    hmm zaroor hamara Kerala dekhnekeliye Neeraj ke saath aayiyee. hum intezaar karenge :)

    ya.. without sports and also music, I donno what would have happened to me :D

  16. Nupur, yes it was tough to leave the old house, but am happy to go to my native too.. so, balanced :)

    Sherin, thanks... and u too have a nice trip to Kerala and tell me how it was visiting ur place after a long time :)

  17. pv, sure maams.. will get ur fav jackfruit chips next time when I come back after Onam... and ya we'll have spaghetti too when we meet next time :P

    Krish, yes my wishes did come true... btb, when will u update ur blog? waiting for tht.. :)

  18. congrats man! nice house.....Shifting or moving is a pain when you do once a while but at last no more move. Take rest and enjoy ur new home......:)

  19. lovely post mate!!! u beautifuly captured the pangs of leavin one home and shifting to new one, brilliantly done.
    And U've got beautiful home, wish u and ur parents lots n lots of happiness and peace.
    take care!

  20. Hmm... so finally shifted, bahut bhaaga daudi karni padi yar. :D Waise "nandanam" bole to...

  21. Congrats on your beautiful new home!

  22. Atlast finding sometime to reply to the rest of the comments :)

    Neetie, thanks for the wishes.. and yes the new house will also have its share of memories soon.. as u said :)

    Sadik, hmm.. it was a difficult task but well done in the end..
    yes... even I don't count the Aussies down n out.. the last one will surely be a great encounter.. lets wait and see who takes away the Ashes this time :D

  23. Divya, hmm saw ur post on the Onam functions at college.. enjoy ur day... and even I want the English to end the Aussies run of Ashes victories... waiting for the final clash.. :)

    Ricky, So, did u get to see the highlights of the match??? wasn't it an amazing match? now waiting for teh last one.. :)
    hmm.. am thro' a very hectic schedule oflate. tths why very scarcely able to blog hop.. :( but will be back to normal very soon.. :)

  24. oh.. god.. again... got to rush now.. :(
    will answer the rest of the comments later...
    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.. :)

  25. Yea, I saw the highlights finally. The match was beyond good. Infact, all the matches have been a treat to watch.

    Unfortunatley, I also watched India-New Zealand final LIVE. What a crappy performance!!!

  26. man some really cool pics of your always looks spacier when the things aren't there.
    "best wishes for the new house"