Wednesday, November 09, 2005

music n cricket...

Yes... the title says it all.. I'm gonna write about Cricket and Music.

Music first... and don't forget to see what I've written abt Cricket.. :)

Hmm.... the group I am gonna talk about came into this business last year or so, I got to hear their music only recently and it was amazing....
Last week, when I was watching a music channel... one song captured my mind and I noted down the song in my mobile... The next day I downloaded the song and one more by the same group and listened to those two song.
My god.. u should also hear those two songs... A perfect fusion music... rock and Indian classical and to top, the lyrics are simply amazing... The voice of the singer is so different and refreshing too.. And the guitarist has done a wonderful job too.

Ok, I'll let out the name of the band now.. Its a Paksitani band called "Fuzon". The songs I'm talking abt are "More Saiyan" and "Neend Na Aaye".
These two songs are amazing... and are available for download at the coolgoose site.
Go to the Music->Advance Search option and search for Fuzon as the artist. You'll get both these songs. So, do download and listen. U won't be disappointed. Am listening to those two numbers everyday and it has taken its place in my fav list :)
I did a little research on this band and came to know tht they've sung the same song "Mora Saiyaan" for Nagesh Kuknoor's film Hyderabad Blues 2.

Certainly the Pak groups like Junoon, Strings, Faakir and this Fuzon are doing very well in the pop music arena... They are giving the Indian singers and bands a good run for their money..

And, after listening to those two songs, do let me know ur opinions on these.


If u've seen today's match or atleast followed (as I did with the help of cricinfo site), u'd have noticed the change that the Indian team has gone thro in this series.
I'm really happy to see the way the team is being build up and the way the youngsters are playing a pivotal role in the teams victory.
The 5-1 drubbing of the SriLankan team says it all.
Some positives I've noticed in this Indian team are....

- First n foremost, its not jus dependent on the Tendulkars and Sehwags alone...
- The youngsters have taken up major responsibilities and are playing to their role.
- Fielding, which has not been India's forte tilldate, is being given equal importance by the coach and the team like bowling and batting and its beginning to show on the team's performance in the field.
- Every youngster is given some chance to do justice for his selection, instead of jus being in and out of the team like many other lost faces in the Indian Cricket history. And the beauty of this is that each one of them are actually contributing well for the victory (see RP Singh's performance today)
- There is truly a sense of commitment in this team backed by a very good coach in Greg Chappel, whom many of them were criticising for being a different tactician.
Both he and Dravid are certainly grooming a team for future.

I feel sorry for Sourav Ganguly whom, I feel, will find hard to come back into this team. Its a very good sign for the Indian team :)
And I sincerely hope that this team doesn't flatter to deceive. Hope they continue their winning ways and put the fear of consistency at the back of their minds. Lets support this young Indian team....


  1. Prasad maams ... me first again ..... In the pakistani groups u mentioned have u missed out JAL ... I havent heard FUZON will surely try .... Faakir I love some of his songs especially "Mahive tere yaad aarahire..." .... Cricket I agree with all u said except feeling sorry for ganguly .... Without cricket and music cant imagine how life would be ......

  2. Maams ... Indian Cricket and consistency dont and willnot go tegether maams ......

  3. hey PV, yes... i've mentioned the ones i've heard maams.. there r lots more like Xenia, Haider Ali too..
    Even I like tht Mahi ve song of Faakir...
    And yes PV.... as of now the consistency of the Indian Cricket is in a question.. but,if we build this team and perform well outside the sub-continent pitches too, then we'll be a team to beat..
    but, its still a long way to go.. so, lets wait and watch :)

  4. Prasad, the maams. ;-)

    As PV, the poet rightly put it: Indian team and consistency? Too much of asking. But I agree with your opinion of youngster making a difference. And yeah, Ganguly's state is... :D

    From consistency, there is a valid point: Oflate, Indian players are not consistent but the team is. Check any of the series: Either we lose the series pathetically or win it as though we are born to win. Isn't this called 'consistency within the series?' ;-)

    Songs: Yet to check this group. But my fav pak band is 'strings'.

  5. Hey RP, yes.. i agree consistency is still a question here.. "consistency within the series" thts a gud one.. :)
    thts why i said, the performance outside sub-continent pitches will determine the actual outcome. If they r able to produce same kind of results there then, it'll be a team to be beaten like the Aussies..

    Strings r a really gud group which I presume most of us would have heard whereas this Fuzon is one band which is not tht much shown in music channels.. Do check those songs and tell me how they r.. :)

  6. heard fuzon n like them.i like the song 'more saiyan'....
    cricket surprised, pleasantly at that, with their performance this series......the trend of encouragin new players is good......but maybe just maybe we r goin a little over board with team selection for the next series will be a tough call.....
    n yes consistency n team india is a rare u say lets wait n watch!
    btw the best play of this seires is the century of dhoni.....:-)!

  7. Never heard... about 'FUZON'.... is it a new group ? Will try listening to them :)

    Cricket Matches are really going great. I hope they win the last match also :cheers:

  8. Hmm... you know my music choices, i dont get to update on new albums. I never heard paki group's songs except few songs like Sayyyyoni and maahive.
    Cricket, I agree with what you said, ganguly ke waapas aane ke din gaye. May god bless him. :D We do need a captain like Dravid to lead the way. Wonder where are... kaif, aashish and zaheer and others. Good luck to the team.
    keep smiling! !!:)

  9. You wrote about two of my favourite topics: Paki Rock Bands and Cricket.

    I am a great fan of Paki Rock Band and infact recently downloaded 50 of their most recent songs. There are just so many fusion rock bands coming from Pakistan that you would be surprised. India certainly lacks behind Pakistan when it comes to Rock Music. The only decent Rock Band from India has been "Indus Creed" and that too have moved to US. If you want, I can email you some songs by Atif, Akash and some other Paki Bands on gmail.

  10. Now, its time to talk about cricket. The turnaround in Indian cricket team has been amazing. Here are some highlights:

    1. India has one of the best fielding sides in world now. Infact, Yuvi, Kaif and Raina form such a great cordon in the inner circle that it really hard for batsmen to score any runs in that region.

    2. Bajji has been bowling excellently and that's good news for India looking at the long season ahead at home.

    3. All the batsmen have contributed esp. after Yuvi did his bit in last match.

    4. New bowlers like RP Singh and Sree can certainly take some pressure of Pathans and Nehras.

    5. Rahul is a much aggresive captain than Ganguly and he deserved this captaincy just on the basis of sacrifices he has made for Indian team.

    6. Ganguly is out...yohooo. He was nothing but a liability on the team. He may have done for India but I think he had a better team than ever before to back him up.

    Bas aaj ke liye itna hee...:-)

  11. good to see you back in style prasad as a post of yours does not go written until there is something there about sports. :)

    have a good weekend!

  12. Divya, oh.. so u've heard of Fuzon? thts gud.. :)
    Hmm, as for cricket.. hope we are able to continue our performance in the coming series too.. and ya Dhoni's century was certainly a good exhibition of batting.. :)

  13. @nkur, No Fuzon is not a new band.. I jus happen to listen to them recently :) sure, u do listen to their songs.. i hope u'll like them..
    And ya.. even am hoping tht India will win the last match too.. :)

    Akhil, hmm.. yes I know abt ur choices... but, this one is worth trying Akhil.. do try these two songs.. u'll like them..
    Yes... Dravid is doign good in leading the team and Nehra, Zaheer, Balaji ki tho kya hoga.. mujhe bhi maalum nahi :D

  14. Ricky, ohh.. I never knew u r a great Paki rock fan..
    Yes, u r right.. there r many gud fusion bands in Pak and India really lacks in tht area.. I jus love those songs... the classical plus rock touch is amazing.. isn't it?
    Yes, I do need some of the songs u've mentioned.. Chose the best songs among the ones u've and do mail me Ricky.. i'd love it.. thanks :)

  15. Ricky, and abt cricket.. u jus elaborated it all... very true.. the fielding, the bowling and the batting all has come gud for India.. its like a surprising change isn't it??
    Lets hope they continue this way and build a good n "young" :D team for future. And ya.. Ganguly might have done lots of gud things for India but he can't remain in the team jus cos of those gud deeds.. Its hightime he cool his heels and back the youngsters..

  16. hmm.. very true Poonam. sports, music and me.. all three r really inseparable :D
    Thanks.. u too have a nice weekend and hoping to hear more abt ur engagement plans.. :)
    my hi to neeraj too..

  17. So, india is on roll today as well... 5 lankan wickets are already down... :) :) :)

    After this series, india is going to play against SA... and i think they will be tougher to beat than the Lankans - 'coz they are high on confidence, have just beaten NZ 4-0, are in form. Let's see how that series goes! :)

    As for Pak bands.. i haven't listened to Fuzon.. after reading your post, i think i shud.. can you email me their song at ?

  18. maams the songs r good..i just downloaded.soft & the voice is appealing.. & fresh too. hm cricky.. a good win , gangulu oh yeah he is HISTORY now ! :P

  19. Congrats:!: India won again today..

    Ab bechari South African team ka kya hoga... :lol:

  20. havent heard fuzon, but shall give an ear.
    Its good not to see ganguly, not depend on Tendulkar to win, Chapels ideas working.
    The thought of making an australia n rotating players is really cool, hope it works for good.


  21. didnt hear tht songs...will get it...Pakistani singers are good...i have heard Jal and junoon...not this one...

    and didnt read tht cricket part...:D

    hehe...but pls yaar saurav is good player...we shudnt stop trusting someone in bad times :)

  22. Neetie, i would differ... Saurav is not a good player... he 'was' a good player.. india is doing well without him :)

  23. This are some nice words... "we shouldn't stop trusting someone in bad times :)"

    But still Saurav is not a good player ;)

    - a mix of above two comments !

  24. Manpreet, yes.. beating South Africans will be a good challenge.. lets see how they take it up.. :)
    btb, i've sent u the songs.. :)

    Chandu, oh.. gud.. u got the songs downloaded? u liked it na...
    hmm. ganguly is History for sure :))

  25. @nkur, lol!!! "bechari South African team"... wow.. lets hope ur words come true :)

    Anjan, yes.. certainly Chappel's thoughts r working.. atleast for now.. hope our team gets better n better :)

  26. Neetie, arre we r not saying Saurav is a bad player.. he was a gud player but we shouldn't be supporting him for long.. its been a long time since he played atleast average.. he should make way for the youngsters and shouldn't feel disgraced.. ofcourse, i respect him for all tht he has done for the Indian cricket in the past..

  27. Manpreet, ya. very well said.. :)

    @nkur, hahahaa... its a gud masala mix :D

  28. thanx prasad for the songs.lemme find them now.

  29. u r welcome redji... if u want i can forward the song to u.. i did it for some of my friends who wanted it.. let me know abt tht..

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  31. The band is not new..We have been listening to them for last 5-6 years.
    "Mora Saiyan" song is there in Hyderabad Blue-2"
    U can go for his latest album "Journey"