Thursday, December 15, 2005

presentation skills, nach baliye and ganguly..

Don't think alot seeing the title.... Yes, they are not linked in any way :)
I was jus lost thinking of a suitable heading for this and wrote whats in this post :)
Anyway... let me start...

  • My friend attended a one day training on Presentation Skills n told me that its worth going. So, I had enrolled for it and thanks to my friend, it was very helpful and I hope I'll put to use all that I've learnt from the training.

    The trainer was one Mr.Jatinder who owns a company dealing with lots of such soft skills training. He was too gud in this... He gave us a li'l basics of what are the important things in a presentation that we give. Then, he asked all the 20 trainees to chose a topic of our own and present for 7 mins each.
    He analysed our presentation and gave some positive and negative feedback for each of us. All the other trainees too gave their comments. This way we got to see each of us performing and learn where we were going wrong...
    At the end of the day, he played a 2 minute clipping of each of us presenting (oh.. i forgot to tell u tht he recorded each of our presentations for a couple of mins). So, we could see each of us on the big screen and check whether all tht they said were correct or not.

    It was a very gud exercise.. I went to present second and I had chosen the topic Impact of Page 3-ism :) The feed back I got was....

    +ve points:
    • My enthusiasm level was very gud
    • Was feeling confident, smiling and facing the audience well
    • My postures were right
    -ve points:
    • I was a bit fast in presenting and should slow down a bit.
    • I used a common filler "I mean" alot which should be avoided. I know this problem is cos I use this alot even when I talk and am now taking efforts to remove it while I talk
    • The reason he gave for why I talked fast was that I was trying to talk at the speed of my thougts. Since our thoughts are faster, I tend to loose words and start using the fillers. He asked me to jus slow down and start consciously try to speak alittle slow. The structure of the presentation too would go wrong if we go about in this manner as we would skip certain points that went off our thoughts fastly but not able to speak them out. Sometimes, nervousness would creep then.

    Atlast, when I saw my presentation in the screen, I felt I did do well but yes, as they said I did notice those points that I should correct.
    Anyway, that was one training I got alot out of....

  • Today is Nach Baliye finals. Nach Baliye is a celebrity dance competition aired in Star One. Of all the reality shows going on, I watch only this one. And I want Sachin n Supriya to win. Poonam n Manish are gud but not that gud to be in the finals. Varun n Rajeshwari were performing toooo gud consistently but unfortunately Varun went blank last week while dancing which led to their elimination. Lets see how the final goes.... and will there be more dramas??

  • One more thing I wish to say is about the sacking of Sourav Ganguly from the third test match. I am completely against this even if I was supporting earlier for Ganguly being eliminated from the one day squard. I don't know why in the first place did they take him for the first two tests and when he started to find his form alittle bit, sack him again. This is not what I expected from the selection committee. He is a great cricketer and should be given the due respect. If he had not performed well in the second match, I'd happily support this change. But, this is not proper... I'd have been happier if he was not selected for the entire test series itself, instead of selecting and dropping midway even after performing well. I'm very much disappointed with this decision.

  • Last but not the least, I would like to wish a blogger friend of mine. "Happy Birthday to Miss and soon to be Mrs. Poonam :)"
This post is abit long.. but couldn't help as I'm posting after quite sometime....
BTB, am going to Hampi tomorrow night. Its a one day trip sponsored by our company for our account. So, hoping to have a nice time.. will write abt my trip after am back.. :)


  1. Dont know if it was a drama but sure felt very bad when Varun and Rajeshwari went off.If he went blank {which i believe to be true} glad to know that we are all humans.
    I wish Supriya and sachin win this show now:)

  2. I told u sir, this is Dada's farewll series ;-)

  3. Presentation skills program sounds exactly like the way it is done at British Council... bigger screen is sometimes embarassing ;)

    Congrats! ur favorite couple won Nach Baliye :)

    I feel exactly the same for Ganguly, now its too unfair, when he played well. And then Mr Pawar says I don't know anything. LOL

  4. i recon ankur ... british council conducts in a similar fashion ....neverthless i like the big screen, it makes you more concious and focus on all aspects.

    sacking ganguly- stupidity and unfair. And all of a sudden Jaffer drops from the sky ... crap!

    Birthday wishes to Poonam :-)

  5. Thanks to Prasad and Anjan for wishing me. :-) You are simply great Prasad!!

    You know Prasad, this class on Presentation Skills is a great class to take. I have actually have been giving training classes on a specific security process to over 200 security and technical analysts, and the response that I have received is that presentation skills are really good. So you can see how important it is to speak, communicate, and present in the corporate world. All the best! :-)

    Ganguly ka bada issue. I don't understand much that is going on, other than the fact that if Ganguly deserves to be on the team, then this nainsafee with him is very wrong. But then again -- politics ke begair toh koi kaam hota hi nahi hai!

    I don't get to see Nach Baliye because we don't get Star One here. :-( But congrats to Sachin and Supriya! I would think that they would be a great couple and great dancers! I am surprised that moti Poonam Narula made it so far with her husband Manish Goel (he's cute :-) ).

    Have a safe journey!

  6. 1. wow that sounds like an interestin sesion u had....i have teh same problem.i am a bit too fast/speak too fast when it comes to such things........
    2.i like that show..though i dont get star one here.....i watched it in cochin couple of times....lemme go check out who won....:-)
    3.i totally agree with u.i was also of the opinion hat ganguly shud not have been in the team in the first place n now this is unfair!!
    have a good weekend!

  7. Hey Prasad, the skills session sounds to be very useful and interesting. I think all of us, no matter what profession we are in should possess these skills! way to go!I have no idea about Nach baliye..havent been watching ANY TV of late so sigh. Likewise for test matches have been sooo out of sync with things lately..but YES I wish poonam here once again belated happy birthday...
    Have a fun trip to Hampi!

  8. Another point : Ganguly was selected as an all-rounder in the two tests. But he was given only two overs. Chappell-Dravid feared if by-chance he could get 2/3 wickets, it'll be more tough to drop him. Dal Mein Bahut Kuchh Kala Hai.

  9. so Mr Prasad joined classes...Good..My presentation skills..i guess i am also fast reader anyways..I hope it ll help you..

    and nach baliye..i watched it..but skipped the the episode where Varun didnt dance...and finally Sachin and Supriya won :) they were good.

    I feel sorry Saurav Ganguly..but India mein kuch bhi sakta hai..Corruption is all over..I support him...we shudnt loose our faith in someone in his bad days..atleast he shud be given a chance...

    A bunch of wishes to Poonam..Happy Birthday !!

    GOd bless u !

  10. Presentation skills ... good 2 get a feedback that to with a video being played ..... Both Ganguly and his career end with 'y' ... Its true isnt it .....

  11. I love giving presentations. My last job involved a lot of that and its fun. You learn with every presentation. Your positives are really good and will help you in future a lot. His assessment about speaking fast and using fillers look very right too. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I haven't watched "Nach Baliye". though I like Indian Idol, GILC and Kaun Banega Krorepati among the reality shows from India.

    Well, according to reports Rahul didn't wanted Ganguly in the team and neither he wanted him as 12th man because that would have been much more insulting. Although, I think Gambhir should not have played and if they took Wasim Jaffer, they should ahve atleast tried him.

    Happy Birthday to Ms. Poonam!!

  12. Page 3-ism?! *LOL!!* I'd liek to see the contents of that presentation please. :D

    No idea what Nach Baliye is... Is it liek Boogie Woogie?! ;)

    Cricket - No comments!

    And a big hug to Poonam. Happy Birthday gurl :D

  13. hmm prasad i too struggle with the same I mean..hmm.. i too try to talk fast.. i mean.. hmm..i too do the same mistake.. hmm, thanks 4 sharing the tips.. hmm.. i mean now i can try to avoid filler.. i mean the words to fill the gaps. i mean.. i shud i try hard.. i mean.. =:)

  14. thanks ALL for the views.. sorry couldn't reply individually for ur comments cos of my work last week.. :)