Wednesday, December 21, 2005

updates reg my Hampi trip...

Am being not regular in updating my blog as I used to, thanks to the increasing work at office. But, let me start the post with a gud news to share with you all.
All my hard work that I did for the last few months didn't go unnoticed and last week on Friday, we had our All Hands Meet (an account level meeting for all the employees belonging to a particular account) and I was awarded a Bravo Award cartificate :) Bravo award is given for excellent performance for the project and company activities. I became rich by 100$ :D. I was in cloud 9 that day.

Ok, now for the update regarding my Hampi trip on 17th December. This was a trip sponsored by our company for our account. All the remaining money we had for the year we utilised and arranged for this trip. There were about 75 ppl in all (some came with their family too). We started from Bangalore on Friday night by train to Hospet. Two buses were arranged at Hospet to take us to Hampi. We arrived at Hospet at 8am in the morning and boarded the buses. We were in full masti mood singing songs in the bus, playing antakshari and having great fun. Reached Hampi and saw that it was jus a vast area with lots n lots of rocks and old structures.

Move the mouse over the snaps to get the name of the places...

King's BalanceVitthala temple

Hampi,on the banks of Tungabadhra river was the capital city of the Vijayanagara empire some 700 years back. The Moghuls destroyed it after they captured this place from them.
It is also said that Hampi was known to be the Kishkindha, the monkey kingdom where Bali and Sugriv ruled during Ramayana times.
Hampi is a World Heritage Center now.

Stone ChariotUggara Narasimha

We saw lots of monumental places like the Kings Balance, Vitthala temple consisting of 56 musical pillars, Lotus Mahal, Queen's Bath, Elephant Stable, Hazara Rama temple, Stone chariot, Secret meeting chamber, Uggra narasimha statue, Badavi Linga, Sister stones, Artistic steps in a tank and lots of such monuments.
Its a marvelous place which we should preserve since its a part of our rich heritage. Each and every carvings, sculptures and buildings are of such artistic nature that it will astonish u.
You can read more about Hampi and the monuments there in this site

Lotus MahalIf you can find a person sitting in the middle, its ME!!! :)

But, the place was quite hot and spending the whole day there jus seeing the monuments was kind of boring in the end. The return journey in the train was very good.. We again enjoyed playing games, singing songs and were awake till 1am in the morning. Atlast, we reached Bangalore on Sunday morning.
So, all in all it was a gud trip.

Badavi LingaElephant Stable

Did you spot me in one of these fotos???


  1. Oooooooi! Me first... :)
    Hmm.... didn't I say you, as soon as i typed Hampi on google the very first link said...
    "If dreams were made out of stone, it would be Hampi"
    Hope to visit this place someday. And congrats again for a hundred dollar smile. Keep smiling the same way in coming year too... :)

  2. I have spotted you...
    your back is visible in one of the pic, you are wearing Black T-shirt and a cap :)

    Nice pics... thanks for the History chapter !!!

  3. congratts, the hundred dollar man:-)!

    Hampi is a lovely place, i had visited when i was kid and vaguely remember things, would love to visit again:)

    are you the one with a black linkin park t-shirt or the dude posing on the steps?

  4. I saw somebody with his two kids eating sphagetti in one of the photos , was it you .....

  5. I need a party Mr. Bravo......hope u keep getting $$$$$....well havint been to any place near where....btw we r planning for a bloggers meet in Jan...u game for it??

  6. CONGRATS PRASAD!!! Well done and well deserved!! Ab treat dene ki tayyari karo -- bahut log maangne wale hain. ;-)

    Great pics! I have spotted you! I have never been to these places but they look very nice. Seems you had a great trip!

    It was hot during this time of the year??? What was the temps?

  7. plasad maamch i foudn ya... yu the onle in the shecond pic with d googles? man i think its time for kerala backwaters trip.. let's go !

  8. Hey, Hampi sounds n looks gr8!

  9. yo..Congrats bro!!!
    Well, I think u r in , no not the one with black t-shirt, u r in white-blue strip shirt ,only ur sholder is visible :-)
    I liked the snap of Lotus Mahal the most.

  10. Congrats Prasad... I really missed some part :oops:

    And now I have found you...

  11. Akhil, thanks yaar.. hmm.. u should visit it one day, but should have the patience to see all those monuments :)

    ahaa... spotted the wrong person @nkur... I hope u got the right person now :)

  12. hey thanks alot anjan. Atlast someone spotted the person sitting in the steps... thanks alott... yes, am the one posing from the steps :D

    pv, u'll never change.. cha... :((
    btb, eating Spaghetti in Hampi would be fun :)

  13. mehak, thanks alot.... hmm party? woh kya hota hai?? :P
    arre, u should start visiting all these places with ur hubby soon.. there r some lovely places around bangalore...
    btb, am game for the meet in jan.... :)

  14. Poonam, thanks alot... mujhe ek chees samajmein nahi aaraha hai.. treat, party ye sab kya hota hai?? koi foreign language hai kya???? ;)
    ya, we had a great time thr... the place seems gud but requires some patience to see jus the monuments the whole day :)
    the temp wasn't soo high, but since the whole place was jus full of rocks, walking under the sun made us feel tired.. thts why..
    but, nights r very chilly... during the return journey, we all were wearing our sweaters n jackets..

  15. chandu, tu kabhi nahi sudroge.. :o
    hmm.. sure, we'll plan for it soon :)

    yes Divs.. it was great.... :)

  16. Stone, thanks alott.. nope u too got the wrong person buddy :)
    don't u see a person sitting n posing in those steps??
    u know Lotus Mahal is the palce where the kings left their queens when they go for long trips outside their empire.. It is a place to protect the queens it seems ;)

  17. @nkur, no probs yaar.. thanks alottt :)
    hmm, gud... so, u got the right person now..

  18. hey all.. except for the ppl who know me or seen me actually, no one seem to spot the right person.. :))
    and chandu n pv.. better u don't answer these types of qns.. I warn u :P
    ok.. if u check the artistic steps-wala snap, there will be a model posing for the pic... n thts me :D

  19. First of all Congratulations Mr. Braveheart.

    I loved reading about your Hampi trip. Actually me and my brother were talking about Hampi today itself as the movie "The Myth" was shot there.

    The pictures are excellent and they tell so much about the history of the beautiful place.

    I Loved the "Lotus Mahal". The place looks so serene. I also spotted you sitting in the middle of stairs. It's hard to miss the smart guy but who are girls walking behind you...oops my eyes are just wandering kind...LOL.

  20. plachad maams actlly i cud see 2 gals sitting next to you in that pic..err waz it 2 kids.. pv can u confirm ?

  21. hey prasad

    always wanted to visit Humpi ....
    will definitely make it this year ...
    nice pics

    merry christmas to Dennis the Menace from Little lulu

    Will be back for more of ur posts first time here r

  22. Ricky, thanks alot buddy :)
    Yes, Hampi is a wonderful monumental place to be preserved, but I didn't see much of preservation going on thr.. sadly.. hope they take it a little more seriously..

    Did u read what the Lotus Mahal was meant for.. i had jus written it in reply for Stone's comments.. check it out :D

    ha... so, u spotted me correctly..
    ;) hmm.... ur eyes r always wandering.. i know... :P

  23. oyeee Chandu... yeh kya ho raha hai?? :(

  24. Ash, first... welcome to my blog.. :)
    hmmm.... do visit Hampi.. its a gud place to watch..
    And thanks alot for the Christmas Wishes.. wising u the very same.. Have a wonderful X'mas :) and do come back...

  25. Visiting ur blog after a loong time man..

    Even I was lost in work ...

    Hmm .. Hampi is amazing place... I feel very bad when I see ruin state of it..

    By the way I never knew u got a Bravo !... Congrats man ...

    So where shall we go tmrw ?

    I will inform Anil, Aravind, Ram Chandru, ( Excuse Palli and Lav as they are on vacation)

  26. Karthik, hmm.... yes Hampi is a great place to visit :)
    Thanks yaar.. and reg the treat.. how abt our cafetaria?? ;)