Tuesday, January 17, 2006

update to my prev post -> here is the song for u..

This is jus an extention to the previous post.. And thanks to Neetie for finding the video of the Daniel Bedingfield song and sending me the link. Here am including that video link for you all who didn't get a chance to listen to tht song.. An amazing song.. one of my fav.. enjoyyy..

Click this link -> Daniel Bedingfield - If you're not the one

Hope you did enjoy this song+video.. Thanks to the site gofish.com who hosted this song. I couldn't use their "blog the song" option to post their video, so had to put their link here. But, giving due credits to them here..

Have been jus a li'l held up due to my work.. so, not getting proper time to blog or blog-hop :( , so.. enjoy the song till am back...


  1. me 1st ;-)

    Thanks prasad for mentioning my name..

    the song is awesome, lyrics, music, voice, video everything is good:)

    thanks for sharing with us..

    nice song :)

    take care

    God bless u !

  2. second.......Daniel Bedingfield ROCKS !!!!

  3. @prasad , maams Im not able to listen to it ....... Now that so many people are saying awesome I want to listen to that song ..... !@#$

  4. Neetie, yeah... a great song altogether.. :)
    am glad lots of ppl here liked it...

    Mehak, hmm.. sure atleast this song of his rocks.. :)

    PV, yeah.... somehow the song wasn't playing today... but rectified it now..
    Do listen and let me know pv.. :)

    To all....
    i've also added the link here so tht if atall it doesn't play, u can use the link to check the song.. :)

  5. good that u added the link i had tried earlier but could not have a dekkho...BTW is a nice song..enjoyed it..

    Take Care

  6. Jaya, yeah.. very cool indeed :D

    Nidhi, hmm... seems they r refreshing the link everyday... so, the video is not appearing now. anyway, now tht i've added the link, u can see tht..
    hmm.. gud to know tht u liked tht song.. :)

  7. Nice song and nice video. Kya baat hain Prasad bhai, bade romantic shomantic gaane sune jaa rahee hain...;-) Lagta hain daal main kuch kaala hain.

    Chandu, keep an eye on Prasad bhai. I am having my doubts that he is cooking something up...;-)

  8. Ricky, arre.. daal mein kuch kaala ho toh woh kaali daal hoga!!! :P
    am cooking some kaali daal.. thts why.. :))
    btw, i love soft n melodious numbers.. so, love songs r always a YES for me.. but tht doesn't mean someone should be in love..
    unfortunately, am still searching.. kya karen :(

  9. it's not playing here.:( my english music gyaan it scanty except for awesum bryan adam's numbers-
    @ricky-yup i told the gal next to his house to keep an eye on him. allmy spies in town are updaing me on what's he cooking everyday latest info suggests dat hez dumping hiw wife & 2 kids to fly to some island with his gf

  10. chandu, yes.. its not playing now.. thts why i added tht link.. u click tht link and check the song..
    btb, u forgot one important word tht i told u..
    am going to not jus some island... but to an exotic island :D, if u remember correctly.. so, don't pass wrong informations :P

    btw, whts up with the gal next door to mine.. when did u see her and ask her to spy me?? something brewing up at ur end too??? ricky check this out.. heheeee..

  11. Couldn't watch it prasu. Demands Macromedia Flash Player. :( Visit back soon. :)

  12. Hi Prasad,

    I love this song:) His sister Natasha Bedingfield has two good songs as well, Unwritten and These words are nice songs as well, they are def talented:)

    Take care:)

  13. i haven't had a chance to see it but i shall check it out. Hope to see you back in the blogworld soon. :)

  14. u r tagged.. visit mah blog for more

  15. Hey good job dude...carry on you seem to be a star blogger...

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  17. guys.. there were some problems with the video.. thts why I had provided the link for the video too.. check the link.. it should work there..

    Shellie,yes i've listened to one song of Natasha sometime back.. let me check those two songs u've mentioned.. thanks :)

    and Ricky, food blog!! wow.. hope to see lots of veggie items thr.. :)