Monday, January 09, 2006

jus some thoughts after returning from my native..

hey all... so, how is the New Year going for u all?
I jus came back from my hometown today... Had a relaxing weekend @ home with my parents... Everytime I go to our new house in Kerala, I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated... thats the beauty of our native isn't it? Wherever we live, study or work, once we return back to our native, the feeling is entirely different. I used to miss my hometown alot since I studied outside Kerala in Tamilnadu... that was becos of my parent's work thr...
Now tht my parents r retired and back to our native, they too are enjoying.. meeting old friends... going to temples for each and every festival... lots of new activities for them and I too feel happy seeing them enjoying everything.
The only thing they miss are their children.. yes.. my sister n myself..
Since my sis is soo far, I make sure atleast I go there monthly once or if possible more frequently..

There was a time when we had to decide on where to settle down. Tht was the time my parents decided they have had enough of this work life and my mother took tht voluntary retirement after my father resigned from his job too. We were contemplating on the various options like settling in our native or in Coimbatore or in Bangalore as I'm working here.. But, I ruled out Bangalore at the first instance itself... the reason being in software line, even am not sure whether I'll be working here for a longgg time and the life style here is completely different from what they r used to.. so, they'll feel utterly discomforted living here... Moreover, I badly wanted them to build a house in our native and shift there so that we still have a proper identity at our native... My sister too was of the same opinion. Atlast, am happy that we took such a decision at tht time... cos now they are really happy to be there. And, as I said, I too feel completely relaxed whenever I go there...

I started writing this post thinking of some other things.. and in the end went on jus to write abt something else.
BTB, if any of you want to know more abt my native, I had written a post abt my native last year.. check it -> link
Anyway, since everyone of us will have some bright memories of our native, let me ask u all...
Do u also feel the same way when u go to ur native.. the place of ur birth.. ur ancestorial place? Do u miss that place (to those who r living outside tht place...)?
What would you do, given an option to settle in a place of ur choice? This, I mean, at ur retirement age... would u love to go back to ur native or settle in a place where there is hi-fi life or where u r more used to?


  1. back to reading the post

  2. even my dad wanted to shift base after his VRS ..n then we decided to move back to dehradun from mumbai.....the question u've asked is kinda tough for me to answer...cuz i'll have to shift to moi hubby's hometown...never thot about that

  3. Ahh, nice post, esp. since its abt Kerala. Each time, I go for vacation there, its a such a bliss feeling.

    Nothing compares as to staying at home and jus ur native.Good decision ur parents made at building a house in Kerala .
    At my retirement age ( feels so old, hehe) I wud like to settle defintely in my native, Kerala, in some village by the lake and feeling hi-fi lifestyle , hmm wishing to visit kerala now

  4. New Year is going great. I just came from visiting my brother and then the relatives too. It's really good that you take time off at every moment and visit your parents.

    BTW what does BTB stand for? I have seen you use this everywhere but I can only decipher it as By The B...

    My Dad was in Army, so I never had a native place as such. For me, India as a whole is a native place. As I haven't been back to India, I cannot answer the first part of your question. I miss that place for sure, as you must have guessed from my nostalgic posts. I don't know what I will do after retirement but I have started liking the lifestyle of Canada too. I would just love to retire in a peaceful communtiy, whether its in India or Canada or anywhere else.

  5. well, i have been born n brought up in delhi, but since i am living in hostel i cd compare it with going home.. its always a nice feeling to return to where ur roots are.. my grandparents came from pakistan during independence so cant say wat my ancestral place is..
    I would love to settle down where there is hi-fi life... once in a while peace n calmness is good but my heart lies in parties, people, movement,noise,not a moment to spend idle.. when i near retirement age, my priorities may change n i may prefer a quiet life.. but right now i cant think of myself living in a place thats not "happening"

  6. Jaya, yeah.. u get the gold :) and Mehak u the silver :)

  7. Mehak, so.. ur dad too shifted back to ur native...
    ya, I guess for ladies, this qn might be a different one..
    but, generally after marriage, hubby's place is ur place na..
    Anyway, atleast when u get to go and visit ur parents, u'll get a chance to be in ur native.. isn't it?

  8. Jaya, hmm... how often u get to go to Kerala?
    so u too would like a laid-back life during ur retirement age... thts nice.. :)
    did i bring back some of ur nostalgic moments??? ;)

  9. Ricky, hmm... seems u jus had a perfect New Year beginning.. gud for u buddy... :)
    BTW, BTB stands for By the By.. atleast thts what I think :D
    if not, don't blame me :(

    Wow.. whole India as native.. thts greatt.. hmm.. so, ur choice is some peaceful community... gud choice .. :)

  10. doll, hmm.. so, u'd like to be in the happening place... :)
    i believe the place and the surroundings we grow also matters in this decision of ours.. isn't it? so, i can relate to ur choice of place...

  11. actually my native is a city , so i prefer to stay on a hillock way far from the city life. on the edge of a hill! & goin to native place hmm u gotta feel dat than said. The smell of the air, the water everything feels u BETTER..

  12. typo-oops i mean makes you feel better. actually when i go by the house we sold of where we r born & brought up in my native, i feel a kinds pain, but very soon it will b followed by loads of memories, the electric pole which we used as cricket stumps still have those marks, the way we jumped the walls of neighbours, the way we stole the gauvas, the silly fights on the streets.. hmm loads of memories wud start rolling infront of eyes & it just feels great to live a life like dat! & i wish i cud b child again whenav i go there!

  13. sorry for spamming maams..but wonderful post & question @ end that touched the strings!

  14. Yes.. yes... i would love to shift back to Delhi permanently... nothing better than staying at home with your family & family around :)

    My parents also live alone... as my sis is married.. and me studying over in mumbai!! My mom always keep on saying that this chap won't come back to Delhi again.. 'isko bahar ki hawa lag gayi hai' :P

    But, i want to prove them wrong... :)

  15. i was born n brought up in cochin and i am in love with that place....even though i am used to TVM now(yes i even kinda like this place :-s).....the feeling of going back to cochin is always wonderful......but technical my native will be a small village just outside nagercovil..i have visited there and it is a beatiful place,ut thats it....there r no relatives there any more..only a family temple.....
    n abt after retirement..i still have a long way to go to decide that..considering that i dont even know where i will be this time next year.....lets c.....:-)
    lovely post!

  16. I belong to Hyderabad,but still my grannys place is a remote village near the banks of Krishna river,lot of greenery and fields and ponds in the place,one day,for sure one day i will go there to settle down,thats my dream which i dont forget:)

  17. chandu, so.. a hillock for u... :)
    hmm.. u got nostalgic :)) yes, those childhood days we spend are more precious tht we cherish it more often than other things.. right?
    and no probs for spamming maharaj-ji.. :D
    aapki gyan milke hume khushi hi hogi.. :)

  18. manpreet, yes.. true nothing better than @ home with ur family.... :)
    so, ur case is also very same as mine..
    "bahar ki hawa..." hahahahaa.... :)
    hmm.. u'll prove them wrong... don't worry.. :)

  19. Divya, gud to know ur views :)
    i've never been to tvm for long period but kochi.. yes.. and i too like it..
    hmmm.. its still a long way to decide... but, sometimes we long for a place na.. thts why i asked this qn now itself.. :)

  20. Neels, ur grannys place seems to be interesting.. :)
    hmm... may ur dream come true... :)

  21. i know the feeling even recently i had to answer a question in an interview regarding my home town .....and i was lost.. i have lived , grown up in 6 different places and have made friends and have memories everywhere...
    my parents have already decided upon their place of retirement and now its easier to feel that sense of belongingness specially since i was born there..;) But i myself am clueless about where i would like to settle..will dwell on it someother time..

  22. Yes,brought bac a lot of memories esp. cuz I visit only once in a year, that too for maybe be one month, and last year, didnt come to Kerala at all.
    My home is surrounded with lush greenry everywhere, which is so adundant in Kerala,and in a quite surrounding, its really peaceful :)

  23. so finally i am here..I m really sorry for it :|

    about my native place..hmm..i am here itself...i am born and brought up in FBD i dont miss it :P

    about settling down..hmm..yaar hubby pe depend karta hai jo abhi hai nahi :P hehe :)

    but i have seen pic of your new house...looks really peaceful place :)

    take care

    God bless u!

  24. nidhi, oh.. 6 places.. tht must have been hard.. but, even thts fun to have different experiences in each place.. loads of friends too..
    oh.. gud so ur parents r settling down in ur birth place.. tht way u'd get to enjoy tht place a little more atleast till u get married.. I hope u r not married ;)

  25. Jaya, oh.. u didn't come down to Kerala last year.. thts sad.. but, I guess u'll have great plans to compensate for tht this year.. isn't it? :)
    hmm, almost all places in Kerala are like tht.. lush greenery n lots of coconut trees too :)

  26. neetie, welcome welcome back... :)
    oh.. u r a lucky gal.. so, u don't miss ur place hmm.. :)
    sahi hai.. phir aapki shaadi kab hai :P
    hmm.. thanks.. ya, i too love the surroundings of my house.. very peaceful n green surroundings.. :)

  27. Nice thoughts... :)

    But what about your special NY reolution... any success ;)

  28. great post prasad. In fact that is really great that you requested your parents to make that home in your native. i think even they would find that to be their "home" and would be most comfortable there. its also great that you take the time monthly to visit them. that's really great. they are very lucky to have such a great son like you! Now only if they could also have a bahu. ;-)

  29. Hey ...
    two or three i want to say ...
    one ...i am happy to meet a fellow keralite wonder people say i have a soft corner for the mals..because i am one
    two....i love being part of the thrissur pooram
    three...i did and read the lyrics of the father and son song but was unable to listen to it that day ...
    if u can send me link where i could hear it too would be nice
    and finally
    i'm just back to from cochin ....all refreshed and rejuvinated and there is nothing like home ..
    take care and cya


  30. @nkur, thanks... :)
    hmm.. not much success.. still searching.. ;) what abt u???

    Poonam, thanks alot.. yeah true.. my parents do enjoy being there.. Hope my parents too feel the same way ;)
    Infact, am lucky to have them as parents.. :)
    hmm.... I too wish they'll get one soon :D

  31. ash, wow.. another keralite.. gud to know tht.. of late am finding lots of keralites thro' blogs.. some days back it was jaya, and now u.. great to know tht :)
    Thrissur pooram.. hmm.. nothing better than tht.. isn't it :) and we too have our own Thalappoli festival, similar to pooram, in our native... tht too is very good..
    And as for the song, gud so.. u did see my comment.. :D
    The link tht i downloaded from is not available now.. if u want, i can send tht song thro' mails.. do send me a mail.. i'll reply to tht..
    So, u r basically from Cochin?
    hmm. nothing like home :)
    have a nice weekend..

  32. well yes i am not married and tsk tsk they will settle down in my birthplace only when i have married..i mean its still some time before retirement and i have a job already..and its been a lot of regrets..and i am looking forward to 2 new for my job posting and my dad just shifted to a new state..what Fun!!