Tuesday, October 04, 2005

my seven things....

Another tag post here.... after being tagged by Divya, Sweety and Ricky, I thought I should complete it before anyone else tags me :)

Seven things you plan to do before you die
1. Make my parents happy in whatever things I do
2. Enjoy life to the fullest extent & lead a contended life
3. Find the one in my life and live happily with her
4. Leave a mark in this world ;)
5. Visit the places in my list esply Italy, Swiss, UK and Australia
6. See a Formula One Race Live, yes… I do want to see it live atleast once
7. Be a good human in this world.

Seven things you can do
1. Sleep, sleep n sleep alottttt :)
2. Listen to music any time of the day, its mostly all time of the day…
3. Listen to other ppls problems, even if am not able to solve those…
4. I can touch my nose with my tongue.. LOL!!!(r u trying it too??? :D)
5. Write in left hand, infact I can write only in left hand :)
6. Be sensitive at times..
7. watch sports n movies in TV for hours n hours together

Seven things you say most
1. Hmmm… (I say and write this alottt.. :))
2. I mean…
3. ok
4. Oh My God.
5. shucks
6. take care
7. cool…

Seven things you can't do
1. Can’t swim, and I badly want to learn
2. Can’t cook, again would like to learn if someone teaches me :D
3. Can’t take hypocricy
4. Can’t stop myself from being lazyyy.. ya, true… I should overcome this.. :(
5. Can’t eat non-veg, which is becoming a problem nowadays cos am not able to find some good veg food :(
6. Can’t stop fighting with my father for all the silly reasons, but we forget those in a couple of hours itself
7. Can’t keep my room neat n clean :(

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
1. Unconditional love, caring and affection
2. Eyes
3. Smile
4. Dressing sense (I love the traditional Indian look & saree is the most sensuous dress according to me :D)
5. A good figure
6. Intelligence
7. Humane nature
Ha… too demanding.. :))

Seven celebrity crushes (Actually I started the tag by filling this list :D)
1. Angelina Jolie (she is a stunner…. Isn’t she? :D)
2. Jennifer Aniston - Am jealous of Brad Pitt for getting both of them :(
3. Julia Roberts (Am a great fan of Julia Roberts & her acting)
4. Aishwarya Rai (oh… she is a real Indian beauty)
5. Salma Hayek
6. Maria Sharapova :D
7. Sania Mirza, yeah.. the latest in this list ;)

As for the ppl to take this tag, if time permits, I wish all those who haven't taken this tag to take it cos its always nice to know these things from other fellow bloggers too.. :)


  1. ah-haa.. ME PHURST!!! YAY YAY YA!! PARTY PARTY!!

  2. :D hehe read both ur poshts..:)

    seems like a concert week this.. what with DJ's amazing description of d Abhijeet Sawant concert in Nepal n here I find my personal fav.. Sonu.. :) waah.. seems like my blog-friends r having fun!! :D

    n now d seven thingie tag... just a suggestion... name ur son Mark! n u will leave a Mark behind in this world!!! :D ROTFL..lolzz..

    ok a bit more seriously.. its always nice reading this seven thing kinda post.. make u know a person better..
    btw i cant swim either.. n do want to learn soon!! :)

    btw y do u have this word verification thing on ur comment box.. it sux.. this is d second time i m posting this same comment.. d K n X look so similar!! :(

  3. hey sadik.... ya... u get the gold.. :)
    u replied as soon as i got it posted.. :)
    ya... it was a great event and Sonu Nigam was greattt yaar...
    LOL... thts a greatttt one Sadik. leaving Mark behind.. :))

    Sorry abt tht word verification thing, i jus got it enabled today in order to stop all the spam comments.. of late lots of such spammers have been posted.. and Google has come up with this way to stop it.. sorry for the inconvenience.. :)

  4. hmmm another 7 after 7 wonders...;) good to know about you...

  5. aaah the famous seven! I hope you are aable to do all the seven in your life..that you plan to do..also i can sleep sleep and sleep too and listen to music and well almost all the things...excpet I cnanot write with my lef thand!
    and lol you envy Brad Pitt...dont all men..and us women envy Jolie and Aniston :P

  6. Salma Hayek .... ha, If I had to write this seven taggie stuff my list of celebrity crushes will be just the same , except I will replace Jolie with meg Ryan .... and u can write with ur left hand ... can u write with both hands simultaneously ...?????

  7. Hehe, I did indeed try to reach my nose with my tongue as I finished reading that particular answer:D Apparently I'm not blessed with such a gift. But I can wiggle my ears though:P Anyway, a pretty informative post as it's my first time in here!
    Take care:)

  8. Hi
    nice info about u man......
    good to know about u...
    Julia Roberts....i like her as wellman...have u watched Pretty women...

  9. Tarun, thanks.. :) but nothing wonderful to know abt me.. like the seven wonders.. ;)

    Kaush, thanks for the wishes.. :) hmm, so u mean u can also touch ur nose with ur tongue.. cool :D
    u envy Jennifer Aniston and Jolie?? LOL!!!

  10. pv, u replace jolie??? gosh.. she is a real beauty maams.. yet, Meg Ryan is also good-looking.. :)
    and yaar.. i had mentioned it in the post itself tht i can write in left hand and onlyyyy in left hand.. :D If I could write in both hands simultaneously, I'd have become another Da Vinci :P

  11. Sorry dear...one more for you....don't tag me in return ;)

    I tagged you ....mention the 5th sentence of your your 23rd blog entry ..look up my blog for more details :)

  12. Dilakshana, ohhh.. so, u were not able to do it??? :))
    wiggle ur ears?? thts a good trick.. let me try... :D
    hmm, ya.. first time... so, welcome to my blog.. hope to see more of u here... :)

    prakash, oh.. u too like Julia Roberts.. thts cool..ya, i've seen almost all her major films.. I do have a collection of DVDs and CDs of many Julia Roberts' movies.. :D

  13. hey prasad..will read it later...

    ok na??

    and pls yeh word verification..remove it..waise hi login karna padta hai comment se pehle and now yeh :)

  14. this 7 things seems to be a major rage ... even i was tagged and was fun taking it up .....the celebrity crushes are never ending .. i can go on...

  15. Sorry Bhai, A little late, but it's better than never...right?

    Thanx for taking this tag. You were forcefully tagged, so had to do it anyways...he he.

    Very nice points on "Things to do before you die"

    By the way, I tried touching my nose with my tounge and there is no chance it's happening.

    I can't swim too but can float...LOL. I can cook and eat non-veg though.

    I love the "saree" too (on gals ofcourse...LOL)

    I like all the girls in your list too except Ash maybe (lately)

    You are so nice unlike me not to tag anyone...he he

  16. So, you got tagged as well... hehe

    Even my celebrity crushes would roughly be the same.. but the order might be different.. i like jennifer aniston... more than anybody else on the list...

    As for Aish, she doesn't have the same kind of appeal now which she used to have couple of yrs back... her dressing sense is the worst!! i will replace her by sushmita sen... !! :) :) :)

  17. Great to know more about you mate! :D Sharapova..! *Ahem!*
    And totally agree that saree is the most sensuous dress.

  18. man u got al the hot babes in the list.. spare some for us.. ;)& i know ho much you strive to keep ur room TIDY.. i heard stories abt it.. & what causes that Hmmmm sound.. i sense something fishy here;)

  19. Seven things u keep doing at office:

    1. Read Blog
    2. Write Blog
    3. Browse Blog
    4. Analyse Blog
    5. Improve Blog
    6. Eat Blog
    7. Sleep Blog

    hehe kidding man ,,

    Good ur manager doesnt sit beside u! Unlike my case :(

  20. hi prasad.. i cant eat non-veg too and its becoming problematic.... same as urs :)

  21. sorry for being late...

    hey i didnt try to touch my nose with tounge...i knw i cant do it...

    sania mirza...she is really cute...

    saree is really beautiful outfit if carried well...

    i hope u ll do seven things u planned...

    take care

    God bless u !