Thursday, November 03, 2005

so, wassup thr guys.. am back :)

Hey all.... Atlast am back with a post :)
Firstly, let me wish u all a Happy Diwali. I know its a bit late, yet ppl do celebrate it till the end of this week na. So, its never too late :)

You wanna know how my diwali was?? I had a fabulous time the whole day of diwali in the train ;) Yes, I was travelling the whole day of diwali :(
I went to Kerala for the holidays and had to return back by Wednesday cos of my work. But, I couldn't get the return tickets and in the end had to travel during the day time.
I started from home at 10am in the morning. And since it was raining in Bangalore and nearby areas, the train was late by more than 2 hrs.. and atlast when I reached Bangalore, it was 12 midnight :( I took an auto and paid him more than what I paid for my train journey.. He cashed in the opportunity as it was raining and it was late night.. So, thts how my Diwali was this yr..

During the break I was having from the blogs...

- I took part in a programming contest conducted by our company. The preliminary qualification round is over, and awaiting the results of whether our team qualified for the next round or not..
- As I said in my prev post, had enrolled for a Time management course, but the plan failed as tht course was over-booked and mine went to waiting list :(
- Did enjoy a great Raas Garba and Dandiya dance event conducted at Chandu's office. Myself, Chandu and PV had been to this dance event. We did enjoy alotttt.. You can find more details reg this in PV's blog.
- Attended a Birthday VBM organised by Neetie for Ricky's and Sweety's b'days..
- Saw some films like Salaam Namaste, No Entry. I do want to see Garam Masala now.. its a remake of a Malayalam movie and its really funny. Do watch out for tht..
- Went home for Diwali hols and enjoyed mom's tasty food which I'm missing now :(
- Enjoyed the cricket series going on between India and Sri Lanka. Atlast, I feel that there is a team in making. These guys do play with a sense of purpose and commitment. Hope they learn to do it consistently.. thts one thing we miss alot... lets see...

One more thing as an after thought, in my last post, I wrote abt how our lives r affected by all these calamities of late.. Guess the Nature God didn't like it and punished with heavy rains in Bangalore, many places in Tamilnadu and in Andhra.
My god.. I can't imagine the situation Mumbai might have faced cos I know the rains we got here is not even half of what Mumbai received couple of months back. But, this rain was enough for the roads to get blocked, traffic all over and water getting into houses, cars floating.... lots of this we got to witness..
Anyway, life is still going on inspite of all these.. :)

Ok then, its been a big post.. i've got to end it here..
And lastly, Eid Mubarak for all those celebrating Ramzan tomorrow.. esply to Sadik cos I know he is on fasting...

And sorry guys, am turning on the Word Verification in the comment box again cos its being spammed alot... and i'm ending up deleting atleast 3-4 unwanted comments everyday. So, better to turn it on.. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Have a nice weekend.. its a long weekend for us too... :)


  1. Me first Me first ...... Never knew garam masala was a Mallu movie remake ...... Consistency and Indian team you put those two words in the same sentence How did u manage to do that ????

  2. Autowalas like two things rains and nights and what can be best if it is raining at night. :D
    Welcome back. Belated Diwali wishes and happy ramzaan. keep smiling. :)

  3. Totally agree with PV & Akhil. Could not have been put better. Seconding Akhil's opinion: Autowalas like not two but three things: rains, nights and s/w enggs. What can be better if it is raining at night and a s/w engg as customer(read as bakra) :D

    Prasad the next time you return to b'lore so late in the night plz do inform me... Will pick & drop ye @ home for a lesser charge.... Might turn out to be a profitable business. ;-)

    Wut ye say?

  4. welcome back Prasad...belated happy Dewali wishes n Happy Ramzan too....n v had gr8 fun n joy at VBM..

    Oooops! i din saw any film coz damn busy with books...n am planning 2 go 2 was released in Telugu...named Premistee....

    am sweety

  5. Hi Prasad...
    Good to see u posting....
    seems like u had a great time in ur holidays....

  6. Hi Prasad, great to see you back.

    Rains have really been devastating this year... how bad was the situation at bangalore... !

  7. good to see you back Prasad. :) Happy Diwali!!! You had to spend it in a train?? :(

    Seems that you have stayed quite busy..that's good. its been the same for us as well.. :)

    now you must be back in routine..hope to see more posts from you!!

  8. hi maams..
    hoep u enjoyed the garba.. :)plan quickly for OUR trip

  9. hey PV, actually Garam Masala is a remake of Priyadarshan's own movie in Malayalam called Boeing Boeing which incidentally is a remake again of an English movie of the same name.. am I confising u :))

    akhil, sahi bolare.. they do enjoy the rains and nights.. :(

  10. rp, ya.. thts true.. autowalas also like to extract money from S/w engineers.. thts another nice point.. auto+night+rain+s/w engineer in the auto = gud fortune for the autowala
    Nice equation na.. :))
    btb, thanks for the pick up and drop service u offered.. i'll keep tht in my mind :)

  11. Sweety, hmm.. thanks :)
    so, enjoying the studies.. did u like tht movie Premistee???

    Thanks alot Redjee

  12. prakash I jus had 4 days hols yaar.. But did enjoy my time at home.. I was jus taking a quite break from the blogs... now tht am back u can expect my post anytime :)

  13. Ankur, ya.. the rains were really devastating.. Bangalore was really affected tht one week when it was raining like anything.. most of the s/w companies declared holidays and some of the companies actually got their ground floors completely water-logged.. cars were floating in some areas..
    and the worse thing is roads r too bad now and traffic horrible like always...

  14. Poonam, thanks :)
    ya, was occupied in the past few weeks.. and u sure can expect some posts from me henceforth....
    Hope u n Neeraj r waiting eagerly for the D-day.. :)

    Chandu, yes ofcourse.. we all enjoyed the garba alot.. isn't it?? esply the.................. u fill the blanks urself.. hahaaa..
    and ya, we'll plan for the trip very soon... :)

  15. Happy Diwali to you too.

    I have also once made my Diwali on train and somehow was enjoying seeing people lighting firecrackers and rockets on the way. You could see the festivities going on great guns from one city to another.

    I have heard a lot about your Raas Garba from you and Chandu...***ahem ahem***

    Thanx for coming to the VBM, it was great fun.

    SN was a good one. So were the cricket matches. Loved them all except the last one...GRRRRRRR.

    I am glad you turned on the "Word Verification". It's not mch of a hassle anyways...:-)

  16. Belated Diwali Wishes...

    Great to see u hd fun back home...and yea yea me too missing ghar-ka-khana now :-)


  17. Prasad,
    Am not sure how you would react. I did not have any choice but to tag you!! :-) I needed 3 ppl to tag & from PV's incessant description of ye I just thought may be I can take the risk of taging you for the "story tree" without your permission. Forgive me.


    PS: And it is perfectly fine even if you ignore the tag. Hope you will be a sport...

  18. Thanks Ricky. Yes, even I enjoyed by seeing the firecrackers on the way. But, the rain played spoil-sport in tht too.. :(

    Deepak, thanks for the wishes... hmm ghar-ka-khana always special na... how I wish I could stay at home always... :D

  19. Hey RP, no worries yaar.. I'll take the tag for sure.. It seems interesting.. will give it a try in a weeks time as specified.. :D