Thursday, August 18, 2005

a post pending from my side :)

I've been wanting to write a post for the past 3 days on the trekking I went for last weekend to Honey Valley in Coorg, but barely finding enough time. Had some trainings to be conducted and apart from that my usual work too.. all draining me.... :(

Now, I've got to go to Kerala tonight. Tomorrow is the pooja for our new house that I've written abt a few posts back :)
So, some hectic days ahead. Got to shift to that place next weekend. All the next few weekends have been booked for me as of now.. :)
And am happy to say that I've got my vacation sanctioned for next month. I'm going home for a 10 day vacation for Onam next month... yippeeeeeeee... :D

Regarding the trek we went last week... the place we went is called Honey Valley resorts in Coorg District of Karnataka. Its in a picturesque village called Kakkabe. From that resort we can go trekking to all the surrounding towering hills. And there also stands Coorg's tallest peak Thadiyandamol. That was our destination and that too in the month of August when the rains don't spare the mountains and when the leeches are on the prowl :) but who cares we jus got a great experience inspite of the many leech bites we got... :))

Here are a couple of snaps for you to have a look at the place we had been to...
I'll come up with a detailed post on this trip cos it'll be really useful for any of u planning for a trek nearby....

snap taken from one of the spots we climbed

trekking hard...

Ok guys... have a nice weekend.. won't be around for the next 3 days... see ya.... take care... :)


  1. The fotos are cool....

    Do post in the details about the treck... would love to go to places like these.....

  2. Your posts always make me Jealous. I am a complete outdoor-freak. I love camping, trekking, moutain climbing, treasure hunting. The pictures you posted are just so so beautiful esp the first one. Oh My!! Heaven!! I wanna go there too.

    Kerela, buddy I am getting Jealous again. That is one place I missed back in India but chalo there is always next time. Enjoy the backwaters. Have a very nice time back home. Will wait for your trekking update...:))

  3. .... waiting 4 ur detailed post so that I can plan a trip to coorg.........

  4. OMGoshhh!!!
    the pics are beautiful!!!! :)

    Reminds me of the Roja song - without the snow ofcourse!! LOL!

  5. Man .. I was about to ask you abt this ... Glad that you put it ..

    Man congrats for the Vacation.. Enjoy maadi.

    and enjoy the pooja at home too.. Any help needed in shifting ?? *lol* .

    [U might have to spnsor me for the travel and stay and food and so on ..]

    Enjoy ...

  6. Man .. photos are good.. but why dont u put more pics..

  7. hey Prasad... how r u doing...i c tat i have missed ur b'day... so happy belated b'day wishes..iwsh u have a fun year ahead...:)

    and good luck with all d moving in thing... it can get realhectic...i have had flat moving experience a few times... so hope u wont, like me, misplace important things hehe...

    n hey d trek thing seems fun.. i too love to travel...wish i cud go on such a trek sometime...

  8. hi
    pictures are cool man...
    looks like the place and specially the view u have from the top is awesome....
    Keep it coming

  9. great pics prasad! seems like you guys had a great time. :)

  10. Beautiful pics man..First one is just too good..
    Now i am again itching for another outdoor..But unfortunately my partner is off to Saudi Arabia for the next six months!!

  11. How come you put up this post on thursday evening and i am able to view it only today,ie on sunday night??? Ye kya confusion hai bhai?
    the pictures look wonderful,By the way how come i never read any post on our Pondi trip? not fair da prasad:((( and how abt another trip,Maybe Hyderabad his time:D
    How was the puja at home,waiting for the pictures

  12. Hye Akkuti nothing confusing.. in blogger u can change the date and time to anything u want and post it.. :)

    Prasad is very intelligent .. :)

  13. Thanks Karthik for the info,So now i can infer that Prasad is not so innocent as he looks:))
    Prasad,Ye kya chakkar hai boss,hmmm,now how abt answering me abt it all;)

  14. Arun, sure.. will post it soon.. and btb, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  15. Ricky, hmm.. i can see tht :D
    don't worry.... when u r here in India, be my guest.. i'll show u around Kerala....
    and the trek post will be up by tomorrow I guess.. am jus being too lazy.. :D

    pv, maams.. sure coming with the detailed post soon.... jus lazy to write abt it.... but u should go for tht trek, its amazing..

  16. Nupur, oh... is it.. thanks :)

    Karthik, thanks alot for the offer of help.. :)
    but considering the consequences u mentioned after taking u, i guess i'd rather do it myself :D
    may be next time i'll take u as my guest.. what say??

  17. Sadik, thanks for the wishes yaar... hmm, hope we don't miss out anything during shifting..
    yeah, trekking is real fun and adventure.... look out for my next detailed post reg the trek we had. :)

    Prakash, thanks buddy.. the trek was awesome.... will post more pics soon.. :)

  18. poonam, ya.. we did have a great time... :)

    Maverick, hmm.. i've read ur travelogues too.. u too have had some amazing travelling experiences right?
    hope ur partner is back soon and u can resume it once again.. :)

  19. Neels, arre.. na baba na.. i did post on Thursday itself.. before leaving for Kerala.. u might have got the cached version i guess...
    Reg pondy trip, we had let Akhil take the privilege to do the updates :D
    and ya.. hyderabad trip looks good.. lets plan it sometimes...
    Pooja was great.... will update reg tht.. :)

  20. Karthik, thanks for mentioning tht... but I did post it on Thursday itself :(
    even u commented it earlier itself na.. tht itself is a proof for tht..

    Neels, :( now what can I say.. it was u who missed out on this post.. incase u don't get latest updates, hit the refresh key now and then... (the hits on my page will also go higher hahahaa..... :D)

  21. will coem by n comment wen u update on the trek n the pooja!:-)

  22. WOW! what a nice's pleasure to see a place where I belong (I mean hills), I love trekking and I am jealous too.....Have a great vacation ahead.

  23. Dude... photu bahot hee badhiya hai! Now will you stop posting such pics and making us jealous of all your travel stories?? Huh!

    Kidding... :)

    Have a great time back home da. And do make sure to send some pictures from Pooja... especially the ones in which you'd be wearing that traditionalwhite dhoti. :D

  24. don;t unpack ur bags.. get ready .. we shall go again in september.. what say?

  25. Image - 1 is stirring, haunting beauty!!

  26. dos pics remind me of mah trip 2 matheran last year...
    n ya! chweet b'day cake!!

  27. this scene must be amazing and fantastic