Friday, September 23, 2005

my 55ers...

Hmm.... after reading quite alot of 55 fiction story tags and being tagged by Ricky, Neetie, Nupur n others, I decided to try my hand on it :)
If any of you donno what I'm talking abt, have a look at this link --> 55 Fiction
As for Essay writing, I've done a lot.. but, stories.. nonooo...
And after loads of thinking, I couldn't figure out something of my own. So, thought I'd do some typical bollywood stories in 55 words. :D

I donno whether it'll be as good as most of u have written, but jus for the heck of trying... here are my share of 55ers...


1. A typical bollywood masala

A hard-working orphan Suraj.
A rich & beautiful Roma.
Suraj saves Roma from baddies.
Both in love, travel to Switzerland for a song(dream sequence).
Roma's father, the villain, on finding this locks Roma and sends men to kill Suraj.
Suraj overpowers them & finds out that Roma's father cheated & killed his parents. Takes revenge & marries Roma.

2. Triangle love story

3 best friends - Raj, Pooja & Neha.
Pooja & Raj love each other.
Unaware of this, Neha reveals her love for Raj to Pooja.

Pooja convinces Raj to marry Neha.
Raj argues but surrenders to Pooja's order.
Sagai happens with naach-gaana.
Raj tells Pooja he is doing this for their love. Neha overhears & joins the loved ones.

3. A Tagic love story

Rajat, son of a rich businessman, loves a local village-belle Lakshmi.
Rajat's father, Mr.Sharma disapproves citing social status.
Rajat elopes with Lakshmi to a hill station, marries her.
Enraged Mr.Sharma sends his men in search of them.

A frantic search mission, a matrix ishtyle fight & a mishap in which Lakshmi gets killed. Rajat loses sanity.


Gosh, writing a nearly 3 hr movie in around 55 words is tough....
I thought of writing one each for Comic movie and Action movie too, but ran out of steam :D

As for tags, whoever reading this hasn't taken it and find it to be exciting can take up this challenge. Next up on this blog, the 7 thingy tagged by Divya..
Have a nice weekend... :)


  1. whaaat me firstttt/??????????????

  2. wow! the third one is saddddd! like QSQT!! and lol these are typical bollywood masala ! but great attempts and very sweet 55ers! :) oh oh and i get the gold!!!

  3. OMG Prasad, I couldn't stop laughing. Ah!! My tummy is hurting. I loved all of them...oh...what a different style ***still laughing***

    First story was good, but it got beter with next one. But according to me last one takes the cake. "A Tragic Love Story". It's an irony but I found it funny-tragic...he he. Matrix ishtyle fight...LOL. Rajat loses's sad but reads funny.

    Seriously, I usually laugh at most tragic scenes in movies too...he he

  4. By the way, I am linking your Bollywood Masalas on my blog...:-)

  5. hahaha...ur 55 are the best...typical ishtyle....good one..

    muje kyon nahi idea aaya yeh..

    by the way i never think u can be so funny...

    too good...;-)

    cant stop laughing hehe ;)

  6. Prasad maams .... Why dont u try ur luck @ Bollywood story writing .... Great u captured typical stero type stories in 55 words .......

  7. Ha ha Prasad, these are the most unusually 'usual' stories that cud ever get written in 55 words. My fav? the second was soooo well captured, overhearing and all ROFL ... tc...

  8. wow!!!! this is simply superb...prasad who wrote this tht U....i cant bealive it...

    I could'nt stop loughing still.....oh my god!Bollywood masala is really funny...keep it up dude!!

  9. Great. I can't stop laughing here.

  10. Perfect scripts for David Dhawan :-)
    u definitely have talent man!!!!
    loved all of the estories..specially Tragic Love story one!!

  11. hey kaush, ya.. u get the gold :)
    thanks.. ya, the third one is modified version of QSQT..
    glad u all liked it.. :)

    what Ricky, u laughing at my sad stories.. :( this is bad..
    hahaaa... i was jus thinking of some novel idea and this one came to my mind.. and tried it out..
    ya, I know the third one is quite funny when u read it.. but, thts how it happens na :D
    btb, thanks for linking it to ur post.. :)

  12. Neetie, so u liked it??? thanks..
    u thought I am a serious kinda person.. why does everyone think am serious... :( am jus a plain simple guy who loves having loads of fun :D

    pv, hmm.. nice idea maams.. i'll start writing a script soon and send it to the directors.. preferrably Ram Gopal Varma.. ;)

  13. DJ, thanks for the lovely compliment from the great story writer in the blog world.. :)

    Arre sweety u don't believe tht I can write these kinds of stories.. :(
    hmm.. thanks.. ya, typical bollywoodish.. :)

  14. mithuna, hmm.. u liked it.. good.. :)

    Stone, thanks yaar.. glad u liked it.. ya.. if only David Dhawan reads this.. :D

  15. now-a-days 55 is everywhere....but it requres a lot time...nice seems bollywood is here:)

  16. Good ones...!

    Boy, you have loads of ideas for a blockbuster :))

  17. Interesting :)

    You have done a wonderful job !

  18. joins the loved ones???? hehe u mean do pyar karnewaalo ko mila deti hai!!! heh heh.. lolz.. :D u sure should start writing bollywood scripts.. then see v will b spared of 3 hours of unnecessary drama!! ;)

    P.S. hey buddy thanks a lot for being so nice n oarticipating in d fun at my blog... :)


  19. Tarun, ya 55 stories r everywhere now. :)

    Krish, oh.. thts so nice of u yaar.. a blockbuster.. may be I should plan to take one with superstar Rajini in it.. what say?? ;)

  20. Ankur, thanks.. :)

    Sadik, hmm.. exactly.. kya karun.. had to write in 55words na...
    wow.. me and bollywood scripts.. ya, I'll consult Karan Johar reg this and let me see.. but am sure he'll rather prefer a 3+hrs drama than 55words one.. :D
    and no need for the thanks Sadik.. it was pleasure for me too.. :)