Tuesday, December 27, 2005

dream lover!!!

This post is going to be about my Dream Lover... Read more before u jump into any conclusions :)

Day before y'day night, I had one of the weirdest dreams... :)
This is all I remember of that dream now..
I was dreaming as if it was my marriage the next day :D
I come home for my marriage and suddenly realise that I haven't seen the bride yet. I get anxious and ask my mother about how this marriage got fixed and who the bride is. She says it was me who selected the bride and also says that I've seen the foto too. I get too confused and ask her if she has the photo of that girl. She goes and searches a shelf for the photo. Meanwhile, I get more and more anxious and start searching my stuffs if I've got anything. Atlast, my mother comes up with a photo and when I see the photo, I get stunned and BOOM.... I wake up thinking whats happening with me... :))))
Hey.. don't u dare laugh after reading this!!!
I was talking to my friend abt his marriage plans tht evening and was thinking why ppl are getting married so soon... tht might have triggered such a dream.
Anyway, jus felt soo funny, so sharing it with all of u...
Thts about my Dream Lover.... whom I didn't get to see :(

Some random things I wish to say:
  • Saw Apaharan last weekend and felt it was very nice. Liked the acting of Ajay Devgan and Nana Patekar. Felt I saw a gud picture with a nice story after seeing some no-logic and laugh-riot kind of movies.

  • Read a couple of gud novels of Erich Seagal - The Class and Acts of Faith. Erich Seagal is one of my fav authors now since I read his Doctors n Love Story. Acts of Faith is too gud a novel and u'll feel for the characters in that book. The Class is another novel abt life of 5 Harvard graduates of same batch and what happens in their life. One character that really got into my mind is that of Jason Gilbert.

  • Couple of days back, I was jus checking my statcounter and found that some ppl have come to my blog searching for some strange key words like "Preity Zinta Movie Salary". Wow.. how come I'll know of that.. :))
    Another search string that made me really happy was - "Angelina Jolie Prasad". I donno who searched for that, but whoever it is, am really grateful for him/her... for having attached me to such a beauty :D (atleast in a search string :D)

  • Again, am wondering whats up with BCCI and the selectors. They select Ganguly again for the Pakistan series, but am really skeptical abt he getting some chance to actually play for India during the series. Lets see... But, am sure this controversy is not going to end in near future, as now Kiran More has asked for an explanation as to why he skipped the Ranji trophy match which he was asked to play. And the argument continues.....
Thts it for today... let me see whether I get such dreams in future too and if so, i'll try to see the foto first :D


  1. i think its time u start searching for ur dream lover...even i have to c Apaharan...Cricket again...eekkss

  2. yayaaa.... Mehak guess its time for me to find that dream girl.. :D
    May be this New Year might bring some luck for me in finding her ;) lets see...
    Yes, do see Apaharan.. atleast it has got a nice story line n not like other films of recent times..
    U don't like cricket?? arre.. thts very bad :(

  3. my best wishes.....2006 u get ur dream gurl....yeah i hate cric...it sux big time

  4. mehakji...aap ke mooh mein ghee shakkar.... :D
    thanks alott for the wishes.. ;)

  5. wow.. nice to know that ..

    So how is the progress of searching dream girl..

    Hey thats why u keep sleeping at ur seat is it ? To get that dream again ??


  6. Hi Prasad,
    Hi Prasad,

    First time here,
    Belated X'mas wishes, yes, Onam and x'mas are celebrated in a grand manner bac in kerala, me too from Kerala. This is for the last post u put.

    U r dream, was so funny, cant stop smiling :))))

    Advanced New year wishes too

  7. u want me to put on more weight......so much of ghee shakar ...

  8. hey angelina jolie prasad... wow!!! so maybe that was ur dreamgurl :)) whatsay!!
    n i too dont like cricket... so much of politics involved.. i just enjoy the game, dont follow who is playing(or not playing)
    nd i too liked eric segal's love story.. though its sequel-"oliver's ..." was not even half as good...

  9. Wow Prasad!!! First Ankur and now you!! :)

    Tell me, who was the girl that you saw??????? I am SOOOOO CURIOUS!!!! :-D

    Ha ha on Angelina Jolie Prasad -- u like her???? hmmmmm :)

    Its amazing what type of things people type and get to your website.. just amazing!!

    Neeraj wants to see Apaharan -- from the looks of it.. it might be well worth seeing. :)

    Take care and Happy New Year!!!

  10. Karthik, what progress? its not yet started!! I'll start it from the new year ;)
    If am sure tht i'll get tht dream again, am ready to sleep all 24hrs jus to catch a glimpse of tht dream girl.. :D
    who knows she might be someone from my real life.. thts why..

  11. JS, welcome to my blog.. :)
    thanks for the wishes.. hope u too had a nice christmas...
    so, u r from Kerala too.. thts great.. :)
    reg my dream.... its still jus a dream :(
    Wish you too a great New Year...

  12. Mehak, no... u've said such gud things for me tht I donno what to say ;)

  13. Doll, wowww... i like tht call name :D
    wish she was my dreamgurl... but already Brad Pitt is after her :(
    yes.. cricket is now mixed with politics soo much, even I dislike the political involvement of tht..
    Yet, being a great fan of cricket, I can't jus stop following all these :)
    Oh, Oliver story is not tht gud... i've got tht one too.. thought of reading it next.. hmm.. lets see..

  14. Poonam, hmm... kya karun.. mujhe bhi nahi pata.. whom I saw in the dreams :((
    Let me see if I get tht dream again.. i'll see tht girls face first and then wake up :D
    Yes yes... i do like Angelina Jolie... she is a hottie :D who doesn't like her.. ;)
    hmm.. I hope Neeraj would love Apaharan.. its a gud movie.. worth watching.
    Wish u n Neeraj too A Happy New Year.. :)

  15. Hey prasu, tell me what you do before going to bed?
    Kambakht mujhe to amrish puri ke chaakoo-chhuri ke hi sapne aate hain, last time he shot me dead... tishkyaaan... bole to ek hi shot me zameen se upar aur bed se neeche... :((

    So you watched apaharan, i think it is going to be as entertaining as Sarkaar. I still need to watch it, me also searhing for "Black Friday" cd... Happy New Year. :)

  16. Dreams point to the fact.... that you should get marry soon ;)

    Take this as a New year Resolution :)
    Happy new year !

  17. Prasad maams ... dream girl .... maams marriage coming in dreams to a bachelor , that to marriage with an unknown girl isnt a good sign .... Are u worried of marriage in any way ????? Dont worry u will find ur dream girl this year , If any help needed in search process I can help u maams , but all this is fine what abt ur two kids ????????

  18. Ahem Ahem @ Dream Lover part...LOL. Wouldn't it be funny (and a good post) if it comes out to true. Atleast, you should have seen the picture of the bride, yaar. It would have made life easier in future. Only song I can hum right now is...Prasad ke Sapno ki Rani kab aayegee tu...

    I wanna see "Apaharan" too. It sounds a good one.

    Hey, you are the first person I know who has read "The Class". That was my first novel and I just loved it. Read it some 5-6 years back in India. It was a very good read.

    Preity Zinta and Jolie part was funny.

    I think they will make Ganguly open in first test and we all know that he doesn't like opening but if he doesn't get even a 30 in each innings, he maybe dropped in second in favor of Gambhir. I mean, that's my prediction.

  19. Akhil, hahahaaaa.. u r getting Amrish Puri in ur dreams :))))
    hmm... yes.. Apaharan is a gud movie.. do watch.. and thanks..
    Wish you a Happy New Year too.. :)

    @nkur, am gonna take tht as a resolution... but will modify it slightly.. ;) I'll try to find tht one this year.. reg marriage, will think abt tht after a couple of years or so.. :D

  20. pv, hmm.. am gonna find tht dream girl this coming yr.. :D
    u r talking abt jus two kids, what happened to the others maams.. :(

  21. Ricky, ohh.. this dream coming true.. na naaah ;)
    wish i too could have seen tht face yaar.. but.... :(

    yes.. Apaharan is gud.. but don't expect it to be a classic n all.. considering other movies in recent times, its much better...

    I like Erich seagals writings.. thts why am reading most of his books nowadays.. next in the line r Oliver's story n Man woman & child.

    reg ganguly's issue.. everyone r predicting tht pak tour will be his send off tour.. lets see.. :)

  22. LOL!

    Angelina Jolie Prasad... Kya baat hai!! Maybe some other Prasad is also her secret admirer :P

    Dreaming about marriage... cool... now, start looking for a girl too.. :)

    We will love to dance at your wedding :D

  23. Manpreet, hmm... might be.. anyway, gud tht it led to my blog.. ;)

    nonoo.. i don't have any plans to marry in near future... but would like to find one soon ;)
    Wish u a Happy New Year 2006... :)

  24. i foudn your blog on the top of lsi tofr MALLIKA PRASAD too :P

  25. chandu, wah wah... thts a great news... :D
    hope Mallika too sees this :P