Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rendezvous with Spaghetti and Pan cakes...

pv: Maams, what shall we order??

myself: pv, we should try something different this time da... what do u say?

pv: I'm ok with anything.. no problem.

myself: I'm bored with all those naans, rotis and panner butter masalas... why not try something different??

pv: yes maams... we'll try something different.

myself: what about some Spaghetti maams... (after looking at all those weird names in the menu, I could only identify this one... :D)

pv: sounds good.. and also Pan Cakes.

chandu: hey guys, what r u ordering?? try some non-veg too like me and mithuna.

pv: maams, we want spaghetti only... :D

neels: lets leave it to their choice itself chandu. let them learn a lesson... :)

dheepak: I also want to try something different, apart from the naans we've ordered. What abt some mosakkas(or was it mosakkaras :D)

akhil: *smiling silently sitting in a corner watching all these*

mithuna: I'm gonna enjoy some good non-veg food.. :D

myself: okkkk.. so what... myself and pv are also gonna enjoyyy spaghetti for a change...

mithuna: lets see :D

Meanwhile the waiter comes to our table and we place an order for all of us. When we said we wanted Spaghetti and pan cakes. He asked us what type of Spaghetti we wanted.

myself: pv, what choice u prefer.. Spaghetti with tomato sauce or with cheese and olive oil???

pv: maams, we'll order for a mix vegetable pan cake and spaghetti its ur choice...

myself: lets try with cheese and olive oil.

waiter: Sir, it'll be very plain, why not go for tomato sauce.

myself: NO! We need Spaghetti with cheese and olive oil only.

waiter: Ok sir, as u wish. (He goes off after reading the list of orders once more).

neels: Prasad, what time is the bus? U said its at 11 pm or so right?

myself: Let me check it..
(And I take the ticket from my wallet, see the time of departure as 20.35)

myself: The bus is at 10.35pm, neels. Its already 8.45pm now. So, we should be fast.

This was the initial conversation we had sitting in a restaurant called Rendezvous in Pondicherry on Sunday, the 31st of July around 9pm.

After that... what happened was all comedy of errors... :) but ofcourse all those made us enjoy the trip alottt more.... Watch out for this space to know more abt the Spaghetti, pan cakes and mosakkas we had, and whether we return to Bangalore as planned and what happened before and after the trip....
Sorry had lots to catchup at work, thts why a late post.. :D


  1. hmm..waise who are all these persons apart from you? i dont know anyone :(

    and i never had Spaghetti..hows it?

    chalo you enjoy with you all different stuff..

    take care

    God bless u !

  2. you didnt mention about prasad, father of two :)

  3. Neetie, hmm they r bloggers too.. :)
    And spaghetti, u didn't have tht.. god u r missing something.. go and have it sooonnnnnn...
    (now am satisfied to find one more person as a bakra.. :D)

  4. mithuna, ha.... don't let it out... it was meant to be a secret :P

  5. Comedy of errors... oh god me remembering it all yar. :)
    By the way it was moussakka :) inno onnu... intha blog-world le vidyasama panro avang ore oru aal neenga than ya... mothulle randu chatter box vachhitrenthinga, ippo vidyasama randu comment box (palaichu onnu puthusu onnu) vachhirkeenga... Hmm... nariye aadu maattume ne pakringla? :)) you continue to have fun. :D
    keep smiling forever! !!:)