Tuesday, December 27, 2005

dream lover!!!

This post is going to be about my Dream Lover... Read more before u jump into any conclusions :)

Day before y'day night, I had one of the weirdest dreams... :)
This is all I remember of that dream now..
I was dreaming as if it was my marriage the next day :D
I come home for my marriage and suddenly realise that I haven't seen the bride yet. I get anxious and ask my mother about how this marriage got fixed and who the bride is. She says it was me who selected the bride and also says that I've seen the foto too. I get too confused and ask her if she has the photo of that girl. She goes and searches a shelf for the photo. Meanwhile, I get more and more anxious and start searching my stuffs if I've got anything. Atlast, my mother comes up with a photo and when I see the photo, I get stunned and BOOM.... I wake up thinking whats happening with me... :))))
Hey.. don't u dare laugh after reading this!!!
I was talking to my friend abt his marriage plans tht evening and was thinking why ppl are getting married so soon... tht might have triggered such a dream.
Anyway, jus felt soo funny, so sharing it with all of u...
Thts about my Dream Lover.... whom I didn't get to see :(

Some random things I wish to say:
  • Saw Apaharan last weekend and felt it was very nice. Liked the acting of Ajay Devgan and Nana Patekar. Felt I saw a gud picture with a nice story after seeing some no-logic and laugh-riot kind of movies.

  • Read a couple of gud novels of Erich Seagal - The Class and Acts of Faith. Erich Seagal is one of my fav authors now since I read his Doctors n Love Story. Acts of Faith is too gud a novel and u'll feel for the characters in that book. The Class is another novel abt life of 5 Harvard graduates of same batch and what happens in their life. One character that really got into my mind is that of Jason Gilbert.

  • Couple of days back, I was jus checking my statcounter and found that some ppl have come to my blog searching for some strange key words like "Preity Zinta Movie Salary". Wow.. how come I'll know of that.. :))
    Another search string that made me really happy was - "Angelina Jolie Prasad". I donno who searched for that, but whoever it is, am really grateful for him/her... for having attached me to such a beauty :D (atleast in a search string :D)

  • Again, am wondering whats up with BCCI and the selectors. They select Ganguly again for the Pakistan series, but am really skeptical abt he getting some chance to actually play for India during the series. Lets see... But, am sure this controversy is not going to end in near future, as now Kiran More has asked for an explanation as to why he skipped the Ranji trophy match which he was asked to play. And the argument continues.....
Thts it for today... let me see whether I get such dreams in future too and if so, i'll try to see the foto first :D

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Wishes...

Christmas reminds me of the times we used to enjoy with our friends. There are two festivals that people in Kerala celebrate in a grand manner, irrespective of religions. One is Onam and the other one is Christmas. We used to be members of an association called Kerala Samajam where we celebrate all these festivals together. Till I was in tenth standard or so, I used to go for singing carols during Christmas times. We go to our friends' houses and sing Carols throughout night with Santa dancing n saying "Ho Ho Ho" and giving the children gifts n chocolates..
We used to sing songs like Jingle Bells, While Sheperds, Silent Night.... and some Malayalam songs too..

This is one carol which I like alot....

Silent night, holy night
All is calm, all is bright
Round yon Virgin Mother and Child
Holy Infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Silent night, holy night!
Shepherds quake at the sight
Glories stream from heaven afar
Heavenly hosts sing Alleluia!
Christ, the Saviour is born
Christ, the Saviour is born

Silent night, holy night
Son of God, love's pure light
Radiant beams from Thy holy face
With the dawn of redeeming grace
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

updates reg my Hampi trip...

Am being not regular in updating my blog as I used to, thanks to the increasing work at office. But, let me start the post with a gud news to share with you all.
All my hard work that I did for the last few months didn't go unnoticed and last week on Friday, we had our All Hands Meet (an account level meeting for all the employees belonging to a particular account) and I was awarded a Bravo Award cartificate :) Bravo award is given for excellent performance for the project and company activities. I became rich by 100$ :D. I was in cloud 9 that day.

Ok, now for the update regarding my Hampi trip on 17th December. This was a trip sponsored by our company for our account. All the remaining money we had for the year we utilised and arranged for this trip. There were about 75 ppl in all (some came with their family too). We started from Bangalore on Friday night by train to Hospet. Two buses were arranged at Hospet to take us to Hampi. We arrived at Hospet at 8am in the morning and boarded the buses. We were in full masti mood singing songs in the bus, playing antakshari and having great fun. Reached Hampi and saw that it was jus a vast area with lots n lots of rocks and old structures.

Move the mouse over the snaps to get the name of the places...

King's BalanceVitthala temple

Hampi,on the banks of Tungabadhra river was the capital city of the Vijayanagara empire some 700 years back. The Moghuls destroyed it after they captured this place from them.
It is also said that Hampi was known to be the Kishkindha, the monkey kingdom where Bali and Sugriv ruled during Ramayana times.
Hampi is a World Heritage Center now.

Stone ChariotUggara Narasimha

We saw lots of monumental places like the Kings Balance, Vitthala temple consisting of 56 musical pillars, Lotus Mahal, Queen's Bath, Elephant Stable, Hazara Rama temple, Stone chariot, Secret meeting chamber, Uggra narasimha statue, Badavi Linga, Sister stones, Artistic steps in a tank and lots of such monuments.
Its a marvelous place which we should preserve since its a part of our rich heritage. Each and every carvings, sculptures and buildings are of such artistic nature that it will astonish u.
You can read more about Hampi and the monuments there in this site

Lotus MahalIf you can find a person sitting in the middle, its ME!!! :)

But, the place was quite hot and spending the whole day there jus seeing the monuments was kind of boring in the end. The return journey in the train was very good.. We again enjoyed playing games, singing songs and were awake till 1am in the morning. Atlast, we reached Bangalore on Sunday morning.
So, all in all it was a gud trip.

Badavi LingaElephant Stable

Did you spot me in one of these fotos???

Thursday, December 15, 2005

presentation skills, nach baliye and ganguly..

Don't think alot seeing the title.... Yes, they are not linked in any way :)
I was jus lost thinking of a suitable heading for this and wrote whats in this post :)
Anyway... let me start...

  • My friend attended a one day training on Presentation Skills n told me that its worth going. So, I had enrolled for it and thanks to my friend, it was very helpful and I hope I'll put to use all that I've learnt from the training.

    The trainer was one Mr.Jatinder who owns a company dealing with lots of such soft skills training. He was too gud in this... He gave us a li'l basics of what are the important things in a presentation that we give. Then, he asked all the 20 trainees to chose a topic of our own and present for 7 mins each.
    He analysed our presentation and gave some positive and negative feedback for each of us. All the other trainees too gave their comments. This way we got to see each of us performing and learn where we were going wrong...
    At the end of the day, he played a 2 minute clipping of each of us presenting (oh.. i forgot to tell u tht he recorded each of our presentations for a couple of mins). So, we could see each of us on the big screen and check whether all tht they said were correct or not.

    It was a very gud exercise.. I went to present second and I had chosen the topic Impact of Page 3-ism :) The feed back I got was....

    +ve points:
    • My enthusiasm level was very gud
    • Was feeling confident, smiling and facing the audience well
    • My postures were right
    -ve points:
    • I was a bit fast in presenting and should slow down a bit.
    • I used a common filler "I mean" alot which should be avoided. I know this problem is cos I use this alot even when I talk and am now taking efforts to remove it while I talk
    • The reason he gave for why I talked fast was that I was trying to talk at the speed of my thougts. Since our thoughts are faster, I tend to loose words and start using the fillers. He asked me to jus slow down and start consciously try to speak alittle slow. The structure of the presentation too would go wrong if we go about in this manner as we would skip certain points that went off our thoughts fastly but not able to speak them out. Sometimes, nervousness would creep then.

    Atlast, when I saw my presentation in the screen, I felt I did do well but yes, as they said I did notice those points that I should correct.
    Anyway, that was one training I got alot out of....

  • Today is Nach Baliye finals. Nach Baliye is a celebrity dance competition aired in Star One. Of all the reality shows going on, I watch only this one. And I want Sachin n Supriya to win. Poonam n Manish are gud but not that gud to be in the finals. Varun n Rajeshwari were performing toooo gud consistently but unfortunately Varun went blank last week while dancing which led to their elimination. Lets see how the final goes.... and will there be more dramas??

  • One more thing I wish to say is about the sacking of Sourav Ganguly from the third test match. I am completely against this even if I was supporting earlier for Ganguly being eliminated from the one day squard. I don't know why in the first place did they take him for the first two tests and when he started to find his form alittle bit, sack him again. This is not what I expected from the selection committee. He is a great cricketer and should be given the due respect. If he had not performed well in the second match, I'd happily support this change. But, this is not proper... I'd have been happier if he was not selected for the entire test series itself, instead of selecting and dropping midway even after performing well. I'm very much disappointed with this decision.

  • Last but not the least, I would like to wish a blogger friend of mine. "Happy Birthday to Miss and soon to be Mrs. Poonam :)"
This post is abit long.. but couldn't help as I'm posting after quite sometime....
BTB, am going to Hampi tomorrow night. Its a one day trip sponsored by our company for our account. So, hoping to have a nice time.. will write abt my trip after am back.. :)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lots to write... lots to update... but am jus lost.. :)

First, I'd like to share the experience I had last saturday when me and my friends participated in the Samarthanam Walk-a-thon event in Bangalore on 3rd December, organised by the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.
3rd December is International Day of Disabled Persons and they wanted to create an awareness regarding this.
The event was a walk for about 5kms with the disabled ppl and followed by some cultural events by them. Actually, I would like to use the word physically challenged instead of physically disabled. That was the first thing I learnt from one of the speeches given at tht event.
We were actually late for the walk, yet we managed to catch the group and we too started our walk and we started guiding a group of partially blind ppl.

After the walk got over, we all assembled in the Kanteerava stadium for the cultural events.
There were dances, songs by these ppl which really made us stand and watch. There were performances by some school students too.
We were happy to see three great ppl getting felicitated on that day. They were the ones who got Gold medals and other medals for India in Para-Olympics... We really should honor these kind of ppl who brought laurels for India when we ppl hardly win any medals in Olympics.
In the end, there were some fireworks display too...

All in all... we were happy to be a part of such an event... and very happy to see ppl coming together to support for these cause. Its a day to remember for me... and thats why am putting it in my blogs and sharing it with u all...
Hail these ppl who, inspite of all the challenges they face, have come together to put up such a strong display for all of us.

We remember the 1st of December as World Aids Day, but how many of us know 3rd December as International Day of Disabled Persons.... very few.. To be honest, I didn't know that until that day, and now I'll never forget it. Hope u too won't forget it, now that I've told u :)

Friday, December 02, 2005

This has been a little tight week for me and I was waiting for the weekend so that I can relax.
Above all, there was one very irritating spyware called "Winfixer" which got into my system and throwing up all sorts of unwanted popups in the Internet Explorer..
It ended up as a "Trojan.Vundo" virus and I had a hard time fixing it for a whole day yesterday... But, some online forums did help me alot in solving this virus.
I found one site very helpful for this.. The site is http://www.geekstogo.com/
There a very good forum here which will guide us how to remove any spyware, adware or any virus for that matter.

I wanted to write something interseting... but, all these things made me go mad, so now.. I'll wait for the next week...

I was looking forward for the India vs Srilanka test series, but unfortunately.. I have a strong doubt tht it'll end up as a One test match series instead of a 3 test match series..

Ok then, i need to go home now and take some rest....
have a nice weekend guys.. :)