Thursday, August 11, 2005

On my birthday.... :)

First, thanks alot for all those who had wished me.... It really brightened my day :)

Every year I get two sets of wishes for my birthday. One from my relatives and the other from my friends. You might be wondering why???

Its our tradition in Kerala ( I believe its there in many other places too) that we celebrate our birthday according to our stars. So, we see the Malayalam calendar and celebrate the day when my star appears in that particular Malayalam month in which I was born. So, according to English calendar, this falls on different date every year. This is the funda behind the two birthdays every year. One the actual birth date and the other according to the stars... :)
I believe most of you would be reading this for the first time.. right???

During my school days I used to say different dates as my birthday every year. So, my friends used to get confused. Since then I decided that I should celebrate my actual birthday for my friends and at home according to stars as my parents wanted.

This year according to stars, it was on 4th of August. when my parents, sis and some of my relatives had called to wish me...
And on my actual birthday on 9th of August, I celebrated it with my friends @ Pizza hut in Forum mall.

My birthday started with my roommates giving me a good deal birthday bumps after I cut my Birthday Cake at 12 O'clock. Some of my friends had also called me to wish at that time...

Birthday Cake...

Asusual I went to office and since I was taking some trainings for another project, I went ahead doing tht in the morning session. Then, afternoon I came to my cubicle and started to read all the email wishes and I saw a thread of mails from my blog friends with whom I had been to Pondy. They were also discussing abt a meet @ Pizza hut tht evening. I suspected there were lots of mails flying around without me, discussing reg this.

The Spaghetti Cake tht I cut to celebrate with my friends @ Pizza hut... :D

And we all got together tht evening @ Pizza hut in Forum..... n what followed was abt 2 hrs of full fun. They brought a Spaghetti and made me cut it to celebrate my birthday... Wow.. what a way to celebrate na.. with my favourite dish.. and they made sure I ate most of it.... :D
Then, there were some lovely discussions and chats... and one major discussion was regarding What do girls expect from guys given by Kuku. wow... we guys realised tht there r lots of lessons to be learnt.. :D It was a great day for me and thanks once again guys for making it great for me.... :)

BTB, regarding our trip to Pondy... Chandu has written a wonderful lessons learnt article... do read it here


  1. oh man we forgot those budday bumps... please do take the same next time when we meet :)

  2. no way chandu... once forgotten is forgotten.. :D
    I believe ur b'day is fast approaching.. don't worry we won't forget tht.. :P

  3. Good reply Prasad ;)

    I did not receive the cake... in my mailbox. Plz send it again :)

  4. ya Prasad I also faced lots of probs with star BDay and Date Bday and these days i celebrate only date wise ......
    mams na naliki veetila sphagetti prepare panta mams ....... Have fun and NJoi Life ......

  5. great ot celebrate B'day like this.. Hvae fun ,,

    By the way how is ur cold ?

  6. wow that was a nice celebration...good that u celebrated it in full way...

    i was so dumb i cunt understand its ur bday :)

    have a great time

    God bless u !

  7. oh dear, happy birthday.....I missed the wishes

    kitne sawan bit gaye....

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Prasad!!

    Sorry, for wishing you late but because of my exams, I have been completely out of touch with the Blog-World.

    Now, that's some Birthday. You Blog-buddies have been doing a lot of fun things together and making me Jealous everytime...ha ha.

    Spaghetti idea was funny. Can I assume it was Chandu'

    May GOD Bless Ya and you have many more fun Birthdays ahead...:))

  9. And pls accept my belated wished too!

  10. hi Prasad...
    I know its late....but wish u a happy birthday man...
    this is the first time i have heard about 2 BDs....thats u get BD presents on both days....
    just kidding

  11. seems that you really enjoyed! that's great prasad! make it over to our site..and u will get a special belated gift from us. :)

  12. first time i heard here about 2 birthdays...and i'm sure celebrating twice is double the fun:)

  13. :) Cut a bowl of spaghetti as cake??! LOL!!

    Glad to know that you had a great time.

  14. Ankur, the cake is over yaar, may be next time i'll make sure that u get it first ;)

    pv, thanks maams... do prepare spaghetti for me :D

    Karthik, ya.. it was really great.... and thanks.. my cold is better now after the coorg trip :D

  15. Neetie, ya.. i did have a great time.. thanks.. :)
    its alright.. maine tume maaf kardiya.. :D

    Tarun, thanks yaar... no probs there is always the next time.. so, don't miss the cake next time ;)

  16. Ricky, Thanks yaar... its alright... u do ur exams well and come to the blog world with full form again :D
    ya, we all r having a great time together for the past few weeks ;)
    and the Spaghetti was becos we had a bitter experience of having Spaghetti (with Olive oil n cheese :D) during our Pondy trip and they jus keep pulling my leg every time with the Spagheeti-wala incident... :)

  17. Gaurav, thanks a ton :)

    Prakash, thanks.... hmm wish I'd get 2 birthday presents for those 2 dates.. but there is also a flip side for tht.. then i'd be getting birthday bumps on both the days right??? :D

  18. Poonam, Thanks for the wonderful wishes... tht was sooo nice of you and Neeraj.... It was a great b'day present from u.. :)

    Red, yes.. twice celebrating is fun but at the same time there r some disadvantages too as I said i'll get b'day bumps twice :(
    anyway, its kind of nice...

  19. Nupur, ya.. it was fun.. real fun...
    and sorry tht I was unable to make it to the Independence day VBM.. i know it would have been fun.. but I was on a trip with my friends at tht time.. I missed it :( anyway,glad to see tht it was a great success... congrats Nupur..

  20. hey prasad... happy belated birthday!!
    btw..i'm from kerala myself, so i fully understand the concept of the 2 b'days...but barring the confusion caused to friends, its a lot of fun!! :-)

  21. oops sorry..the anonymous comment above is mine...:-)

  22. maaf kar diya :( means it was my mistake...hehe..

    leave blog is missing you...come soon...

    God bless u !

  23. So you already had a rehearsal on 4th August itself.... ok my double-decker wishes to you again. BTW, where is my cake yar???? keep smiling always. :)

  24. Hey! Wish u a very Happy Belated Buddaaaaay