Friday, December 02, 2005

This has been a little tight week for me and I was waiting for the weekend so that I can relax.
Above all, there was one very irritating spyware called "Winfixer" which got into my system and throwing up all sorts of unwanted popups in the Internet Explorer..
It ended up as a "Trojan.Vundo" virus and I had a hard time fixing it for a whole day yesterday... But, some online forums did help me alot in solving this virus.
I found one site very helpful for this.. The site is
There a very good forum here which will guide us how to remove any spyware, adware or any virus for that matter.

I wanted to write something interseting... but, all these things made me go mad, so now.. I'll wait for the next week...

I was looking forward for the India vs Srilanka test series, but unfortunately.. I have a strong doubt tht it'll end up as a One test match series instead of a 3 test match series..

Ok then, i need to go home now and take some rest....
have a nice weekend guys.. :)


  1. Happy weekend to you too.Havefun and take rest.

  2. Hi Prasad,
    These spywares are real pain!!!
    Thanks for sharing that link.

    Well, anyways test-series(hopefully Dada's last one ;-) ) is going to be a DRAW.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. thanks for sharing the link Prasad. I shall have a look. :)

    I hope that you are doing fine and enjoying life. Don't be stressed for any reason. :)

    have a great weekend!

  4. Why match was scheduled though rains were expected at Chennai ?

    Ans: So that Ganguly should not get a chance to play :))

  5. i had a bunch of spywares sitting too ... yahoo anti-spy did the cleaning job n its all up n well now:-)

    poor ganguly .... getting bashed everywhere!

  6. Prasad,
    Thanks for sharing the link. The next time I get some trouble. I shall refer this site.

    Happy week-end.

  7. Happy weekend to u as well :-)

  8. Prasad ji...

    So finally you manage to get the trojan outta your machine! U bet these spywares can be extremely painful once they find home in your machine. Oh vaise I just scrolled through your archives and realized that I missed coolpras4u's buddy. :-) Bahot bahot mubarak ho sir. May your blog live long and may be we keep commenting crap on your blog. :D

  9. Akruti, thanks.. I did have a nice weekend :)

    Stoneji, yes.. this spyware did make me realize tht.. :)
    and, r u predicting this series to be a draw?
    two matches to go na..
    anyway, lets see.. but mostly its going to be dada's last series as u said.... ;)

  10. Poonam, ya.. thanks.. i did have a nice weekend and am now back to full form :D

    @nkur, hahaahaaaa... tht was a very very gud one.. unfortunately, ganguly did get a chance... but again expectedly, he failed.. :)

  11. Anjan, oh.. spywares are now everywhere in the net.. :(
    hmm. it'd be nice if ganguly retires now.. or else it'll be a disgraceful exit for him :)

    RP, hmmm. sure.. and i guess i missed a chance to meet u last weekend.. isn't it??

  12. DJ, thanks.. hope u too had a nice weekend... :)

    Fundooji, hmm.. thanks alot for the wishes.. and ya.. I do like reading those crap comments too ;)