Thursday, February 02, 2006

do u wanna know why India lost...

Am not going to write any analysis abt why India lost the Series against Pakistan.
Would jus like to say it was a pathetic display in the end...
The reason why India lost is here.. take a look at this...

After a fantastic first over hat-trick like this...

Pathan's first-ButtPathan's second-Younis
Pathan's third-Yousuf

the Indians were playing for "whose stump flew more" contest...

Asif's first-SehwagAsif's second-Laxman
Asif's third-Sachin

Obviously, you would have seen who lost in the end....
Not going to add anything..
Images courtesy: cricinfo site

btw, jus a li'l tight at work.. so, my posts n visits would be a bit less frequent :(
Promise to make up for all those soon..


  1. me 1st :)

    i m sorry but i didnt knw ki india lost the series..:|

    i knew hat-trick but didnt knw it

    sad :|

  2. Hey I missed all the action too..been busy myself..

    Thnks for the pics.Two very contrary situations I must say..India has time and again given way after a brilliant start.

    But I still cheer for India..compulsive fan hoon na ;-)

  3. man...we played patheticaly. Half an before Indian inning Razzaq was firing all cylinders and half an hour later we couldn't stand for a day...digusting.
    Well, after reducing them to 39/6 n then allowing 245 is plain CRIME.

  4. Don't even talk about it? What a bad series!! First two matches were crap because of flat pitches and then we lose so badly after they were 36/6.

    Do kal ke chokre made life hell for all of them. What the hell was Ganguly thinking hitting a hook shot? Getting out with that shot after making a start is suicidal. He should be thrown out of the team immediately. What a MORON!! We give him one chance and he blew it.

    I know it will hurt many but Sachin is at the end of his career. He got out in such a pathetic manner. Feel sorry for him because he has given everything for India.

    Only positives to come out of the series for me were Yuvi and Dhoni.

  5. I just have a doubt- if pakistanis can bowl so well in 2nd inings, what Demon does our guys c while bowling in 2nd innings. worst of all 2 specialist openers selected were made bakras..they must b relieved for not getting a chance, otherwise they wud have lost the place by now to none other than prince of kolkata!

  6. cool buddy pictures look very sharp. BTW I tag you right here

    not sure if you can read hindi.

  7. tough loss yaar by India. They didn't play as good as they could have. Neeraj is still very hopeful that they will do in the ODIs. :) Let's see what happens. Don't be down Prasad. :-)

  8. sad ... totally!

    Read a review by gavaskar on how pathetically the indians displayed the willow.
    Not sure if Tendulkar is becoming a liability :-(

  9. Cricket..a BIG no for ME

  10. Great Wickets... worth watching :)

  11. Neetie, hmm.. u didn't know tht India lost the series.. ohh.. it would have been better if u didn't know atall.. isn't it?

    Nidhi, oh.. u didn't miss anything.. everything was worth a miss ;)
    compulsive fan toh hum bhi hai.. magar.. loosing like this makes me loose all the faith tht i have in our team :(

  12. Stone, yeah... even i really donno whats with India... we bowled badly in the second innings and they bowled brilliantly.. and batting was pathetic.. nothing more to say than India deserved to loose..
    And check the first one day-er... how many runs do they need to defend.. i really donno

  13. Ricky, yeah... very forgetful series isn't it..
    All the old players Ganguly, Laxman n even Sachin (I feel bad to tell his name too) should be dropped.. and youngsters should be brought in..
    I feel Sachin might also become a liability.. he has done lots of things for Indian cricket n i jus hope i don't get to see tht day when he too gets dropped...
    Even the y'days century in the one day-er wasn't tht convincing.. lets see..

  14. Chandu, hmm.. even am baffled by tht chandu.. lets jus forget it. :(
    yes, hope that Gambhir n Jaffer atleast get some chances henceforth...

    Tarun, hmm. thanks for the tag yaar :(
    but, as u said i can read hindi but not soo fast n am not a specialist in tht :(
    I can understand and even talk in Hindi.. but read n write I can only do slowly.. so, am sorry yaar... but, i'll surely read this post with the help of my friends atleast.. :)

  15. Poonam, very tough loss indeed.. :(
    hmmm hope Neeraj's thoughts come true in the ODIs.. I jus lost complete hope.. Wish India wins atleast one ODI out of five..
    See even y'day they lost inspite of setting a huge target..

    Anjan, yeah.... Sachin might become a liability soon.. hope tht day doesn't come.. cos can't see such a great person gets dropped from the team.. he should make way for the youngsters when he starts feeling tht he is no more gud.. lets see..

  16. Mehak, sorry :(
    wish Cricket were a BIG BIG NO for me too.. but it'll never happen..

    @nkur, hmm.... great wickets.. esply the Youhana bowled and all three Asif's wickets were greatttt.. amazing talent this new guy has got..
    Hey.. so what r ur predictions for the one dayers.. 5-0 in fav of Paks isn't it? :))

  17. Jaya, gud tht u r not a cricket fan or else u'll also be like us.. always talking n blaming why ppl dind't play ;)