Saturday, November 26, 2005

Congrats to a special couple...

Its been quite sometime since the prev post. I was on a weeklong training in Advanced Java (thought its hightime I ruin the life of Java Programmers :P, but I sincerely hope it doesn't happen the other way round :()). The training got over jus today....ya, even on a Saturday we had the training... but it was quite gud I must say.. I'm impressed :D

I came here to post a special message to a couple whom I came to know thro' the blog world and since then, its been a regular affair of me going to their blog everyday. Yes, am talking about the couple Neeraj n Poonam. Its their engagement today. :)
Yes, theirs is a very strange love story of two ppl sitting infront of their computers at opposite ends of the world (one in US n the other in India), getting to know each other thro' chat. And there started their journey of an eternal love affair. After four years, their dreams are turning into reality now....
I've always told them that they always remind me of my best friends, who r like them waiting for their chace to get united. Hope their chance too comes soon :D....
I'm happy to see you both getting engaged today. Lets see if I can make it for ur wedding :D

Neeraj n Poonam - Hearty Congratulations to u both....


  1. Congrats to Neeraj n Poonam. Wishing you a great time of togetherness ahead :)

  2. Congratulations to Neeraj n best wishes to u both.....

  3. Thank you very much Prasad!!! Very sweet of you! Our engagement party was a superb hit -- but only you were missing. :-( Khair we will enjoy during the wedding, right?? :)

    Very sweet of you to write a post like this for us, Neeraj and I really appreciate it. :)

  4. Ubiquitous, ya.. very nice and sweet but true story indeed.. :)

    @nkur, thanks for wishing them here.. :)

    Sweety, ur wishes have reached them :D

  5. Poonam, am glad u both liked it..
    and ya.. sure, if everything goes fine, i'll surely be there in ur wedding.. :)

  6. Congartulations to the lovely couple. I have been to their blog once but then lost the password and so could not go again. It's a pretty cool love story.

    Nice Post Prasad Bhai!!

  7. congratulations to neeraj & poonam .. prasad maams tera number kab aayega? ;)

  8. woo.. lovely gesture prasad!! :)

  9. my heartly wishes to them to make their life beautfiul.

    May God bless you both !!

    and claps for prasad for this sweet ;-)

  10. Ohh!! I have been MIA for sooo long on ur blog!

    So... better late than never!
    A very very HAPPY BLOG-NIVERSARY Prasad. Been a great year... and has been good knowing you thru ur blog.

    And My best wishes to Neeraj and Poonam! :D I shall visit them and wish them personally.

  11. Ricky, hmm.. ya.. I guess I saw u once there in their blog.. now tht they r engaged, they'll remove the password protection on their blog soon.. so, very soon u won't require tht login n pwd.. :)

    Chandu, mera number keliye thoda wait karna padega.. ;) mein tho ready hun, magar koi ladki ready nahi haina.. :((

  12. girl, thanks for dropping by my blog.. ur wishes would be passed :)

    Manpreet, thanks yaar.. :)

  13. Neetie, thanks for the claps :) and ya.. ur wishes would be passed on to the lovely couple :)

  14. Nupur, haanji.. u were missing for quite sometime.. :(
    anyway.. now tht u r here.. am happy :)
    and thanks for the wishes.., even I had a nice time knowing so many wonderful ppl in this blogs world...