Friday, November 18, 2005

coolpras4u turns one today :D

Yahooooooooo!!! My blog completed its first year in the bloggers park... :)

Happy Blog Anniversary to coolpras4u :D

It all started with me google-ing for some topic and landing on a blog (which unfortunately I don't remember). Then, I jus googled again for the word "blog" and there started my journey into the bloggers park.
But, I must say tht most of my posts have been jus personal posts regarding my home, my life @ bangalore, my passions like music and sports... and ofcourse some regarding Kerala, the place I belong to.

All thro' this one year I've made lots of gud friends thro' the blogs, attended lots of VBMs(Virtual Bloggers Meet) and a couple of Real Bloggers meets too.
One thing I've not done yet is changing my template :) and I donno whether I'll be doing tht or not.. lets see..

I still remember I got a couple of mails and some comments from ppl belonging to my native place after seeing my post - "A tribute to my native place".
That made me really happy to hear from those ppl...thanking me for the detailed information I had provided reg the history of the place. Many of them were living outside Kerala and didn't know much abt their ancestorial place...
Unfortunately, the Haloscan comments which I had included in my blog ate all of my old comments and I had to resort to the good old blogger's commenting itself, a lesson which I learnt in a hard way :(

Am glad that I'm able to sustain this long in the bloggers world... inspite of some tough periods and heavy schedules at work, thanks to each and every one of my blog friends n readers...
Guess I've rambled on alot.. so, let me stop and let me end by saying Blogs Rock.. and We Bloggers Rock too :D


  1. @Prasad :- Me first Me first ... congrats yaar for succesful completition of an year and I need a treat for it :) .. Yes Blogs rock and Prasad rocks too .....

  2. Me Second. Me second. :-)
    Congratz yaar. Indeed a achievement. I am already struggling to keep mine updated & still comments in others blogs. Damn difficult. In short, ye gotta be consistent and sincere.

    Congratz again dude.


  3. Congrats for completing 1 yr =)

    Yes, we all rock!! =) =)

  4. congrats for completing 1 yr:-))

    mine too the same story.. started googling for something ,then for the word blog, now i m blogging too.. something related to this was my recent post... if u get time do check mine:-))

  5. Congrats for completing one year !

    It's great... you are continuing with the Blog. I think it's better to take a break rather than closing down the Blog... as some people have done in the past :)

  6. congrates prasad :)

    there are loads of yrs ahead for you...

    have a gr8 time

    God bless u !

  7. Party time! Congrats on completing a year !!

    Yeah we bloggers rock!!!

  8. Congrats to Prasad and his blog!! :)

    Keep blogging. I always love coming to your blog and to read about what is going on with you, what you are thinking about, and of course get the sports update. ;)

    All the best to you always Prasad!!!

  9. I remember your post also:) Congratulations. Its been an yr of knowing you in blogworld,wow,time flies man.keep rocking.,

  10. me late!
    but congrats!!!
    to more posts......

  11. Happy Blog Anniversary!!

    It's been a pleasure knowing you. You are one of the most geniune guys around (and few of the lucky guys to be on my list, dominated by girls...he he). I Love reading about your trips back home, since Kerela is one of my to-visit-list place.

    Keep writing good stuff...

  12. hey prasad ... congrattttss!!!

    i still have a way to get to celebrate man ... its a nice feeling right?

    I hope run through many such anniversaries ;-) and keep posting :-)

  13. hey maams.. congrats.. hmm i missed a treat on last weekend when we met!!but no sparing next weekend.. buhaha

  14. thanks all for the Wondeful wishes..
    sorry couldn't reply u all personally cos of the training I had last week.. :)
    Love u all!!! and thanks for the wonderful support u've all given mee.... :)