Thursday, September 29, 2005

another post to make u all jealous :D

A day to remember..... i bet u'll be envious after reading this, esply gals...
I wrote this post y'day night itself after the surprise we got from our company... Read on to know more abt tht surprise... a bit long but do read it :)

For the past one month, we were having some functions @ office called AMS Imprint 2005with the motto "I have my hand in it". These functions were conducted to celebrate our successful completion of the projects generating lots of revenue for the past 1 year throughout our Indian offices.

Competitions like decorating the bay & the floors, antakshari, arm wrestling, rangoli, ethnic dressing and other kinds of contests were conducted. The functions were conducted in each floor of all the buildings separately first and then finals were also conducted. Even I won a contest conducted for our floor. The contest is climbing from ground to the topmost 8th floor first and I did it first... :D The rangoli and the floor decoration contests were too good.

All these celebrations culminated to a function organised in the Palace grounds for the Bangalore employees.Such functions are also to take place in other branch locations like Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad.

And today was Bangalore's final AMS Imprint function held at Palace grounds. I thought, or rather, we all who thought that its jus goin' to be like any other gathering, with loads of talks from the higher officials and some snacks. But, the mails said we r in for some surprise aswell.
So, we all waited for tht....

And my goodness what a surprise we got!!!
We went there to the Palace grounds at about 3pm and by 4pm all the talkings by the officials were over (its surprising right??)

Then, the first surprise... We were introduced to 2 special persons who shot to fame thro' V channels talent hunt. Ya, its none other than two of the Viva girls, Anoushka(also a VJ of V-Channel) and Mahua. First I thought, "What??? Was this the surprise??". I wasn't that happy. They started with the Dhoom number and slowly started attracting the crowd. And one by one all of us were near the stage dancing and shouting to their numbers.. And, my thoughts were wrong, they were not tht bad afterall. They managed to attract a lot of audiences and we were all dancing near the stage.. :)

But, hey wait.. there is more surprise here... We were informed tht there is a very special guest who is going to make the audiences go crazy.... a real crowd-puller..
Before tht, we were introduced to a doze of mimics by one of the guys from the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. I forgot his name, guess its Sanjay Kini or something like tht.. He also performs for Radio city FM. He did very good mimic of bollywood actors acting a scene in Devdas movie.

After that we started to grow impatient to see the surprise performer and some of them got a rumour abt this person. And suddenly all the gals started to come in great numbers near the stage and started shouting his name...
But instead of tht person, another bollywood singer Soumya Rao (Laila laila-Samay song fame, she has sung the Nach Baliye song in Bunty aur babli) came and entertained us to a couple of numbers.

Our wait was over and the rumour was not jus a rumour. We were in a live-show with none other than SONU NIGAM. Now you know why the girls were crowding around the stage. Infact they were pushing us around and going to see him as close as possible.
And what a live concert it turned out to be.. We were entertained to loads and loads of songs.. slow songs, peppy numbers, dance numbers and what not. Almost all songs from Kal Ho Na Ho, then the famous Tu..... song, the latest Chanda ki doli mein & Rafta Rafta song, the Halka Halka sa nasha song, the Lets Chill song, songs from Main hoon na.., Dil Chahta hai and lots more
Did I forget to tell u... he was looking too good.. the gals were jus shouting all the time. No wonder he is a crowd -puller. In between he also sang a Happy B'day song for Lata Mangeshkarji who is celebrating her b'day today. And I was singing it for our Chandu bhai - The Alter Ego guy.... who also celebrated his b'day today :)

Sonu also sang some of the audience requested songs.. The band which played for the songs were also good.. Atlast, it turned out to be one concert never to be forgotten. I still can't believe tht I had been to a Sonu Nigam's live-in concert cos it was too surprising all of a sudden for me and also for all of us who didn't know abt this.. And all these for FREE :D
We forgot that we were software professionals and our higher officials were sitting in the front... and we jus went and had a blast near the stage... ofcourse that was the aim of this show and they succeeded in doing that. I donno anything abt dance but that didn't deter my interest to go and dance. For me it was all about clapping, jumping up and down, and whatever I wish to do I did it :D

The concert got over around 8pm and all the happy and tired souls(thts us :D) had to return back to their home. Legs paining, throat dried and sound box gone down, ear drums gone, sweating throughout... but still the excitement made me forget all these.. And here I am @ home now typing all tht happened tonight itself so tht I can post it tomorrow, the first thing as soon as I go to office.
I am happy that my company has organised such a function for us. I thank all the higher officials and also the organisers who took pains to arrange such a function and make us happy.

I wanted to add some pictures taken during the event, but didn't get them yet. So, for now I'll let all u ppl read n be envious abt this and I'll post the fotos later to worsen it :P

Friday, September 23, 2005

my 55ers...

Hmm.... after reading quite alot of 55 fiction story tags and being tagged by Ricky, Neetie, Nupur n others, I decided to try my hand on it :)
If any of you donno what I'm talking abt, have a look at this link --> 55 Fiction
As for Essay writing, I've done a lot.. but, stories.. nonooo...
And after loads of thinking, I couldn't figure out something of my own. So, thought I'd do some typical bollywood stories in 55 words. :D

I donno whether it'll be as good as most of u have written, but jus for the heck of trying... here are my share of 55ers...


1. A typical bollywood masala

A hard-working orphan Suraj.
A rich & beautiful Roma.
Suraj saves Roma from baddies.
Both in love, travel to Switzerland for a song(dream sequence).
Roma's father, the villain, on finding this locks Roma and sends men to kill Suraj.
Suraj overpowers them & finds out that Roma's father cheated & killed his parents. Takes revenge & marries Roma.

2. Triangle love story

3 best friends - Raj, Pooja & Neha.
Pooja & Raj love each other.
Unaware of this, Neha reveals her love for Raj to Pooja.

Pooja convinces Raj to marry Neha.
Raj argues but surrenders to Pooja's order.
Sagai happens with naach-gaana.
Raj tells Pooja he is doing this for their love. Neha overhears & joins the loved ones.

3. A Tagic love story

Rajat, son of a rich businessman, loves a local village-belle Lakshmi.
Rajat's father, Mr.Sharma disapproves citing social status.
Rajat elopes with Lakshmi to a hill station, marries her.
Enraged Mr.Sharma sends his men in search of them.

A frantic search mission, a matrix ishtyle fight & a mishap in which Lakshmi gets killed. Rajat loses sanity.


Gosh, writing a nearly 3 hr movie in around 55 words is tough....
I thought of writing one each for Comic movie and Action movie too, but ran out of steam :D

As for tags, whoever reading this hasn't taken it and find it to be exciting can take up this challenge. Next up on this blog, the 7 thingy tagged by Divya..
Have a nice weekend... :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

vacation overrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Atlast, my vacation time is over and am forced to return back to Bangalore and start my routine mechanical work @ office.. :((

Onam was great @ our new home. The 10 days I got to spend in Kerala was too less for me cos I was jus getting to enjoy it and the days jus flew like I was there only for a day.. :(
I had such a relaxing time away from all the busy things in the world including the internet... Yes, I didn't have any net connection too.
The second day after landing up at my hometown, I went in search for a browsing center as we had not got a land phone yet at home. And after half an hr of searching I returned back home with the message tht there is no browsing center nearby.
Anyway, I thought its good in a way cos I wanted to be away from all these and jus relax and enjoy the time...
All I did there at home was eat, sleep, eat, sleep, watch tv.... and occasionally arrange my stuffs in my new room... After a long time, I watched lots of Malayalam movies on TV as they aired some good movies for Onam...
I also went to the Guruvayur Temple the day after Onam and my god u should have seen the crowd there.... It was a massive queue and we had to wait for almost 2 hrs to get a darshan.. but, it was worth every minute we waited. I jus love this Guruvayur temple, I feel happy whenever I go there... there were times when we used to go there every year for the New Year.

Ok, now am back to my office sitting infront of my terminal and checking all those unchecked mails and doing the works assigned to me..
I'll also start my blog hopping slowly cos I can see I've missed quite a few activities in the blog world.... will catch up with all those soon.... :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

after a short hiatus....

am back again with some more updates from my end!!! :)
Its been a few days of tough life for me.. travellin' here n thr... and trying to keep upto the pace of this fast life which I guess am not able to do sometimes..
I jus wrote in my prev post that there would be a time when I'd break down due to all these things... and I did yesterday :(
I was down and out dehydrated completely and feeling the heat going thro' in my body... and I wished I could go home immediately and jus sleep n sleep.. without thinking abt anything...

But, today am back to my usual self... cheering up myself and ready with my packed bags to go to my hometown for a long vacation(10 days) , the one I was longing for.... for quite sometime... :D
Its Onam time for us... and that too our first Onam in our new home :)
Next week is going to be a great festive week in Kerala... KaikottikaliI really like the atmosphere in Kerala during these festivals.... with Pookolam(Rangoli with flowers), Panchavathiyam, Kaikottikali(a kind of dance) by ladies, Kathakali, Onam special Sadhya (feast), Payasam, new clothes, and lots more.. I especially like the sight of ladies dressed in traditional Kerala saree with their hair let around loose with jus a single knot around it (donno how to describe tht :D)... with a chandana kuri in their forehead going to temples... Its a beautiful sight.. :D
Ok guess am making u all envious... I can see some jealous faces thr... LOL!!!

Am jus gonna enjoy this vacation without thinking of any work or the busy Bangalore life... take loads of rest and enjoy the festival with my parents, relatives and other friends.. I'll be once a while checking all ur blogs & will also update the happenings there, provided I get time for all these... :)
Take care and have fun while am not here... cos when I come back am gonna disturb u all.... :))