Thursday, January 26, 2006

lots of update atlast..

First things first....
Wish you all the Indians out there reading this post -

A Happy Republic Day....

Atlast am getting sometime to update my blog :)
Work was hectic for the past few days. Now am in my hometown in Kerala :) Came here for a 4-day break and that explains why I was busy with my work.... had to complete some before I take an off on Friday..

Lots of things to update and write.. but, now that am at home, all that I do is eat lots of gud food, talk to my parents and sleep whenever I want. I can see some ppl getting really jealous thr :P
Anyway, let me recollect abt what I wished to write...
Here r some... would be long I presume.. enjoy reading at ur own pace n time...
  • The release of Rang De Basanti.... Being a great Aamir fan, was looking forward to this movie.
    Wasn't much impressed by his previous movie Mangal Pandey, but this one looks good.
    The music is fabulous and hope the film would also be. Planning to go to tht movie very very soon :)

  • Did you hear? Some of the IIT-ians have formed together a new political party a-la Yuva style in an aim to do good things for the country rather than for personal parties like whats happening currently.
    Check out the following link for more info and lets support that these ppl do achieve what they are trying for..
    Lets support this party- Paritrana , the YUVA....
    Read more here

  • And now for some sports.... from the Australian open...
    For a change there is a new teenage sensation in the men's tennis too this year in the form of Baghdatis :)
    Man this guy is really in his best form beating four seeded players on his way to the finals.... But, hope my fav Roger Federer would be there to see him off :)
    Anyway, best wishes to him.. wouldn't mind a new guy winning and being a real threat for Roger Federer.

    I somehow feel Justin Henin is the women's form of Roger Federer.. :)
    The way she plays the backhand shots reminds me of Federer... Federer plays those shots with ease as if he is playing Table tennis.. and she too is not that far behind..

    The Indians too are not far behind... even if Sania failed our expectations, Leander(in doubles finals n mixed quarters) n Bhupathi(mixed semis and tht too with Hingis... .lucky guy :D) are still there for us to cheer.. All the best for them too...

  • Some of the films seen by me of late..
    Aparna Sen's 15 Park Avenue - We had to chose between Kalyug n this movie and atlast decided to see this one. It was a gud movie and great acting n a nice ending too.. but I liked Mr n Mrs Iyer better than this one...
    I like Rahul Bose in these kinds of movies.. his acting is really gud and as of Konkana, do I have to say anything abt her acting abilities?? she is amazing asusual...

    Home Delivery - Watched this movie last week on TV. Was jus curious to know why ppl are terming it as a terrible movie.. After seeing tht movie, I felt Vivek Oberoi was the terrible part of tht movie.. :)
    Ayesha Takia looked fabulous in the movie and Boman Irani did very well in what he is known for and same to Mahima :P I hope u get wht am saying.. :D

    Incredibles - Wht an incredible movie!!! Late to see this movie.. I know.. nevertheless didn't meant to miss it... Got my own dvd of the movie and watched it..
    I heard the second part of this movie is coming out. Does anyone know abt tht?
    I wish they make as many parts as they could of this movie and still I would watch all those parts.

    As I talk abt this animated movie, I would like to telling you all abt another animation movie - Hanuman which I didn't miss watching in the theatres. Please do watch this esply becos this is an Indian animation movie... and we Indians are not far behind in making such movies..
    This was also very gud esply the small Hanuman.. I liked tht character alot :)

  • Atlast, my cousin bro is getting engaged soon. Next weekend I'll be going to Kochi to attend his engagement. Do you know what a great sacrifice I'm doing... Am gonna miss the Bryan Adam's show next weekend in B'lore to attend this :(
    Watching Bryan Adams show is one of my lifetime ambition.. yes.. pls don't laugh... :)

    Am doing this all for the sake of my cousin bro, cos we both are the only guys on my father's side... there r ten girls n only two guys.
    There used to be a time during our childhood days... when we all get together, We both would be bullied alot... :)) a different situation isn't it..

    Now tht he is getting engaged, all are forcing my parents to look for a gud daughter-in-law for them (heheheeee), but my parents r saying am still a kiddo :((
    Hey Chandu, pv n Ricky.. i know what u guys would write after seeing this.. beware!!! thts all I would say..
Now let me start my blog hopping.. long time since I kept track of most of the blogs... Oh.. guess my mother is calling me to have my dinner.. so, wait till I come back to read ur posts.. :D
Lastly, ifatall someone has actually read this huge post.. A big hug n thanks to them.. :)


  1. I have read your post completely :)and i agree with you on most stuff...lets see

    *I loved baby hanuman..he was so cute.
    *I sure enjoyed 'the incredibles' especially the kiddo's laughter
    *I am with you on Konkonasen and Rahul bose..waiting to catch the movie.
    *The IItians have made an amazing start hope it picks the tempo..b'coz DU politics sucks
    *Havent caught much of tennis lately

    And yes you have been tagged it seems there ur parents would have a neat list of all that u r looking for....shud make their search easier and not otherwise... ;-)

  2. Rang De Basanti.... cool !!!
    Book a ticket for me also :)

    Is Bryan Adams going to perform in a concert. Interesting !

    I wonder why only Sting, Bryan Adams & MJ come to India for concerts.... why not Shania Twain ;-)

  3. Goodie ur at home :D
    Am not much of a Hindi move fan so can't say abt Rang De Basanti but I like Aamir Khan. He looked much better in his younger days though.

    No, never heard abt the story abt IITians and I feel immensely happy with their decision. Kudos to them

    I watched the preview of Incredibles and I liked it and animated movies are so much fun.
    On Bryan Adams, i am able to empathise with you on that * sigh*

  4. make the bed @ ur room ready for us. all set for 'Rang de basanti'. -Yup i read abt IITians party, I wish i too can contribute to the cause in 1 or other way. - am nto watching MEN's tennis dese days ;) - reg 15 park avenue, shabana also did really good job. I will watch Mr & Mrs Iyer on your reco - ayesha takia hmm.. - now comes the imp point, i know u r indireclty suggesting us to talk abt your marriage ahem ;) ok prasad I wont tell THAT secret even to RICKY. don't worry. i shal keep it to myself. promich

  5. oh Go watch Rang De Basanti.u will like it!! just wrote a post abt it!:-)
    N u r missing Bryan Adams!! wow!:(
    but u will enjoy ur cousin's engagement..Bryan Adam phir bhi aayega!the engagement wont happen again, unless ur cousin plans a second marriage r smthg!;-)
    And have fun in my Cochin!!:-D
    TC ,

  6. i read your whole post Prasad!! Seems that you has watched alot of movies!! :-) And a post is not complete without sports. :-P

    The link that you sent regarding the IITians opening their own political party was VERY interesting. Very cool. Let's hope for the best for them!!

    No good movies.. Incredibles is a good one..but otherwise..nothing good. :-(

    Enjoy the time with your parents!!!!

  7. read your post.. long one..gotta go to a class right now.. will comment soon :) and *hugs* to u :) ((it isnt nice not to return back the hugs :) ))

  8. ohh u again at home....enjoy the yummy home cooked food....we saw RDB yday INOX mein...pretty inspiring movie...n yes i did read about Paritrana in TOI...mens final lets c who wins...Mauresmo won the womens final...have to c 15 park avenue...have a nice time at ur cuz's engagement...i guess attending it is more imp than bryan adams show...n hope we all have a blog meet soon....yes yes pras u still a chota sa nanha sa bachaa

  9. felt like a was sittin in front of a tv a seing those headlines

  10. enjoy the wedding of your cousin..gonna miss bryan adms show..its a great sacrifice..

    and ya i heard about IITians..great step..

    didnt watch any movie :|

    u enjoy at kerala and ghar ka khana :)

    and take care

  11. Happy Republic Day!!

    Yea yea, we all know who is getting jealous

    I have only read positive reviews of RDB, whether it is online or @ various blogs. I am so waiting for this movie. All I know is that Aamir is back with a BANG after Mangal Pandey debacle.

    I had not heard about the IIT Party. The idea looks neat.

    Man, I am hooked to Autralian Open. Baghdatis has got such a strong support because Melbourne has the highest number of Greeks outside Greece. By the way, if you go by girlfriends then I am with him coz his girlfriend is HOT. Although, I am a big Fredrer fan but this final should be something to watch out for.

    Girls Singles was the biggest disappointment. Justin chickened out. I think she should have completed the game. Its really a shame.

  12. Bhupati is indeed a lucky guy.

    I am also waiting to watch 15 Park Avenue because Mr and Mrs Iyer is one of my fav. movies of all time. It's a shame that they send Devdas instead of that to Oscars. Rahul Bose is always great and Konkana Sen is hottie. I like her nose ring, so sexy.

    No comments on Home Delivery. I saw hindi version of was really good.

    Sirjee, Bryan Adams did a show in my city just last week and his popularity is so low here that no one even knew about it. I could have easily gone if I had known. This is his hometown so people take him for granted...he he

    I know how much a KIDDO you are. If someone is kiddo then that's me and Chandu...;-) You are toh like our "Bada Bhaiya"...kyun Chandu??

  13. Hi Nidhi, cool.... read the ful post.. good to see tht u too agree with most of these :)
    hmm... the baby hanuman was too cute n i liked the character Dash in Incredibles very much.. very lively kiddo..
    Do check 15 Park Avenue if u like Konkana n Rahul's actings...
    Reg the new political party, i hope they get able support from ppl and they too should hv the right attitude n approach towards it.. lets see..
    hmm.. let me try if I can make the search more simpler for my parents by finding tht one myself ;)

  14. @nkur, yes.. sure.. u r welcome too... :)
    Yeah.. Bryan is going to perform first in Bombay then coming down to B'lore the next day to perform here too..
    I guess the reason why these ppl r only doing the concerts in India is cos they have wide support among the Indian audiences..
    take for eg, most of the Indians who listen to English music would love Bryan Adams... isn't it?

    Jaya, yeah.. am at home and its time for me to go to b'lore tomorrow :( I hate it..
    oh.. u don't watch Hindi movies much? i guess u'd be watching English more..
    yes, Aamir looked cuter in his young age, but still the Rang De Basanti look is also cool :)

    thanks for empathising.. am happy tht there is atleast someone who feels for me :D

  15. Chandu, yeah sure chandu... we shouldn't miss it.. Already lots of gud reviews abt the movie and i can't wait :)
    abt the political party, lets see chandu.. if these guys really prove tht they r working for the ppl, then they'll automatically get our support, isn't it?
    I do know tht u won't watch MEN's tennis... ;) but I did write abt women's tennis too jus for u... didn't u see tht... got u!!!! :P

    Yeah, u should watch Mr n Mrs Iyer.. don't worry drop at my place one day and we can watch it with my CD.. waht do u say?

    Oh no.. phir se shuru!!! :o: and I warn u.. don't ever read Ricky's comments..
    u'll be cut out from the plan to RDB... heheeeee ;)

  16. Divya, hmm read ur post.. saw lots of gud reviews abt RDB and am sooo curious to watch it now.. can't wait anylong.. :)
    Bryan Adams phir bhi aayega.. magar pichle baar bhi aisa hi hua tha.. when he came down to B'lore last time too, i had some other imp work.. and this time too.. why does this happen only with me :((
    sure... i'll have fun @ ur Cochin :D

    Poonam, woww.. thanks alot for reading it with patience :D
    hmm.. true without sports, how can i finish..
    and reg movies, i watch most of it in CDs or DVDs.. or in the TV.. so, not much in theatres.. but, would love to watch RDB in theatres only!!!
    Do check Rang De Basanti cos tht will be surely good..
    thanks.. i did enjoy alot here with my parents and now its time for me to go back :((

  17. Doll, yeah.. long one isn't it.. :)
    sure take ur time to comment.. and thanks alot for returning back what I gave :D

    Mehak, yes.. back again :D
    oh.. lots of ppl already watched RDB.. too bad tht i didn't yet!!!
    Federer will win mens finals for sure.. and yeah saw the women's final.. disappointing end for Henin.. i shouldn't have praised her.. shucks.. :(
    hmm.. i too want to attend my cousin's eng.. but kya karun.. bryan adams ko bahut miss karunga :P
    sure.. am waiting for tht meet..
    heheeee.. so, u do accept tht am a chotu bachaaa.. I hope Chandu n Ricky r reading this too.. Attention Chandu n Ricky...

  18. Suraj, ohh is it!! is this a compliment or disappointment.. ;)

    thanks Neetie.. yeah.. great sacrifice isn't it :D
    didn't watch any movies!! but do watch RDB :)
    and thanks.. am enjoying at home but sad tht tomorrow i've to return back :(
    wish I could turn back time..

  19. Ricky, thanks..
    hmm.. even i've heard only positive reviews everywhere.... and I can't wait to watch RDB.. this week for sure am gonna watch it!!
    yeah.. how I wanted tht to happen... aamir coming back to his usual form :)

    true, the idea of the IITians look genuine but only time can tell how well they do..

    Even am hooked to Aus open like anything.. my mom couldn't believe i got up early today to watch the women's finals and mens doubles finals.. :))
    Women's too was a big big disappointment.. but I felt Henin had a great chance to win before the start of this match..
    Sad to see Leander loosing after winning one set and playing well initially. Lets wish tht atleast Bhupathi wins his mixed doubles finals tomorrow

    Bagdatis is a real hero!!! I watched all his last three matches almost fully and man.. he plays very well.. jus plays all the points with all his ability and jus tires down the opponent.. thts how he has been winning.. great form n a great find...
    but even am a great fan of Federer's tennis playing ability.. and am sure Bagdatis is not going to trouble him much..
    yet, he seems to be a future great tennis legend.. lets hope he learns with experience and doesn't let down his fans...
    and accept whatever u said abt his gf.. even me n my friends were talking abt his girlfriend.. :D lucky guy..

    Do watch 15 Park Avenue.. its a gud one but not as gud as Mr n Mrs Iyer.. Its one of my fav too.. If u like tht movie, i think u'll like this one too.. but don't have great expectations..
    No comments on Home Delivery!!!! thts surprising.. didn't u see Mahima in tht.. she was hotttt and Ayesha was ravishing in tht.. i jus watched for those two.. heheee.. and it was airing in Sahara TV... thts why watched..

    As for Bryan adams, I had written in reply to another comment tht most of the ppl in India do like Bryan Adams..
    am a great fan of Bryan Adams.... u r so lucky to get chances like tht.. but, lets see i'll surely go n watch one of his concerts in future for sure..
    The music likings of Indian ppl r a li'l different. but now things r changing here too.. with lots of hip hop n rap music catching up here very much..

    Ricky.. I hope u missed reading Mehak's comments.. do check tht out..
    and u n chandu r kids!!! comeon... tht too Chandu with his big mush!!! no one would classify him in tht list.. heheeee
    And don't call chandu for any support, i'll make sure he doesn't support him.. cos am threatening to leave him out of our RDB plans this week ;)
    I guess this comment reply to u itself is like a post :)

  20. so your perents are saying u r a kidoo ..... Dont they know of your "Father of Two" status ....
    cypriot did play well , but couldnt get past the fedrer ..... For RDB Thursday night , so we can use manhattan Thursday facility ..... so u r missing Bryan adams show .... dont worry he will keep coming in near future .....

  21. Prasad see my review on rang de basanti in both blogs (hindi, english). I liked this movie. Thats really great news about forming political party.

    Kalyug is also not a bad movie, you can rent it to watch but not with family.

  22. PV, even I donno abt tht status :P
    hmm.. yes Bagdatis did trouble Federer, but couldn't overcome the great Champion.. :)
    hmm... RDB plans, contact chanduji.. :)
    As for Bryan Adams, I hope ur words come true and I hope atleast the next time I'll be able to watch his show live...

  23. Tarun, hmm.. so, another blog friend writing abt RDB review and also terming it as very gud..
    ohh... how badly i want to see this movie now :(
    Will watch Kalyug too.. some ppl said its a gud watch once..
    thanks Tarun.. :)

  24. Hi Prasad,
    Stumbled onto your blog 'coz u claim to be a major Aamir fan,well same pinch! I read your post fully & yes agree, Hanuman is a nice movie.

    Hope u have a nice time at the engagement & enjoy yourself 'coz now it's gonna be u alone in the men's category in the cousin list for sometime! That makes u special doesn't it?

  25. Hi Prasad..
    Thanks for dropping few lines....
    i hope everything is ok and seems like u r having a good time...
    Catch you later

  26. at last i get to read your page .... just kept myself away from blogs to get other things done:D

    Wanted bhagdatis to win man..... i like fedrer but this guy was too cool at the task

    Its been almost 2 years i´ve been home ...kind of envy you that you get visit so often

    yeah ... have fun at the engagment n yet married soon :-P

  27. @nkur, hmm... the best team won the match.. haina?

    Randomthoughts, hey.. welcome to my blog.. and u too an Aamir fan.. thts greattt news.. :)
    btw, saw RDB last weekend.... don't get words to explain how it is..

    Yes, attended the engagement and ur point is absolutely right.. am now the spl one ;) indeed had a great time there pulling all other cousin's legs and getting mine pulled too as am the Most Eligible Bachelor now :D

  28. Prakash, hey man.. welcome back..
    sure.. me having a gud time. and u take care.. bye.. :)

    Anjan, no probs dude.. take ur own time to read the posts :)
    Yes, bagdatis was really cool.. but Federer is in a league of his own. so, beating him would be really really hard..
    thanks.. and what? me n getting married soon??? oh... lets see how soon tht day comes ;)