Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas to all you folks...

heylooo all... surprise surprise... can't believe ur eyes?? :D
yeah, am back with a new post after quite a longgg time.. :)
Christmas is a nice occassion to kick start my blog journey again.....
Starting my journey back once more by Wishing You All Merry Christmas....

Its been three months since my last post... All the while I've been occupied with my work and lots of new changes in my life. One change which I guess most of you would be knowing is am in Canada now. Came here for my onsite assignment... and thts what has been keeping me busy alot.. A big change.. new place.. new people... new lifestyle... new project... new challenges...
But, all the while I've missed home n India alottt.. anyway, I'll reserve my comments of how I feel abt Canada and living here as an outsider... for another post... For now, I jus wanted to get myself back to my usual habit.

A big thank you... for all the ppl who have visited my blog all the while I was away and for all the ppl who have inquired my whereabouts... thanks alottt...

For now.. am signing off with one of my favourite lines by Robert Frost.. which keeps me going all the while..:)The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a random update....

Hey guys.. Its been quite sometime since I updated... quite alot of things going on in my life... Anyway, taking things one at a time...

jus a random update....
  • I had been to Bangalore Marathon 2006 with my friends last Sunday. We ran the Celebration run for 7kms.. It was great fun... We did it without having much trouble.. Next year probably we r planning for half marathon for 20kms.. lets plan n practice chandu n pv.. :)Sometime back I also did a crazy thing - cycling for 30kms.. :D jus for fun...

  • At the Bangalore Marathon - The Contenders :D
    At the Bangalore Marathon - The Contenders :D

  • My sis, bro-in-law and my cute li'l nephew have come from US. They are here for the past 3 weeks and will be leaving this weekend.. My nephew is very fond of Superman, Spiderman and
    Batman... For him, he is Superman and I'm the Spiderman.. when we play :D
    Spiderman is missin' Mary Jane :P
  • Spent my Onam at home with them and also had been at home for 8 days in the past 2 weeks.. It was nice to spend Onam with the whole family together after quite some years..

  • Pookalam done at our house for Onam
    Pookalam done at my house for Onam...

  • As for cricket, Tendulkar has come back very well... Was fabulous to see his innings against the West Indies.. but now they've got their back against the walls.. would have to win both the games.. lets see...
  • And Hockey World Cup was too gud. I would have been happy if India had lost against South Africa too... we would have been first from the last then :)) Its going to be too hard for us to shine in this sport again..
  • Formula 1 is gonna be thrilling.... The last 3 races are gonna be really decisive as Schumi n Alonso are jus 2 points away from each other.. Am looking forward for the last 3 races... Lets hope Schumi retires with a Championship....
  • And i've not seen Lage raho munnabhai yet :( All my friends have seen it without me :(( since I had gone home for most of the last week... I also want to see Ahista ahista and Pyar ke side effects... this one seems to be a fun flick.
  • And the songs of Bas Ek Pal r toooo gud.. Have been listening to only these songs for the past 2 weeks.... Tere Bin is tooo gud and Atif delivers another Woh Lamhe type hit.. KK has also sung beautifully in other songs... All in all a very gud album
  • Am looking forward to lots of things in the coming month... will update this space then..

Ending this post with a picture of a beautiful rainbow which we saw during the Bangalore marathon...

A Beautiful Rainbow...
Isn't it Beautiful??

Monday, September 04, 2006

UPDATED: Legends do live forever - A tribute to Andre Agassi...

A tribute to Andre Agassi - The legend....
From an ardent fan....

Am writing this post jus minutes after Agassi's career ended with a third round loss in the US Open 2006 against Benjamin Becker.

Watching the match live, I could gather that this could be his last match, as he was struggling alot to even get to the ball. But still his love for the game egged him on n on... Atlast, he had to give it up once for all...

With tears in his eyes, he bid farewell to all the ppl there in the stadium...

"You have given me your shoulders to stand on to reach for my dreams, dreams I could never have reached without you.
Over the last 21 years, I have found you, and I will take you and the memory of you with me for the rest of my life."

The final few moments brought tears in my eyes as he blew kisses one final time to all the ppl there who have come to witness one of the greatest Tennis legends of all times...

Agassi bidding farewell...

Agassi's Achievements:
Andre Kirk Agassi
(born April 29, 1970, in Las Vegas, Nevada - US)
  • One of the five male players to win all four grandslams in tennis.
  • The first male player to win all four grandslams in different surfaces (Australian Open on Rebound Ace, the French Open on clay, Wimbledon on grass, and the US Open on hardcourts)
  • He is also the only player in the open era to have won every Grand Slam singles title (8 Grandslams in all), the Masters (which is considered to be the fifth grandslam) , the Davis Cup (twice led the US team to Davis cup victory), and an Olympic gold medal(1996 Atlanta Olympics).
Agassi's professional tennis life is so different from any other player you would find.
He was a hippi-kind, a rebel when he came to the professional tennis in the late 80s. He made strong fashion statements, had a longgg hair and had a personality which many of the teenagers would love to have.
I saw his first grandslam Wimbledon 1992 victory live... It was a great match against Ivanisevic...

Andre Agassi in his early 20s as a long-haired rebel

After winning a couple of grandslams, his form went down and ppl said that he would no longer be the same great player.
But, in came the reformed Agassi.. with clean shaven head.. and more appropriately a calm n cool head... :)
He proved all the critics wrong by winning more and more grandslams.. even in his early thirties... From a ranking of 141 , he came back to No.1 position again in the late 90s. Such was his determination... and he was always the crowds favourite....

As for his playing style, there is no player in this open era who can return a service as strong n accurate as Agassi.. His return of serves are considered to be the best.
Agassi always believed in playing from the baseline. He is never comfortable with the serve n volley kind of play. But still with his strong baseline play and heavy powerful hitting, he used to weary his opponents and win the matches in styles.

I must say there is one player currently who looks great to beat lots of records and who has a great allround play with a lethal backhand which will make you wonder if he were playing table tennis instead of tennis. He is none other than Roger Federer and I bet you all would have guessed it by now.

I would not do justice if I don't bring this point abt Agassi. His rivalry on court with Sampras (another legend) is considered to be one of the best..
Those matches are always special. I've seen most of their matches live and every match would be sooo special... Both players will give their heart out in those matches.

Agassi n Sampras - The rivals on court

His personal life is another talking point among the fans. He was married to Brooke Shields (a famous Hollywood actress) for a couple of years before they got divorced.
Then, he dated and married Steffi Graf (a legend in women's tennis). They now have a son (Jaden Gil) and a daughter (Jaz Elle)

Agassi with his wife Graf and son Jaden Gil

Agassi has come a long way to achieve all these. His love for tennis and his love for the people who support him is always evident...
Its true.... LEGENDS LIVE FOREVER... And Andre Agassi is one legend who'll always be there in ppl's heart.

Andre Agassi - The Legend...

Hail the legend... Long live Andre Agassi....

Friday, September 01, 2006

taggie tag....

A tag post.... tagged by Anjan....

I am thinking about • A treasure island... :P confused?? heheee...

I said • "I want to go home!!!"

I want • to go home and celebrate my Onam with my whole family.... play with my nephew...
btw, am leaving tomorrow evening to my native for the same...

I wish • to get hold of tht treasure island soon...

I hear • “Sab Bhula Kai.... - Call - A Pakistani band... ” on my earphones. Pls do listen to this song if u've not... its a beautiful song...

I wonder • If I'll get the ticket tomorrow to go home for Onam. Actually had got a ticket to go only till Coimbatore. But luckily today my friend said he has a ticket till Ernakulam. So, if I get that I'll get down at Thrissur :) so, hoping to get tht ticket tomorrow....

I regret • for not having booked my tickets earlier to go home for Onam... for having wasted so much time when I could have brought some meaning to my life...

I can’t • see injustice handed over to the poor n needy.. esply li'l children... somehow feel God is really unfair as he doesn't give each n every child an equal opportunity to play, study n grow like every normal person...

I am • simple... fun-loving... li'l sensitive... very friendly...

I dance • Dance is something which I dread alottt.. the last time I danced in a stage was way back in my fourth standard and tht too with a girl :))))
Otherwise, I dance (actually, jump alot :D) whenever I go for partying outside with friends... and also at home when I feel happy..

I sing • at home... :) singing is something which I like alot.. wanted to learn it in my childhood days.. but couldn't...

I need • to organise myself.... and try to do lots of things which I wish to...

I cry • when I feel lots of pain.... not the physical pain... the last time I felt tears in my eyes was when I saw the picture in rediff of a guy pushing a trolley of a couple of children who died in Lebanon due to bombing by Israel... I can't take such things...

I make • my own rules n break it myself too :D

I write • I rarely write nowadays.. its all typing :P When I write, its for probably signing some document...
In one way its gud.. cos when I write, I make sure(or rather happens) that whatever I write... it can be read by only the person who wrote it yeahhh.. its ME :D

I confuse • when I think alot abt why things are not happening the way I want.. :)

I miss • my school n college days alottt.. and I miss being at home with my parents... my sis, nephew.... my princess whom I see everyday in my dreams :P

I will • get my dreams into reality someday or the other...

I should try • not to be as lazy as I'm nowadays... :)

I tag • shama, ricky, jaya and nidhi - do take up this tag.. and to all those ppl who are willing too...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

checking out the new beta blogger features..

hey guys.. if anyone of u using blogspot blogs, try out the new beta blogger... lots of new features like labeling ur posts, easy customizing, lots of changes... jus check out..
doing some experiments.. so, my blog will be half-baked :D for somedays.. till I complete the changes..
Was planning to write a post now when I landed on this beta thingy.. and now am completely into experimenting on tht ;)
so, postponed the blog post for tomorrow :D

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sights n sounds of Thiruvilwamala..

Life is so different nowadays.. Things have changed quite alot... I seem to have very less amount of time nowadays to update my blog and also read all my friends blogs.. but, I don't want to let this blog die. This blog has given me sooo many things.. It has given me lots of confidence... It has also given me some very good friends who have made a lot of difference in my life.. I'll always be thankful for the person or group of ppl who found this concept called blogging....
Am late in wishing.. but let me wish you all...
Happy Friendship Day... to all my friends out there...

I had written in my prev post that I would be going to my native with my friends.. and we all had a whale of a time at my native... :D
First day, we went to a dam nearby, played there.. had lots of fun... then went to the temples Parakkotu kavu bagavathi temple and Vilwadrinathan temple in the evening.
The second day, we got ready to go out when it started raining. We all got out of my house and played in the rain getting wet completely.. it was sooo gud.. And then, we got dressed up again n we went to a nearby small hill and spent lots of time there... then from there went to the Bharatha puzha (river) and played there in the waters for quite alot of time...
It would have been a different kind of experience for my friends... am glad that we all enjoyed alott..

Here are some of the snaps...
I've also complied a spl album containing some very good snaps of my native. You can see God's own country at its best.. :D
Check it out here..

Click here ---> Sights and sounds of my native...

This is my favourite snap tht we took in this trip... this was taken by the river side.. this is my wallpaper now...
This is my favourite snap tht we took in this trip... this was taken by the river side.. this is my wallpaper now...
This one taken on the way to the temple... PV trying to adjust his dhothi.. with some expert tips from my father.. :)) myself n chandu r marching forward without any problems :D
This one taken on the way to the temple... PV trying to adjust his dhothi.. with some expert tips from my father.. :)) myself n chandu r marching forward without any problems :D
A beautiful pond near our temple
A beautiful pond near our temple...
This is Bharatha Puzha(river).
This is Bharatha Puzha(river) where we were playing for a long time...

Friday, July 21, 2006

trip to native with my friends..

Seems the blogworld, atleast in India, is hit due to the ISPs blocking blogspot.com domain... I hope in another couple of days it'll be fine...

Ok guys n gals.. how have u been doing all these days. I have been absconding from the blogs arena time n again... The work am doing presently requires more attention... thts why am not able to devote enough time for my blogs.. hope I'll be back on track once I get my broadband connection at home....

Am all geared up for todays trip back to my native.. Even though its jus a weekend visit to my native, this time am taking some of my friends with me too... Thts the reason I said its gonna be a nice "trip" to my native.. :)
Chandu n pv are already having lots of plans.. they hv even got their dhoti's packed :)) Oh.. Gods own country is going to have a tough two days ahead.. :P

So, expect some kind of update after I return back.. :D
and yeah.. I still have one post pending abt the second part of our festival.. hope i get sometime to update regarding that one too.. Sorry for keeping you all waiting. Hope to catch u all at ur blogs soon.. byeeee n have a great weekend..

Monday, July 10, 2006

All Hail ITALY - The World Champions!!!

ITALY - World Champs
ITALY - World Champions 2006
There it is... atlast the Azzuris have proven to the world that they can be the best in the world :)

Yesterday's WC finals was a well-played game with some incidents too.
But, ultimately the Italians have come out on the top again... even if it was thro' penalties. I've never seen Italians converting all the 5 penalties for a longgg time.. I've been supporting them since the 1990 world cup when Schillachi(one of the best strikers in those days) and Walter Zenga(the then keeper, who was simply amazing) together put up a great performance but only got the third position for them.

But, you can't take away from the fact that they r the World Champions now and am soo proud of that. I was jumping out of joy y'day after the match was over...
But, one sad fact.... didn't expect Zidane to end his career in this manner. He is a great player and deserves all the accolades for his magical play... But, he too was honored with the Golden Ball award.. So, kind of a consolation for him too..
Some of the moments from the match.. Wanted to record it permanently.. so, here they are...
Zidane red carded - The turning point

Grosso converting the final penalty, Barthez seeing his world cup dream go past him...

Italian team celebrating after the shootout...

Italian fans celebrating in Rome..

Italian World Cup.... :D
So, here it is... Hope you all enjoyed the match.. but am sure many of them were rooting for France to win it :P.... but its ITALY :D

Thursday, July 06, 2006

hehee.. surprise surprise.. update :D

Ciao guys n gals.. how have u been doing??
Its been a long time... I know I owe some expanation for my sudden absence... but as I had mentioned in my previous post, I moved to a new project in my company which is keeping me fully occupied. But, am learning quite a lot of new stuffs... so, am very much happy and satisfied... only thing is that I don't get enough time nowadays to reply for mails or blog hopping, since its early stages of the project. As things settle down, I'll be more regular.

Ok... So, guess u all have been watching World Cup 2006....
And am sooo glad tht the team I support for - ITALY has reached the finals.

Here is the list of Blog friends n the teams they supported for.. We had some kind of fight going on in orkut, supporting n fighting for each others teams :) It was fun...

Myself - Italy and always Italy :)
Chandu - England
PV - Brazil
Ricky - Brazil
Anjan - Germany
Manpreet - Argentina
Shama n Nidhi - changing support based on which team has cool dudes in it :P heheee..

So, now among these.. Italy is the only team remaining, but I know they r the underdogs and all the others want France to win.. But, lets see... am not going to say out and right tht Italy will surely win. Their game is completely different... a strong defensive team which attacks all of a sudden.. gets a goal and settles to defend it for the rest of the game.

So, the big game ITALY Vs FRANCE on Sunday... Don't miss it guys....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hi guys.. Thanks for the comments for my previous post. Sorry that I couldn't reply to those and also for not updating for soo long.. Haven't been reading any blogs too..

Its like a break for me away from all these...
Lots have happened in the past 2-3 weeks for me, that am still trying to cope up with all those.. it seems like my life has taken a complete "U" turn... :)
Some decisions play a vital role in our life and may be I took one which will shape my life into a better one.. lets see... time will answer all these...
Will take some more time for me to be regular with the blogs.... but I promise u i'll finish off the previous post, with a Part II coming soon :) atleast by next week..
Thanks for all of those who have been visiting my blog and waiting for the updates :) won't disappoint u all.. Will try to catch up on ur blogs too...

And before I end, hope u guys are catching up with World cup... Three cheers for the Italian team... have always supported them.. lets see how far they go...

Want to add one more... Did u guys get to watch the trailers of "Ahista Ahista". It looks sooo cool.. the lead pair, Abhay Deol n Soha Ali Khan, look very gud.. and I jus love the title track.... Did search in the web, but seems the music hasn't released.. Any idea guys?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thalappoli - Part I

Hey all.... am sorry to keep u all waiting for the post abt the Pooram festival in our native... work is a bit hectic nowadays... so, not finding suitable time to write a detailed post and upload the pictures.
So, I thought let me upload a few snaps here as of now.... and start explaining the festival in parts rather than keeping u waiting for a detailed post :)

Generally, Pooram festivals are celebrated every year all over Kerala in different dates. "Thrissur pooram" is the King of all poorams which most ppl would have heard about.

Thalappoli is the name of the Pooram festival that is celebrated in my native Thiruvilwamala (present in Thrissur district). This festival is celebrated jus a week(the next Sunday) after the famous Thrissur Pooram.
It is a festival celebrated for the Parakkotu kavu temple housing Goddess Bhagavathi(or Durga mata as known by many)

So, as of now enjoy these snaps... u'll see more snaps of elephants.. :)

Parakkotu Kavu (Durga Temple)
Parakkotu Kavu(Durga Temple in our native)

Elephants which came to our home to take a bath. Yeah.. don't be surprised... since our home is near to one of the temples, some elephants came to our house to take bath before getting ready for the festival.
Elephants taking bath at our house...

This one is the largest temple elephant in Kerala and very famous too.. I forgot its name.. will update it once I clarify with my father :)
The largest temple elephant in Kerala. Isn't it majestic????

Aana Chamaya pradarsanam - A paraphernalia of elephant decorative
Aana Chamaya pradarsanam - A paraphernalia of elephant decorative

Ezhunnellippu of elephants in the kavu...
Ezhunnellippu of elephants in the kavu...

This is a short gist abt the festival, the next part will have more details pertaining to how its celebrated in our native....
But, do read about the Thrissur Pooram in the following link. It'll be interesting... Link abt Thrissur Pooram...

Thts it for today... rest in the next part... :)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

lots to write n lots to upload :)

Hey guys.. me back from Kerala y'day.. Had a great time at home, enjoyed the Pooram festival alot..
Lots to write... thought I would write abt what happens in our place during this Pooram festival..
Lots to upload... took a lot of snaps and am in the process of uploading them so that I can share with u all...
Will do it sure n certain within the next few days :)

Okie... its been a month full of wishes.. so, let me add one more wish thro' this post...

Congratulations to the wonderful couple Neeraj & Poonam. They are getting married today. So, lets wish them a lifetime of happiness being together...

As of now, let me jus leave a picture of the pooram festival for you all.... till u wait for the next post... :)

Pooram festival

Thursday, May 11, 2006

nothing else but random ramblings..

was thinking of updating my blog for the past 3 days but somehow got this habit of laziness in me which keeps me postponing everyday. Atlast, today I thought I should do it somehow..
Jus some random ramblings again..
  • First again some sports... Schumi won again in Germany.. and asserted his supremacy in F1 again.. Everyone was saying tht his victory in San Marino was jus a flash in the pan.. but he proved tht its not so...
    Am also glad tht the Ferraris r back at their best with Felippa Massa too joining him in the podium. Lets see if Schumi keeps up his winning habit or if Alonso bounces back or if Raikonnen overcomes McLaren's poor car performance to win a few races.. Its getting exciting.. :)

  • Next is the list of movies I saw offlate.. and a very short review as to how I felt abt those..
    Gangster - wanted to see this movie jus for its songs. Infact, the film too turned out to be a gud one time watch.. Emraan Hashmi is sooo natural in his acting, even though his role is not tht challenging.. I'm starting to admire this guy..
    The songs are simply too gud.. esply "Tu hi mere shab hai".. am completely hooked onto this number..
    Crash - saw this in DVD.. and was very impressive.. all the actors did very well.. but in the first half, felt the racism was depicted a bit too much.. anyway, the way how each story was interlinked and how the director took the story.. all these were too gud.. So, its a must watch..
    Brokeback Mountain - saw this too in DVD and I must say this movie is not atall for the Indian audiences.. but the acting was top class esply Heath Ledger... and the visuals were breath-taking..

  • And last week, I got a chance to meet another blog friend, Anjan. It was a short meeting, but felt nice to know abt him. We r planning to meet again and this time planning to introduce him to my friends here Chandu n Pv too..
    Infact, we had planned to meet today but for some change in plans...
    And am looking forward to meet one more blog friend Manpreet next week. Lets see how it all turns out to be.

  • How can I forget to update this.. I'm now a proud owner of a brand new Motorola Moto Razr V3i mobile :D
    Its actually quite gud and am beginning to like it very much, yet to experiment with its features..

  • Tomorrow night I'll be leaving to my native again.. And this time am going there for a festival.. Its a big festival.. called Pooram festival.. with elephants and lots of fire crackers. Will come back with lots of fotos to update :) It'll be interesting for u all to know abt this..

  • Before I end this post.. jus wanted to tell u what I feel abt this Bhudia controversy. This 4 yr old kid was sold to his coach for a mere 800Rs by his mother.. and the coach takes good care of him till now.. trains him and makes him run a record marathon.. Now, after he gets into the record books n hogs all the limelights, many of the top personalities say its not gud for him to run at this age.. and the coach manipulated and the coach gets termed as "villain". All for the person who till now took care of a boy, abandoned by his mother and who would have been begging for food now, if not for this coach.. I agree tht its not a gud thing to make a kid run this long.... and am sure some measures should be taken to make sure tht this kid doesn't suffer too much, but putting the blame entirely on the coach is what I felt as atrocious... We surely live in a strange world, a world full of hypocrites!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Two b'day wishes for two special people..
First, to my dad who celebrates his b'day today. We generally celebrate b'day according to the stars, so its not his actual birth date but according to the stars, he is to celebrate today :)
So, "Wishing my father a Happy B'day.."

The next wish goes to one crazy mysterious gal also known as Nidhi :P
"Nidhi, Many More Happy Returns of the Day.."


Okie... wanted to tell u an interesting/strange incident tht happened to me last week.. I had a strange encounter with the traffic policemen in Bangalore :)
My friend had some purchases to make in Brigade road. So, we parked our vehicle in MG road and went there. While returning back, we had to take a U-turn to join the vehicles moving towards Brigade road. I was driving the vehicle n we took the U-turn in Anil Kumble circle and came back to join the vehicles in the signal.

That was when a couple of traffic inspectors came n stopped us. He took the key and asked for my licence. He took my licence also and said tht I crossed the yellow line, so will have to pay 300Rs fine and go. I thought this was jus a routine check for the papers, but was completely shocked to hear this. I told him I didn't cross the yellow line for taking the U-turn, instead I went all the way to the Anil Kumble circle to take the turn. For sometime he was not believing us, but when he felt tht we were adamant and saying the same thing... he told the other policeman, "leave them, agla gaadi dekhenge" and gave back my licence.

I was thinking as to why they were accusing me of doing something which I didn't do. Were they trying a number on me n see if I give them some money or did they mistake me for someone else who actually crossed the line? I guess its for the former reason... anyway, was atleast happy tht they believed me atlast.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Anniversary Wishes for my parents...

Am becoming very lazy nowadays.. feeling sooo lazy to even update my blog...
Wanted to write lots of things but didn't get tht mood to do it atall...

First n foremost... Today is my parents' anniversary. So, here I wish them...
"Happy Anniversary to acchan n amma..."
I got a surprise gift also this time for them.. A citizen pair watch set... will be giving it to them when I go home next month.... Here is it...

To acchan n amma...

Ok... now for some random thoughts....
  • First n foremost... my passion.. sports.. Am happy to see Michael Schumacher back to his winning ways.. and tht too in their home circuit of San Marino... Hope he'll continue winning many more races from here on.. All the best Schumi..
  • Nowadays am hooked onto the songs of Gangster n Fanaa....
    "Tu hi meri shab hai..." in Gangster is a greattt song... am jus listening to tht one repeatedly.. as also "Chand sifarish..." in Fanaa...
  • I saw "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" last Sunday. A cool movie.. jus loved it alot... I like all these Cartoon movies very much.. lots of creativity n imagination into it with very gud animation too... These movies will surely make u laugh and forget everything atleast till the time u watch the movie. The Incredibles, Hanuman, Finding Nemo, Bugs Life... lots of such movies...
    Do you also like such animation movies? if so, which is ur favourite one???

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back in the garden city, after an extended weekend at home...
I have lots to tell.. donno where to begin..
So, let me start with something very serious...

Last weekend, we lost one of Kannada film industry's major star Rajkumar. He was also a great person for the Kannada ppl here.. one whom many worshipped...
I guess all of you might have heared of this news as this spurred some violence here in Bangalore. Something which surprised me cos his being a natural death, I didn't think ppl were this crazy as to go on a rampage, shutting down all the offices, burning vehicles, destroying public property, making life hell for ppl for 2 days.
Somehow since I had booked a ticket thro' train, I had chances to go home tht day.. and still I had to suffer a bit as there were no means of transport to the railway station.. and when I asked an autowala, he said even if u give 500Rs I won't come. Another said u gimme Rs.250, I'll drop u safely... I said, tht much money is enough for me to take to my hometown. Tht was the situation here.. everyone was afraid to even venture outside. Somehow negotiated for Rs.150 and reached the railway stn 3 hrs before the actual train timings :)
But, some of my friends, who were to travel by bus, couldn't make it tht day.. and were struck up in Bangalore without food tht day..

Anyway, the point am trying to say is... I never felt tht ppl can be this mad to resort to such means of hurting others and even killing a policeman. I am sure Rajkumar would have felt bad to the core seeing all these happenings.. I know most of the ppl doing these are anti-social elements trying to take these opportunities and do all tht they want.. But, I can't accept tht such things happen in a cosmopolitan place like Bangalore. It happens only in India!!! is it??

The next issue is... when such a person's death n funeral is being made a big issue... there was one death which very few ppl noticed and which required, if not such huge, atleast a bit of attention of all the ppl.
Am talking abt the death of Javed, an 18-year old boy who saved the lives of 8 children in the Meerut fire that happened last week... He died after suffering from nearly 70% of burns after saving the kids... Little did we know abt this great act of bravery.

Do check out this link
Hats off for this young boy for this valiant act of bravery...

There are some more things I want to talk about... may be in the next post...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Vishu Aashamsagal...

Wish you all Happy Vishu... Happy Tamil New Year... and Happy Baisakhi too :)

Vishu marks the beginning of a new year for the ppl in Kerala. I had wrote a post last year abt what exactly happens on this day and what do we do.. all these u can check it in this link -> About Vishu

Today, I woke up early in the morning at 4.30am itself, saw the Vishukkani and then went to abt 5 temples nearby and came back..
I thought of taking a snap of the Vishukkani we kept at home, but unfortunately forgot to bring the camera :(

Now, enjoying the Vishu by watching new Malayalam films in TV...
I have lots to discuss about.. which I'll start in the next post...
Till then, enjoy the day...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Quota system? WHAT!!! More reservations.. OH NO NOT AGAIN!!!

Well I wanted to write a post on this right from the day they announced this Quota system...
I feel our Indian Cricket team is more predictable(till last year or so, they were really unpredictable, can spring surprises any time) than our political system nowadays...
Its such a crap of a system that they r trying to bring about. Sorry for tht language, I jus can't stop myself... How in the world did they think of introducing more n more quota systems!!
Now, almost all the major universities, including IIT and IIM, have nearly 50% of seats on quota system (adding the proposed 27% reservation for OBCs)...
What do u say to the students who work hard, day n night toil hard and try to get into those universities thro' merit? How will they feel when they come to know tht their seat is grabbed by someone who is well below his/her merit and still got in, thro' this so-called quota/reservations???

Ok, let me first throw some more light as to why am complaining so much abt this...
You know this quota system is in place for long long years in Tamilnadu... I guess there its almost 70% of the seats r reserved, right forom SCs, STs, MBCs to BCs.
The rest of the seats are in the open category too, I mean, if a person from BC or SC or any caste tops, the seat he takes in the university will go from the Open category and not from the reserved category.
So, all tht the other castes, outside reservation, get to fight is those few seats in the open category.
I did my Engineering in Tamilnadu and I was one of the sufferers cos of this reservation system. Thts why am complaining alot..
I ranked somewhere in the high 1000s (I guess 1017 or something) in the state entrance exams for the Engineering seats. I still remember tht day when I went for counselling in Chennai to select a college based on my ranking. All those who were around my ranking got into some good Government colleges whereas I got into a private engineering college only. I didn't go and ask anyone abt where they got into, cos I know they'll answer some govt college and i'll get more n more frustrated. I jus accepted that and did my engineering pretty well..

Ok, enough of this personal stories.. I'm not saying tht this quota system shouldn't be there atall. There should be some reservation for the lower class ppl but, tht reservation shouldn't be sooo high tht the ppl on the other side get affected alot. There must be a limit for all these. I don't want ppl all over the country to suffer like whats happening in some parts already.
Atleast spare the top institutions in this country like IITs n IIMs from these.. They should take ppl only based on merits cos they represent our country everywhere in the world... There shouldn't be any reduction of quality in these institutions..

One more thing, don't u think that we r trying to differentiate ppl and races by introducing such reservations? Don't u think that we all are one and we all have equal rights to do things we want to. I agree some ppl do need a bit of support, yeah.. right.. a bit of support but not complete support.. we shouldn't be spoon-feeding them, we should show the way to come up.
I saw the show The Big Fight in NDTV 24x7 news channel a couple of days back. They were arguing on this and it was nice to see ppl's views.. I hope some of u must have seen it..

Anyway, friends.. i hope u too agree that this reservation shouldn't be stretched to as much as 50%. If you feel so, sign this online petition.. Say NO to Quota system

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the real menace is out now :)

hey all.. how have u all been doing?
am feeling great now.. had another trip to Kerala last weekend cos of the long weekend.... I also went to Coimbatore to meet my grandparents....
Am now again waiting for next week when there is another long weekend in the offer.. cos of Good Friday... The new year for us(ppl in Kerala) also falls on the same day n its called Vishu. So, me getting ready to celebrate it with my parents.. :)

And friends.. need some suggestions.. am planning to buy a new mobile Motorola's Moto Razr V3i model... the new model which got released a few months ago...
Check the features here -> Moto Razr V3i
I did a small search and studied the other models of the same range in Nokia and Sony Ericsson.... but, found this one to be very gud... What do u all think? Any issues any of u have come across in Motorola mobiles??
My old mobile has served me for nearly 3 years now.. Its a Panasonic GD68 mobile which is obsolete now :), but still I love this mobile cos its been with me for a long time...

Lastly, I felt most of my blog friends out here know me very well.. so, I thought I should remove this mask of Dennis, the menace and reveal the real menace!!! :D
So, here I'm open to the world now... :)

Currently listening to Darren Hayes' "Insatiable", a beautiful song....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

am backkkkkkk........

Hey buddies... how r u doin'??? :)
Glad to be back to the blogdom.. And thanks alot for your support, mails and wishes.... am now slowly getting back to my normal health :)
It was like a severe jolt for me... I have a bad habit of ignoring my health completely, even when I know am very much susceptible...
Thankfully it wasn't something serious, I was diagonised to have dust allergy and viral fever... but still I gave a li'l scare to my parents when I went back to Kerala all of a sudden. I took a weeks off and complete rest at home with my parents to pamper me :)

There are lots of things I learnt in these two weeks and probably thats why God chose to give me these troubles to get to know certain truths...
One thing i'll never forget is... "things shouldn't be taken for granted always".
I've forcefully made some changes in me and my life style too... Hopeful to see some gud results...

Ok enough of these boring talks... now for some other talks....

  • Jus now India won the first ODI match against England. Great bowling by Harbajan.. and glad to see him back to some form... But pathetic performance by our batsmen. And the test series is one that should be forgotten. I somehow get a feeling that Sehwag is going to be out of the team soon... He needs to get some strict sacking to get him learn some sense of purpose
  • I enjoyed the Melbourne Commonwealth Games when I was at home last week.. Some great performances by our sports person. But, again against some weak teams... Nevertheless, lets hope that they'll be able to perform better in the Asian and also Olympic games. The shooters are the main targets for us to get some medals...
    And did any of u watch the closing ceremony? There was a performance by India too, since the next Commonwealth Games is to be held in New Delhi in 2010.
    I somehow felt unhappy seeing lots of Bollywood stars performing. Somehow this shows that we keep faith in these ppl more than the real stars who have won us accolades all around the world. Do we really have to show us to the world thro' these bollywood stars? Wouldn't it be nice to jus perform with some great dancers or musicians, instead of these Bollywood stars?
  • And now that the F1 season has started, am completely hooked onto it. This time the field is very much open with Renault, McLaren, Ferrari and also Honda... all these teams fairing well.... lets hope we are in for an exciting season of F1 :)
  • Ok, I know am talking only abt sports.. but, thts one thing I can't stop talking abt :P
Currently listening to a beautiful Alisha Chinai song called "Tu jo mila". I liked this song alot when the song used to be aired in the music channels longgg back and searched it in the net and got it y'day :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Its sometimes frustrating when you fall sick.. isn't it?
You are not allowed to eat the food you like or you want.
You won't be able to work properly without getting tired soon.
You won't be albe to sit infront of computer for longer duration.
You've to take all tht weird shaped tablets and medicines..
You feel like sleeping the whole day (which I always like to do :D, but not when I'm sick)
Worst is you want to do all the stuffs that you shouldn't be doing, only when you are sick... like how I want to eat some very good spicy foods now :(
Added to the frustration, when you are sick, you definitely want to be at home with your parents.... and again I want to go home now... :((

Haven't been in the best of healths the whole week.. was down with throat infection, cold n cough.... And it has now worsen into fever also.... some kind of viral fever... :(
I guess am very much allergic to this Bangalore climate and the dust pollution cos I very often get throat infection which leads to a terrible cold too :(
Sorry to have grumbled abt all these, but somehow had to get all these frustrations out... so, got it out thro' this post :)

Something which I do at these times is continuously listen to music to find some soothing relief... and am doing it now too :)
Listening to some of my favourite slow Malayalam songs now...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

what a match!!!

Wowwwwwwwwwwww.. who would have thought South Africa would win the match against Australia after the Aussies scored 434 for 4. They went on to win scoring 438 for the loss of 9 wickets with 1 ball to spare :)))
Man, this goes down as a great great greatestestestt ODI cricket match ever played and am glad tht i got to see it live :)
Awesome innings by Gibbs got the match set for the SA..
The match got jus over... and I was sooooo excited tht I thought i'll record my excitement now itself in my blog :D
Aussies got a taste of their own medicine.. am glad abt tht.. :)
SA won the series 3-2.
Ok then, let me enjoy the award ceremony now.. and my bet for the man of the match is undoubtedly Hershelle Gibbs :)

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It looks like I had a mini break :) being away from the blogs for quite sometime..
I was jus trying to get many things sorted out and organised in my life...
You know, sometimes you feel there is no control on ur life and feel that things should have been different. Anyway, lets not discuss more abt this..

I would like to thank all the ppl who have suggested me some gud classic movies in English thro' my previous post.... Now, I have a gud list of movies to watch in near future.. May be I'll put that complete list of movies to watch in my blog so that some interested ppl can also note them down, provided I get sometime for tht :)
I happened to watch a couple of movies "Fun with Dick n Jane" and "Memoirs of a Geisha". While the former was jus about okish with Jim Carrey not in his usual form, the latter one was gud. Memoirs of a Geisha had some stunning visuals and costumes.. deserving the oscars tht it got for these. But, its a slow n a bit dragging movie. The first half was jus ok while the second half was much better. Zhang Ziyi looked fabulous in this movie :) I also want to watch "Crash" now cos of the reviews I read abt this movie.

Today being International Women's day, I wish all the women out thr "Happy Women's Day".
Here, this goes out to all the lovely ladies out there reading this post -> click here

I was wondering if there was any International Men's day too :) and did a search in google.. got this result.. check it out --> click here

On this women's day, a lovely song from Billy Joel - SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN

She can kill with a smile, she can wound with her eyes,
She can ruin your faith with her casual lies,
And she only reveals what she wants you to see.
She hides like a child but she's always a woman to me.
She can lead you to love, she can take you or leave you,
She can ask for the truth but she'll never believe you,
And she'll take what you give her as long as it's free,
Yeah she steals like a thief but she's always a woman to me.
Oh, she takes care of herself, she can wait if she wants,
She's ahead of her time.
Oh, and she never gives out and she never gives in,
She just changes her mind.
And she'll promise you more than the garden of Eden
then she'll carelessly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding,
But she brings out the best and the worst you can be.
Blame it all on yourself cause she's always a woman to me.
Oh, she takes care of herself, she can wait if she wants,
She's ahead of her time.
Oh, and she never gives out and she never gives in,
She just changes her mind.
She is frequently kind and she's suddenly cruel,
She can do as she pleases, she's nobody's fool,
But she can't be convicted, she's earned her degree,
And the most she will do is throw shadows at you
But she's always a woman to me.

Waiting for tomorrow's second test match.. hope the Indians would do better this time.. The English team looks good even without their top players... And, we have a gud challenge in our hands now.. Lets see...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

jus some movie talks...

jus a bit lazy to post :(

This weekend am going to Chennai with my roommates to meet our friends thr... so, hoping to have a nice time thr..
Apart from this, nothing much happening.. I wish to go home again.. but won't be going till next monthend :(

Watched some more movies in TV..
"The Shawshank Redemption" - And what a great movie it was... My friend forced me to watch this one and am thankful for him...

We also bought the cd of "You've got mail" which is one of the best romantic movies ever made.. isn't it? Am saying one of the cos I regard "Notting Hill" in this category too :)

And one more movie I saw was "Bicentennial man" - The movie in which Robbin Williams is a robot and slowly tries to become a human. I found this movie to be nice to watch.. and I always admire Robin Williams, ever since I saw his "Patch Adams" movie, a great great movie....

When it comes to English movies, am a great fan of Julia Roberts.. and I've got almost all her greatest movie hits in CDs or DVDs..
Notting Hill, My best friend's wedding, Pretty Woman, Erin Brokovich are some of my fav of Julia Roberts..
I also like Tom Hanks alot for his acting.. esply in Forrest Gump, Cast Away, You've got mail, Saving Private Ryan.., etc..

Anyone seen the movie - "Sleepless in Seattle"?
And what abt "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset". My friend was saying that this one is a great one to watch. And there is one more movie in which the hero is blind and falls in love with a lady.. i forgot the name... it was a lovely movie and great acting... watched it longgg back.. Haaa.. got it... a li'l search in google helped me.. Its Val Kilmer's "At First Sight" :)
Do tell me some of the classic movies in English of these kinds... I would love to watch movies like these and add to my collection. So, do add ur suggestions too.. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

whats in a day..

Today being Valentine's Day, let me begin by wishing you all "A Happy Valentine's Day". As I stated in the last years post on the same day, I don't know why the habit of celebrating a day for lovers come into existence when ppl in love feel that all those days being together or even thinking abt the ones they love are special for them. Anyway, since its being followed for a long time, am not going to say that its of no use. Enjoy your day with ur love, ur friends and ur family... :)

Couple of days back I happened to listen to a song in Radio City FM. This one sung by Alka Yagnik called "Saare sapne...". A fantastic song which I used to listen frequently when this album got released but afterwards jus forgot abt it. That day I noted down the song and downloaded it from the web..
Since I listen to lots of songs, I have a habit of noting down songs that I like, in my mobie as a draft message and as soon as I sit infront of the computer, download all those songs..
Here is a small list of songs that I downloaded recently and which I liked alot.. do listen to these..
  1. Alka Yagnik's Saare Sapne kahin kho gaye....
  2. Babul Supriyo's Kucch Aisa Lagta Hai.... from the album Kucch Aisa Lagta Hai. I saw this song in MTV and liked it instantly.
  3. Tere Liye.... - From the same Babul Supriyo's album, another cool song..
  4. Shaan's Gum Sum Ho Kyun... - from Tanha Dil album
  5. Martina McBride's Valentine. Thanks to Jaya for pointing to such a nice song. I liked the lyrics of this song on seeing it in Jaya's blog and downloaded. The music of this song also impressed me.. jus simple piano..
  6. Looking for Shania Twain's "What made you say that" song. A great song and nice lyrics too.. but couldn't get the downloadable version :( Does anyone have this song?

Now for another favourite topic... cricket..
I went home a bit earlier y'day to watch the final overs and was right on time to watch Dhoni's innings.. Great to see our guys going 2-1 up....
Sachin, Yuvraj and Dhoni were jus amazing..
After the match got over, I watched the straight drive show conducted by Sanjay Manjrekar in Ten Sports. In that, Nasser Hussain said one thing which I liked very much...
Nasser Hussain said something like this... After watching this innings by Sachin, all those ppl who talked nonsense abt Sachin after Karachi test match should find a big hole and jump into that :))
Lets see what comes of the next two matches...

Friday, February 10, 2006

taggie time atlast...

Completing the tag atlast...
Tagged by Doll, Neetie and Chandu...

The tag is: coming up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

I don't have any big expectations... my perfect gal should jus have...
  1. The eyes of Aishwarya Rai
  2. The lips of Angelina Jolie
  3. The smile of Jennifer Aniston/ Juhi Chawla
  4. The figure of Salma Hayek
  5. The personality of Julia Roberts
  6. The chirpiness of Kajol
  7. The voice of Lata Mangeshkar
  8. Last but not the least... the love and compassion for fellow human beings shown by Mother Teresa

Easy to get a gal like this isn't it :P

Ok, to be serious, all tht I want is a gal who is caring; sharing; understanding family values; even if she is modern, shouldn't lose the traditional touch; giving the necessary space when needed and at the same time the support when needed.. and she is sure to get all these from me too.. :D

As far as I remember, almost all of my blogmates have taken up this tag. If atall anyone hasn't taken it, u can go ahead and take it :)

So, ready for tomorrows second ODI? lets see what happens this time..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

updates... RDB and Kochi trip...

Atlast... saw Rang De Basanti on Friday evening with my friends.
A Big Thanks to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, ARR, Aamir and all the actors and technicians behind this movie... They all have done a great greatt greattt job.. I was lost in the movie even after hours of seeing it and my friends had to literally pull me out of tht mood... :)
A must-see movie... I don't have words to say how it was... I don't want to rate it or review it with any other movies. I won't say its the best movie i've seen but considering the type of movies that come out nowadays, its certainly the best one..

The scene - Atul Kulkarni's recital of “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna” was simply amazing... brought tears in my eyes and goosebumps too.. You'll notice quite a few scenes like tht.. Please do watch it without fail.... Thats all I would say...
Picture courtesy - Chandu's blog :)

Then, as I had written in one of my previous posts, I had been to Kochi for my cousin's engagement and came back to Bangalore today morning.
I had a wonderful time there with many of my cousins, relatives and their kids...
Its been quite sometime since we all had such family gathering and we were jus pulling each others legs.. and ofcourse my cousin-bro was at the receiving end most of the time, as it was his engagement... We even discussed and named their kid.. :)) Heights of our imaginations....
Now, only four of us remain in the unmarried category in our cousins gang.. and am the only guy.. So, tht makes me the Most Eligible Bachelor in our family... :D

These are the updates from my side.. Now, let me get back to my work... :)
I know I still have a tag post pending.. tht'll be my next one soon..

Thursday, February 02, 2006

do u wanna know why India lost...

Am not going to write any analysis abt why India lost the Series against Pakistan.
Would jus like to say it was a pathetic display in the end...
The reason why India lost is here.. take a look at this...

After a fantastic first over hat-trick like this...

Pathan's first-ButtPathan's second-Younis
Pathan's third-Yousuf

the Indians were playing for "whose stump flew more" contest...

Asif's first-SehwagAsif's second-Laxman
Asif's third-Sachin

Obviously, you would have seen who lost in the end....
Not going to add anything..
Images courtesy: cricinfo site

btw, jus a li'l tight at work.. so, my posts n visits would be a bit less frequent :(
Promise to make up for all those soon..

Thursday, January 26, 2006

lots of update atlast..

First things first....
Wish you all the Indians out there reading this post -

A Happy Republic Day....

Atlast am getting sometime to update my blog :)
Work was hectic for the past few days. Now am in my hometown in Kerala :) Came here for a 4-day break and that explains why I was busy with my work.... had to complete some before I take an off on Friday..

Lots of things to update and write.. but, now that am at home, all that I do is eat lots of gud food, talk to my parents and sleep whenever I want. I can see some ppl getting really jealous thr :P
Anyway, let me recollect abt what I wished to write...
Here r some... would be long I presume.. enjoy reading at ur own pace n time...
  • The release of Rang De Basanti.... Being a great Aamir fan, was looking forward to this movie.
    Wasn't much impressed by his previous movie Mangal Pandey, but this one looks good.
    The music is fabulous and hope the film would also be. Planning to go to tht movie very very soon :)

  • Did you hear? Some of the IIT-ians have formed together a new political party a-la Yuva style in an aim to do good things for the country rather than for personal parties like whats happening currently.
    Check out the following link for more info and lets support that these ppl do achieve what they are trying for..
    Lets support this party- Paritrana , the YUVA....
    Read more here

  • And now for some sports.... from the Australian open...
    For a change there is a new teenage sensation in the men's tennis too this year in the form of Baghdatis :)
    Man this guy is really in his best form beating four seeded players on his way to the finals.... But, hope my fav Roger Federer would be there to see him off :)
    Anyway, best wishes to him.. wouldn't mind a new guy winning and being a real threat for Roger Federer.

    I somehow feel Justin Henin is the women's form of Roger Federer.. :)
    The way she plays the backhand shots reminds me of Federer... Federer plays those shots with ease as if he is playing Table tennis.. and she too is not that far behind..

    The Indians too are not far behind... even if Sania failed our expectations, Leander(in doubles finals n mixed quarters) n Bhupathi(mixed semis and tht too with Hingis... .lucky guy :D) are still there for us to cheer.. All the best for them too...

  • Some of the films seen by me of late..
    Aparna Sen's 15 Park Avenue - We had to chose between Kalyug n this movie and atlast decided to see this one. It was a gud movie and great acting n a nice ending too.. but I liked Mr n Mrs Iyer better than this one...
    I like Rahul Bose in these kinds of movies.. his acting is really gud and as of Konkana, do I have to say anything abt her acting abilities?? she is amazing asusual...

    Home Delivery - Watched this movie last week on TV. Was jus curious to know why ppl are terming it as a terrible movie.. After seeing tht movie, I felt Vivek Oberoi was the terrible part of tht movie.. :)
    Ayesha Takia looked fabulous in the movie and Boman Irani did very well in what he is known for and same to Mahima :P I hope u get wht am saying.. :D

    Incredibles - Wht an incredible movie!!! Late to see this movie.. I know.. nevertheless didn't meant to miss it... Got my own dvd of the movie and watched it..
    I heard the second part of this movie is coming out. Does anyone know abt tht?
    I wish they make as many parts as they could of this movie and still I would watch all those parts.

    As I talk abt this animated movie, I would like to telling you all abt another animation movie - Hanuman which I didn't miss watching in the theatres. Please do watch this esply becos this is an Indian animation movie... and we Indians are not far behind in making such movies..
    This was also very gud esply the small Hanuman.. I liked tht character alot :)

  • Atlast, my cousin bro is getting engaged soon. Next weekend I'll be going to Kochi to attend his engagement. Do you know what a great sacrifice I'm doing... Am gonna miss the Bryan Adam's show next weekend in B'lore to attend this :(
    Watching Bryan Adams show is one of my lifetime ambition.. yes.. pls don't laugh... :)

    Am doing this all for the sake of my cousin bro, cos we both are the only guys on my father's side... there r ten girls n only two guys.
    There used to be a time during our childhood days... when we all get together, We both would be bullied alot... :)) a different situation isn't it..

    Now tht he is getting engaged, all are forcing my parents to look for a gud daughter-in-law for them (heheheeee), but my parents r saying am still a kiddo :((
    Hey Chandu, pv n Ricky.. i know what u guys would write after seeing this.. beware!!! thts all I would say..
Now let me start my blog hopping.. long time since I kept track of most of the blogs... Oh.. guess my mother is calling me to have my dinner.. so, wait till I come back to read ur posts.. :D
Lastly, ifatall someone has actually read this huge post.. A big hug n thanks to them.. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

update to my prev post -> here is the song for u..

This is jus an extention to the previous post.. And thanks to Neetie for finding the video of the Daniel Bedingfield song and sending me the link. Here am including that video link for you all who didn't get a chance to listen to tht song.. An amazing song.. one of my fav.. enjoyyy..

Click this link -> Daniel Bedingfield - If you're not the one

Hope you did enjoy this song+video.. Thanks to the site gofish.com who hosted this song. I couldn't use their "blog the song" option to post their video, so had to put their link here. But, giving due credits to them here..

Have been jus a li'l held up due to my work.. so, not getting proper time to blog or blog-hop :( , so.. enjoy the song till am back...

Friday, January 13, 2006

If you're not the one...

If you're not the one then why does my soul feel glad today?
If you're not the one then why does my hand fit yours this way?
If you are not mine then why does your heart return my call
If you are not mine would I have the strength to stand at all

I never know what the future brings
But I know you are here with me now
We'll make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with

I don't want to run away but I can't take it, I don't understand
If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am?
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

If I don't need you then why am I crying on my bed?
If I don't need you then why does your name resound in my head?
If you're not for me then why does this distance maim my life?
If you're not for me then why do I dream of you as my wife?

I don't know why you're so far away
But I know that this much is true
We'll make it through
And I hope you are the one I share my life with
And I wish that you could be the one I die with
And I pray in you're the one I build my home with
I hope I love you all my life

I don't want to run away but I can't take it, I don't understand
If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

'Cause I miss you, body and soul so strong that it takes my breath away
And I breathe you into my heart and pray for the strength to stand today
'Cause I love you, whether it's wrong or right
And though I can't be with you tonight
And know my heart is by your side

I don't want to run away but I can't take it, I don't understand
If I'm not made for you then why does my heart tell me that I am
Is there any way that I can stay in your arms?

This is one of my fav romantic songs in English. I donno how many of you have listened to this song. Its sung by Daniel Bedingfield.
The lyrics.. aren't they beautiful? and the way he has sung this one is also very different.. do listen to this one.... if u want, i can send the song thro' mail too.. :)

Apart from this one, some others like "I don't want to close my eyes" by Aerosmith and "Nothings gotta change my love for you" by Glenn Medeiros are my other favourite romantic number..
Which romantic songs do u like? do share with me.. so that I can check those too.. :)
Currently listening to some haunting Kishore Kumar numbers... I can't imagine a life without music... :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

jus some thoughts after returning from my native..

hey all... so, how is the New Year going for u all?
I jus came back from my hometown today... Had a relaxing weekend @ home with my parents... Everytime I go to our new house in Kerala, I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated... thats the beauty of our native isn't it? Wherever we live, study or work, once we return back to our native, the feeling is entirely different. I used to miss my hometown alot since I studied outside Kerala in Tamilnadu... that was becos of my parent's work thr...
Now tht my parents r retired and back to our native, they too are enjoying.. meeting old friends... going to temples for each and every festival... lots of new activities for them and I too feel happy seeing them enjoying everything.
The only thing they miss are their children.. yes.. my sister n myself..
Since my sis is soo far, I make sure atleast I go there monthly once or if possible more frequently..

There was a time when we had to decide on where to settle down. Tht was the time my parents decided they have had enough of this work life and my mother took tht voluntary retirement after my father resigned from his job too. We were contemplating on the various options like settling in our native or in Coimbatore or in Bangalore as I'm working here.. But, I ruled out Bangalore at the first instance itself... the reason being in software line, even am not sure whether I'll be working here for a longgg time and the life style here is completely different from what they r used to.. so, they'll feel utterly discomforted living here... Moreover, I badly wanted them to build a house in our native and shift there so that we still have a proper identity at our native... My sister too was of the same opinion. Atlast, am happy that we took such a decision at tht time... cos now they are really happy to be there. And, as I said, I too feel completely relaxed whenever I go there...

I started writing this post thinking of some other things.. and in the end went on jus to write abt something else.
BTB, if any of you want to know more abt my native, I had written a post abt my native last year.. check it -> link
Anyway, since everyone of us will have some bright memories of our native, let me ask u all...
Do u also feel the same way when u go to ur native.. the place of ur birth.. ur ancestorial place? Do u miss that place (to those who r living outside tht place...)?
What would you do, given an option to settle in a place of ur choice? This, I mean, at ur retirement age... would u love to go back to ur native or settle in a place where there is hi-fi life or where u r more used to?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Wishes...

2005 is past...
Forget the nature's fury unleashed on us...
Lets not get affected by the acts of terror....
Trash the bad experiences....
But, forget not the lessons learnt...
Carry forward the good deeds...
Cherish the golden moments n achievements...

2006.. New year.. new beginning...
New experiences... new resolutions...
Lets march forward...

Happy New Year 2006
Wish You All A Fabulous New Year 2006.