Thursday, October 13, 2005

thoughts to ponder...

I donno where to start... I've not been in the blog arena for quite some days. For the past few days quite a few thoughts were disturbing my mind. I'm not able to maintain a proper state of mind. Its jus wandering here and there asking a few questions for which I am still looking for an answer.

Firstly, the natural calamities that have been happening frequently for quite a few years now (the Earthquakes, the Tsunamis, the Hurricanes, the Cyclones.. ). Everytime I see or hear news of such calamities, I cannot explain the thoughts tht run in my mind. I'm afraid everyday when I pick up the news paper and read the headlines of the toll rising and the various accounts of how horrible the situation is and how ppl r still suffering because of this.
Why are these poor people always targetted with such calamities? I blame the occurences of most of these to ourselves. With such advancements in technology and sciences, we delve deeper to explore every secret of our earth and universe.
One example I can put forth here is - we dig deep in the earth to extract oil, water and other things and this creates lots of pressures between the plates, which might cause earthquakes over a period of time. I jus know one such reason for this.
There are many such reasons which might also add up to these kinds of nature's fury.

But, once such calamity happens, lots of aids from countries pour-in. People come and help the survivors to get back to their normal way of life. After a few months, everything comes back to normal. Atleast in our point of view, things will be fine.
But, think of those parents who lost their children or the children who were orphaned cos of such calamities. How long will it take for them to come back to normal?
We always say life moves on and we also carry on with such things. But, I was jus telling my friend couple of days back that life is such a mystery that one day we might feel we r on the top of the world and the next day, everything would be lost. In jus split seconds, our life can change. Such is the harsh realities of life that we never know whats in store for us tomorrow.

All these thoughts took me to the second question thats troubling my mind.
Whats the purpose of my life in this world?
In this world full of mad races for power, status, money, recognition... where do I stand? Am I doing justice for the purpose God created me?
I donno... i really donno the answer. I jus know that I'm carrying on the current way life is taking me to. But, is that enough for me?
I really am confused with all these things. Sometime I feel I should have a better purpose of leading this life. I am not denying by saying such things that I don't need money or recognitions. I too have some ambitions of where I should be in some years and what all I should have achieved. But, all I'm concerned is abt myself and my family. Is it enough is the question that ponders my mind.
I know every one of u would also have got such a question in ur minds at some point in ur life. Right? But all these thoughts jus wither away in my daily mechanical routine.
There was one time when I used to laugh at my friend who would always talk philosophically abt the ways of life and karma. I did understand those, but thought life is there for us to live and enjoy.. so, why worry abt karma and other things. But, everytime I see such calamities occur, a sense of guilt gets into me.
Lets see.... I've planned some benchmarks for me. Let me see if I can get to those or not..

On the personal front too, I've been sooo lazy nowadays.... that I feel I'd have to take some serious steps to get me back to my usual vigour... So, jus working on some of those.. I've enrolled for a one day Time management course in my company to get myself into a proper schedule.

I've started noticing one more phase in the blogs world nowadays. We ppl are beginning to loose our identity slowly. Our freedom of speech is being questioned every now and then. Yes, I'm saying this cos of the incidents happened to Gaurav Sabnis and Rashmi cos of the comments they gave regarding IIPM. I support these bloggers cos they shared a few things in their blog where they've every right to write whatever they want. If the other party gets offended, their first duty is to prove wrong instead of insulting the bloggers. I stand by these bloggers and I appreciate that Gaurav Sabnis has taken such a step as to even leave his job for standing by his views. Hope we bloggers don't lose our freedom of writing.

Sorry guys, I'll still be on and off from the blog world for some more time. I might comment when I get some time, but will try to follow the happenings whenever I have time.
I'll be back when I have a proper schedule in place for me and when am able to follow it too :)
Hope u won't miss me ;)

Have a nice Dussera n Durga Pooja....


  1. one or the other time all of us go through these questions.Just get your priorities right and all will be fine.we will all wait for u here in the blogworld:)
    sent u a mail on some info of earthquake and some other issues,hope u will be of some help:)

  2. arre bahut aaram se kah deh diya ke hope you won't miss me...of course we are going to miss u prasad!!!!! i hope that you choose to stay around in the blogworld...because it won't be the same without you.

    what you wrote is right about the calamities around the world due to the natural disasters...its really horrible how its hitting all sides of the world.

    there is a very good reason that God put you on this earth Prasad..there is definitely a reason..and slowly as you move through will find that reason. Don't worry and keep your spirits high.. we all are with you. :)

  3. Take care buddy...and do come back soon...

  4. You raise some really interesting questions about life. As far as calamaties are concerened, I don't know where to start. Everyday the numbers are rising. It's one calamity after another. Infact, I heard a Red Cross guy say in an interview that reason for less donation for this recent earthquake is that there is "donation fatigue" going on, where people are tired of donating because there is one disaster after another. You are right, for people who have lost everything, the misery never ends.

    Do your dharma and your karma will follow. If you do the right thing then there is a good chance that you will fulfill your life purpose.

    I haven't got the time to go too much into this recent Blogger controversy, so I would pass my comments on the same.

    Take care and come back soon and we surely will miss you but do keep commenting and be in touch...:-)

  5. agree with a days...these calamities taking place everywhere...really sad...

    and really we are responsible for it...we dont care abt consequences and keep hurting nature...then we face such diaster...

    just came to know about this IIPM funda...hmm what to say...i hope he ll fine soon...

    and time mgt...hmm thats nice...hope to see u soon...

    take care

    God bless u !!

  6. "LOVE MY UNCERTAINITY" said GOD to MAN ... read this statement sometime back ... Purpose of Life , its a big question and when it comes to its answer every one is on their own .... Your post reminds me of Arjunas questions to Krishna in Battle field ... May be u can find some answers in GITA ... "Karmanyeva aadhikarasthe Ma phaleshu ........"
    Time management ,Iam also becoming a victim of it , do tell me some tips after ur course in ur company

  7. well life is a mystery & involves high uncertainity.

  8. Even though we may not like it... but sometimes we need these jolts or shocks of reality to bring own feet back on the ground. And Mother Nature.... she works is wierd ways... a lot obviously is due to our own doing.....

    Take care.....
    we will be waiting!

  9. mystery is the essence of life :) and we have to take every surprise, good or bad, in stride!
    and try to be around...we shall be here :)waiting :)

  10. i think blogs are meant to give a freedom of expressive which is meant to be subjective. Thats how i look at it .... i would support Gaurav anytime, however it may be.

    You take care and have fun

  11. take care and come back. Natural calamities are as natural as nature and it can happen any time any where. So we can feel sorry for others and I know just feeling this way is not enough. Help each other and life will goo on.

  12. am agreeing with U...these days esp in Andhra pradesh...cyclones taken many ppl were died here...its really sad...

    Natural diaster keep hurting ppl ..n they were faceing it like
    the Earthquakes, the Tsunamis, the Hurricanes, the Cyclones...v cant do anything except helping thm....

    anyways take care...n
    Come back soon..
    V r missing u.....

    God Bless U...!

  13. Calamities... they are all a part of life. And karma is to do your duty, you can not work anything on past, try to predict the future and work on present accordingly...
    keep smiling always! !!:)

  14. It takes crises and adversity to bring the best out of people but public memory being short things are the same again once everything returns to normal. There is a natural tendency to be philosophical during such times but one has to get on with life. As for karma, sometimes one tries very hard but does not get the result and vice-versa. Can't think too much about what cannot be proved.

  15. Hi
    Dropped by to say...
    " Happy & Prosperous Diwali & Eid Mubarak"
    Have fun..keep faith