Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lots to write... lots to update... but am jus lost.. :)

First, I'd like to share the experience I had last saturday when me and my friends participated in the Samarthanam Walk-a-thon event in Bangalore on 3rd December, organised by the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled.
3rd December is International Day of Disabled Persons and they wanted to create an awareness regarding this.
The event was a walk for about 5kms with the disabled ppl and followed by some cultural events by them. Actually, I would like to use the word physically challenged instead of physically disabled. That was the first thing I learnt from one of the speeches given at tht event.
We were actually late for the walk, yet we managed to catch the group and we too started our walk and we started guiding a group of partially blind ppl.

After the walk got over, we all assembled in the Kanteerava stadium for the cultural events.
There were dances, songs by these ppl which really made us stand and watch. There were performances by some school students too.
We were happy to see three great ppl getting felicitated on that day. They were the ones who got Gold medals and other medals for India in Para-Olympics... We really should honor these kind of ppl who brought laurels for India when we ppl hardly win any medals in Olympics.
In the end, there were some fireworks display too...

All in all... we were happy to be a part of such an event... and very happy to see ppl coming together to support for these cause. Its a day to remember for me... and thats why am putting it in my blogs and sharing it with u all...
Hail these ppl who, inspite of all the challenges they face, have come together to put up such a strong display for all of us.

We remember the 1st of December as World Aids Day, but how many of us know 3rd December as International Day of Disabled Persons.... very few.. To be honest, I didn't know that until that day, and now I'll never forget it. Hope u too won't forget it, now that I've told u :)


  1. hi maams..
    well it's a wonderful experience.. isn't it!a diff day alltogether. Wish we find more time to spend for succha events

  2. @ Prasad maams :- ya .... Those visually challenged people we spoke with I felt are more talented than me .... The enthusiasm they had was also great ..... It was a great experience in more than one way for me ......... But forgot to take autograph of those para olympic winners ......

  3. @Prasad: True. This was one-hell-of-a-gr8 day. I enjoyed every bit of the day. And, yeah, guess we missed out an opportunity to meet each-other. May be someother time. And, PV, now that you have mentioned, it was foolish of us not to have taken their autograph. They are the ones who really make India proud.

  4. :) Thanks Prasad for sharing it - I didnt even know!

    Spreading awareness is a great way to beat the problem or the mentality realted to it!

  5. Really, I also never knew of this Day. Thanks for sharing!

  6. i didnt know that dec 1st was world aids day either :-P, and only realised after i saw the red ribbon on google.

    You have had a lovely day and will cherish the experience for some days.

    take care and have fun :-)

  7. That sounds like a fun event and for a great cause:) Glad to hear u were part of it:)

  8. haha! believe it or not... i didn't know der was a"world's aids day" ....all i could remeber was my xam start frm 3rd...

    ok...tht wos such a mean comment!ur taggy suddenly stopped working...

  9. I knew about both days and did what i could:)

  10. Hello Prasad Bhai,

    My Apologies for coming so late to read your post. Although, I had been keeping kinda busy. This is a really good post about something that we need to be aware of. This post reminded me of something...

    Couple of months back there was a "Terry Fox Run" all over world. Terry Fox is a Canadian hero who lost his leg and in order to create awareness ran across Canada. Now, Canada is 3 times bigger than India, so you can imagine it is almost like going from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and back and end at Kanyakumari again on one good leg.

    Since then they organize races all over Canada on the day he started his marathon run. This was I think the 25th year and to celebrate it there were marathons all over. I saw it on TV and in India the race was organized in B'lore and I was so happy to see it.

    I am glad you could attend this one. I am picking this post as my "Pick of the Week". This is a great cause...:-)

  11. Chandu, ya... true.. it was a great experience.. and thanks to u for bringing it to our notice reg such an event.. :)

    PV, hmm.. how come we forgot to get the autographs.. i guess we got lost into one of the performances and forgot everything.. right ;)

  12. RP, yes.. sure we'll meet someother day for sure.. :)
    hmm.. tht was a great mistake of missing their autographs... cos they r the real and true winners for India..

  13. Nupur, u r welcome :) ya, true... it was nice to see them coming up to spread awareness among ppl reg this.. and what a way they did it in!!! we were amazed to see their enthusiasm.. greattt work from them..

    @nkur, hmm.. hope u won't forget it hereafter ;)

  14. Anjan, oh...ohh.. thanks to google then, right ;)
    yeah.. i did have great time thr and will cherish it for long time...

    Shellie, thanks shellie.. and glad to see u back to active blogging.. :)

  15. Devilish Angel, ahaa... hmm.. hope u'd remember this hereafter.. and welcome to my blog :)
    btb, all the best for ur exams if its still going on :)

    Akruti, hmm.. gud :)

  16. Ricky, no problem yaar.. I know u were busy in ur studies and projects.. :)

    And, yeah i've also heard of this Terry Fox run, but not much.. thanks for the detailed info.. tht must have been a greatttt greatttt effort from that person to go all around Canada... greattt.. As Nupur said, the best way to beat any problem is to spread awareness among ppl by such deeds..

    And Ricky, thanks alot.. am honored to figure in ur "Pick of the week"... :)

  17. even i didnt know about that. thanks for sharing it...

    I hope I ll remember it :)

    and you are lucky that you got a chance to do something ;-)

    take care

    God bless u !

  18. Thanks a ton for sharing this. I didnt know about the date.

  19. Girl, thanks.. :)

    Neetie, hmm.. tht was the aim of my post.. better u remember tht, i'll ask u next year the same time abt it ;)

    DJ, u r always welcome... :)

  20. Preeti n Sachin, welcome to my blog.. hope to see u around here.. :)