Tuesday, September 20, 2005

vacation overrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Atlast, my vacation time is over and am forced to return back to Bangalore and start my routine mechanical work @ office.. :((

Onam was great @ our new home. The 10 days I got to spend in Kerala was too less for me cos I was jus getting to enjoy it and the days jus flew like I was there only for a day.. :(
I had such a relaxing time away from all the busy things in the world including the internet... Yes, I didn't have any net connection too.
The second day after landing up at my hometown, I went in search for a browsing center as we had not got a land phone yet at home. And after half an hr of searching I returned back home with the message tht there is no browsing center nearby.
Anyway, I thought its good in a way cos I wanted to be away from all these and jus relax and enjoy the time...
All I did there at home was eat, sleep, eat, sleep, watch tv.... and occasionally arrange my stuffs in my new room... After a long time, I watched lots of Malayalam movies on TV as they aired some good movies for Onam...
I also went to the Guruvayur Temple the day after Onam and my god u should have seen the crowd there.... It was a massive queue and we had to wait for almost 2 hrs to get a darshan.. but, it was worth every minute we waited. I jus love this Guruvayur temple, I feel happy whenever I go there... there were times when we used to go there every year for the New Year.

Ok, now am back to my office sitting infront of my terminal and checking all those unchecked mails and doing the works assigned to me..
I'll also start my blog hopping slowly cos I can see I've missed quite a few activities in the blog world.... will catch up with all those soon.... :)


  1. Apun is "phirst" bole toh...Ab padne dene ka...kya??

  2. Welcome Back!!

    I am so glad you had a good and relaxing holidays. It can't get better than this. Yea, without Internet these days you feel that something is missing but it's sometimes good to just spend some time without it too.

    Take care!!

  3. hello prasad,
    welcome back. glad u had a gr8 time at home. even we had a good onam.
    i also love the guruvayoor temple. u always feel so nice after the darshan........btw 2 hrs. of waitin is nothin!
    well so cya arnd!!

  4. Hi prasad!! so you too finally came back from the vacation haan? Hope everything is going well for you...I know what it feels like to be enjoying everything and then going back to working and working haard....aargh i feel ya! :)

  5. good to see you back Prasad. :) Glad to hear that your vacation went so well!

  6. Did u click snaps of " Guruvayur Temple"?

    good to see u HAPPY:-)

  7. Guruvayur Temple,Oh,it brings back so many memories:).Welcome back my friend,now u better start bloghopping,Lot of ppl waiting for u r gracious presence at their blogs;)

  8. Its indeed to start working just after a vaccation ...... but kya kare we cant have a never ending vaccation na ......

  9. All I see is...

    Relaxing time - relax - relax - relaxing - enjoy!!! :D

    Welcome back!
    glad you had a great time.... now get back to work! ;)

  10. Ricky, hmm u r the first :)
    hmm.. without internet, we feel something is missing, but I thought it was good in a way to be out of it for some days.. :)

    Divya, hmm... ya, 2 hrs waiting @ Guruvayur is nothing... :)

  11. Kaush, ya.. its hard to concentrate on our work after a long vacation :(( , somehow gathering all my resources (its very little now :D) and concentrating on it.. or else my teamlead will kick my bum.. :D

    Poonam, hey.. thanks.. ya, did have a good time.. and nice to be around the blogs again.. :)

  12. Stone, no yaar.. didn't click any snaps... cameras r not allowed inside the temple.. so, didn't bother to take the camera thr..

    Ankur, hmm thanks yaar... :)

  13. neels, yes... am bloghopping whenever I find sometime... :) loads to catch up in this blogworld... thts why taking my time.. :)

    pv, hmm.. a never ending vacation? thts a good option, there is a way for tht pv.. :D marry a rich girl so tht u can have lifetime vacation @ the expense of ur inlaws.. :P, what say??

  14. Nupur, ya true.. now getting back to work is hard for me.. :D

  15. Maams .. I am on look out for somebody with those qualification ....

  16. hey Prasad... a very very warm WB.. :) I know what u mean by the escaping holiday...when i visit myhometown in gujrat.. its like eat sleep.. eat sleep , watch tv... chat with relatives n nothing else...it's very relaxing but it can also get boring if i m there too long... hehe.. but clearly u weren't bored... ok have a good work session ahead.. and thanks again for wishing me on my b'day :)

  17. pv, great maams.. all the best. hope u get one very soon :P

    Sadik, thanks for the welcome yaar. Ya, it was very refreshing.. I do agree too much of tht is also boring... but, cos of the festival Onam, we enjoyed alot too.. :)

  18. OBM reminder..... be there @ 2000 hours IST!!