Friday, September 09, 2005

after a short hiatus....

am back again with some more updates from my end!!! :)
Its been a few days of tough life for me.. travellin' here n thr... and trying to keep upto the pace of this fast life which I guess am not able to do sometimes..
I jus wrote in my prev post that there would be a time when I'd break down due to all these things... and I did yesterday :(
I was down and out dehydrated completely and feeling the heat going thro' in my body... and I wished I could go home immediately and jus sleep n sleep.. without thinking abt anything...

But, today am back to my usual self... cheering up myself and ready with my packed bags to go to my hometown for a long vacation(10 days) , the one I was longing for.... for quite sometime... :D
Its Onam time for us... and that too our first Onam in our new home :)
Next week is going to be a great festive week in Kerala... KaikottikaliI really like the atmosphere in Kerala during these festivals.... with Pookolam(Rangoli with flowers), Panchavathiyam, Kaikottikali(a kind of dance) by ladies, Kathakali, Onam special Sadhya (feast), Payasam, new clothes, and lots more.. I especially like the sight of ladies dressed in traditional Kerala saree with their hair let around loose with jus a single knot around it (donno how to describe tht :D)... with a chandana kuri in their forehead going to temples... Its a beautiful sight.. :D
Ok guess am making u all envious... I can see some jealous faces thr... LOL!!!

Am jus gonna enjoy this vacation without thinking of any work or the busy Bangalore life... take loads of rest and enjoy the festival with my parents, relatives and other friends.. I'll be once a while checking all ur blogs & will also update the happenings there, provided I get time for all these... :)
Take care and have fun while am not here... cos when I come back am gonna disturb u all.... :))


  1. Hey...
    enjoy ur holiday....
    I was going to tag u but then thought u were busy with ur new house and decided not to..
    anyway have a nice time and come back strong

  2. happy onam! ur chatter box is so SWEET maams..

  3. Wish you and ur family a very HAPPY ONAM!!!!
    have a great time!!!

  4. I think I should make you the "Jealous-inducing-King". You always are doing stuff that I want to do...:(

    This should be a good break for you. I have never celebrated Onam or been to Kerela but have seen the images and would love to be part of it someday. Kerela is in infact in my to-visit-soon list.

    Happy Onam!!! Have Fun!! Do keep us updated with lovely pictures...

  5. We are learning a lot about Kerala here :)

    Holiday... great!
    Have a nice time...

  6. hey prasad... i m sure u r having a grt time with the Onam celebs and having the much needed rest...

    have fun and get back when u r ready to rock!! :D

  7. Enjoy the vacation.. happy onam prasad!!!

    have fun...

  8. A jealous being here .... Oh I happened to see once traditionally dressed group of mallus on a onam day ...oh my gosh ! Am I invited to ur place for Onam morning .... would love to see the traditionally clad mallu girls in their cream colour sarees with golden border .....

  9. Happy Onam prasad....hve lots of fun n joy in ur new home...hmmm!I think now u can take more rest for so manys ...n now u don hve busy b'lore life.....:)

  10. lucky you....everytime I come either u just returned from home after vacation or preparing for same.....Enjoy.

  11. Happy Onam!!!
    Ennoy the break. :)

  12. hey prasad...happy onam re...enjoy the payasam n sadhya...

  13. long time no see Prasad. I hope that all is well with you. :) Hope that you can also make it to the OBM on the 24th!

  14. how was onam?? hope u enjoyed onam at home.
    take care n buhbye,