Thursday, February 23, 2006

jus some movie talks...

jus a bit lazy to post :(

This weekend am going to Chennai with my roommates to meet our friends thr... so, hoping to have a nice time thr..
Apart from this, nothing much happening.. I wish to go home again.. but won't be going till next monthend :(

Watched some more movies in TV..
"The Shawshank Redemption" - And what a great movie it was... My friend forced me to watch this one and am thankful for him...

We also bought the cd of "You've got mail" which is one of the best romantic movies ever made.. isn't it? Am saying one of the cos I regard "Notting Hill" in this category too :)

And one more movie I saw was "Bicentennial man" - The movie in which Robbin Williams is a robot and slowly tries to become a human. I found this movie to be nice to watch.. and I always admire Robin Williams, ever since I saw his "Patch Adams" movie, a great great movie....

When it comes to English movies, am a great fan of Julia Roberts.. and I've got almost all her greatest movie hits in CDs or DVDs..
Notting Hill, My best friend's wedding, Pretty Woman, Erin Brokovich are some of my fav of Julia Roberts..
I also like Tom Hanks alot for his acting.. esply in Forrest Gump, Cast Away, You've got mail, Saving Private Ryan.., etc..

Anyone seen the movie - "Sleepless in Seattle"?
And what abt "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset". My friend was saying that this one is a great one to watch. And there is one more movie in which the hero is blind and falls in love with a lady.. i forgot the name... it was a lovely movie and great acting... watched it longgg back.. Haaa.. got it... a li'l search in google helped me.. Its Val Kilmer's "At First Sight" :)
Do tell me some of the classic movies in English of these kinds... I would love to watch movies like these and add to my collection. So, do add ur suggestions too.. :)


  1. well we too love all the movies u have mentioned....but our collection is not that good....increasing at a slow pace...last movie we saw is THE STATION AGENT

  2. hmmm.... not an english movie buff!! so probably have seen only a few of'em (( i really dont remember the names of movies i saw.. lol)) but notting hill n pretty woman were cool.. last movie that i LIKE was the terminal.. saw it a few days back on star movies.. i also saw catch me if u can.... pretty boring... aviator was gud.. hitch was super cool.. probably thats all remember :D

  3. If you haven't seen 'Life is beautiful' yet then go for it. Even though it's italian movie but believe me you will not regret, motor cycle diary is also fun to watch (I think it's in spanish).
    Sashank Rede....I saw long time back and I simply loved that movie...Jail break sequence was great and the planning to do same...You can aslo check Men of honor, tome cruise's Firm and so many man.....

    BTW please update my link it's now OR (for lonely planet)

  4. "You've Got Mail" is one of my favorite movie too !

    Julia Roberts is also a good actress... :)

    Havn't seen other movies !

  5. Maams , sleepless in seatlle is a good slow romantic ... I liked it ... Patch Adams is one the best movies I have seen (Thanks for reminding me) ... even though people link Munna Bhai and patch adams , Patch Adams is class apart .....

    Julia Roberts ... !@#$%&* I like her appearance in Conspiracy Theory with Mel ,

    Its getting so tight that my last movie is still stuck at RDB , so plan for one after u r back frm Chennai

  6. Hello Lazy Man,

    I have seen You've Got Mail and its one of my fav. romantic movies too although Noting Hill is my ultimate fav of all times.

    Bicentennial Man was a big flop out here, so never got the chance to see it. I love Robin Williams too. I can recommend you one of the clasics of Robin, Good Will Hunting. It came out in 1997 and it's just awesome movie. It has my other fav. actor Matt Damn with Ben Affleck too. Infact, Matt Damn and Ben Affleck wrote the story and got Oscar for that. Another of Robin's creepy movie is One Hour Photo. It has Robin in a very different negative shade.

  7. Julia Roberts is my fav. actress too. I have seen all the movies you have mentioned here. I would recommend her new movie, Closer with Jude Law. It must have come on DVD by now. It's awesome adult love story (I hope you are 18+ though, so keep Chandu out when watching it...he he)

    Bhai, mere aur tere choice is so same. Tom Hanks, my ultimate actor of all times. Have you seen Green Mile, The Terminal and Apollo 13. Do check them out. Bas, aaj ke liye itna hee.

  8. Would recommend 'sleepless in seattle' and have recently seen 'before sunset'...i liked the latter a lot..dunno wether you would like it..conversations mainly but very real and very nice..

    And i loved the movie'the truman show' i do not like Jim carey waise :P

    Okay now off to studies :P :P ;)

    Take care and enjoy !!

  9. Hi Prasad,

    Another movie that I think you would like is "scent of a woman".
    Awesome acting my Al Pacino.

  10. i love u've got mail.............tooo gooooooood so much that my flatmates knows the dialogues by heart ,,,wonder how many times she has seen that now ..........

    bucentennial man too is a good movie .......especially the last scene of reunion ....i like that part ..........

    have a nice time with ur friends

  11. Hey.. followed up through DJ's blog. While I totally concur with the listings that you have quoted, I would strongly recommend a few others too - "Sweet November" with Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, "A Walk to Remember" and since u don't seem to have any problems with watching a slow intense Romance you may also want to watch "The Bridges of Madison County" - Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. If you are a fan of Robin, "Good Will Hunting" is a must see. And over and above of all of this, do not forget to watch "SeaBiscuit" - in my words, its a crime to miss out on such a wonderful movie! Cheers..

  12. I watch many movies but very quickly will forget the movie names :) other than for classic ones. I remember that movie about the blind guy falling for a lady ...yeah the movie name was "At First Sight".It was a good one.

    You've got mail is lovely movie. I like Meg Ryan personality.

    Some movies I loved are:
    1. Miss Congeniality ( sandra bullock, I had a good laugh and was so entertaining...sequel is out too )

    2. A few good Men ( Tom Cruise, Demi Moore etc..worth a watch, great acting )

    3. Men of Honour ( Robert De Niro, I needed 2 box of tissue paper for that :p, its a true story and amazing movie, loved it )
    Hmm, cant remember more..once it clicks, will let ya more

  13. Wow! Your list of fav hollywood movies is almost the same as mine. But unfortuntely havent been abel to see Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption..have heard rave reviews though! Also, I abs love Notting hill and Youve Got Mail..and have also seen Sleepless in Seattle. If you liked the first two, you will definitely llike Sleepless in Seattle. Waise speaking of Tom Hanks- have ya seen The Terminal? Heart tugging movie yet very funny! and i cannot wait for the next Tom hanks starrer The Da Vinci Code!!!

    Have fun in Chennai!

    Another movie that I would like to recommend to you is My Fair Lady. its quite old but I think you will like it :)

  14. Wah! So many movies Prasad. :-) Enjoy your time in Chennai!!! Sounds like a fun time!!! I have only seen a very limited amt. of movies that you had mentioned..but have heard all of the names. :-)

  15. all are english movie...and i dont watch more :) so cant say :)

  16. add Behind enemy lines, Enemy @ the gates.."saving private ryan" (which i am due to complete). all war-based. & ofocurse the classical RAMBO!i seldom watch romantice english movies, i prefer sci-fi / reality bites / action kind :)i guess u had a nice time @ chennai

  17. "My Best friend's wedding" and "scent of a woman" are two of my all time favourites. "Rainman" is also a movie that touched me!

    Welcome to Chennai! Till how long will you be here?



  18. I gotta watch more movies. I am so not a movie person. Though, I must say 'you've got mail' and 'notting hill' were awesome. And so was Forrest Gump. Julia Roberts is probably one of the best actresses in H'wood.

  19. Hey all.. am back..
    Thanks for the response...
    sorry couldn't reply to all ur comments.. will do it now :)

    Mehaknthaughts, hmm.. u like these movies too? gud... and the collection is growing at a rapid pace here ;)

  20. Kishley, hmm.. even i've to watch the Terminal.. Oh.. u didn't like Catch me if u can? I felt it was nice.. and yeah the others u mentioned too were gud.. :)

    Tarun, yeah.. "Life is beautiful" is an amazing movie.. have seen it twice or thrice.. thanks for reminding me tht.. i had almost forgotten it..
    Yeah.. the jail break in Shashawnk redemption was too gud..
    hmm... thanks for ur recommendations, will surely watch those.. :)
    and I've updated my blogroll link too :)

  21. @nkur, yeahh... most of us love this movie :)

    PV, hmm.. sleepless in seattle is in my to-watch list :)
    Yeah, Patch Adams is too gud a movie.. I cannot forget tht one even today..
    Hmm.. seems u don't like Julia Roberts?? her acting n personality is class apart maams..

    And, am waiting for the next movie plans pv... what happened to tht???

  22. Ricky, helloji...
    Yeah, Notting Hill is too gud.... isn't it?
    Hmm, i did read reviews of Bicentennial man after seeing tht.. and came to know tht was a flop.. Yeah, have heard of tht movie Good Will Hunting.. will surely add it into my to-watch list ;)

    Hmm.. u like Julia Roberts too? thts nice.. Oh.. I haven't seen tht movie. Will check out for sure... and yeahhh.. am very much 18+ and hmm.. won't tell Chandu abt this too ;)

    Yes, I've seen Green Mile but not the other two.. Will check out for sure. and thanks for recommending those movies.. :)

  23. Nidhi, hmm.. will watch Sleepless in seattle very soon :)
    Yeah.. i like watching movies with conversations too.. and my friend told me tht its a great movie.. will surely catch tht one too...
    I like Jim Carey in some movies like Mask....
    hmm.. exams r over now i suppose.. right? :)
    now its time to enjoyyy..

    Shanti, oh.. haven't seen "scent of a woman".. will see tht one.. btb, thanks for dropping by my blog. but, am unable to see ur blog.. pls do mention ur url.. :)

  24. Ash, hmm.. everyone seems to like tht movie :)
    yeah.. Bicentennial man was gud.. but unfortunately tht didn't do well..
    hmm.. am back from chennai and did have a great time.. thanks :)

    Praveen, welcome to my blog :)
    Wowwww... ur movie recommendations are nice.. I must watch all these for sure.. Will add to my to-watch list :) thanks..

  25. Jaya, ohh.. u forgot the movie names? hmm.. i too sometimes do forget.. but not my favorites :)
    Yeah, "At first sight" was nice to watch..

    Hmmm... Meg Ryan was too gud in "You've got mail".. very chirpy.. isn't it?
    A few good men- yes.. have got my friend's cd.. but got to watch it.
    Men of Honor - hven't seen.. will add it to my to-watch list :)

    Kaush, thts nice to hear.. :)
    U've got to watch Forrest Gump.. pls do watch it.. and shawshank redemption is also a very gud movie..
    Hmm.. will watch Sleepless in seattle.. and am also waiting for the Da vinci code :)
    waise i've to watch The Terminal... everyone r praising this one too..
    My fair lady? never heard of this one.. let me check tht one too..
    thnks for the movie list :)

  26. Poonam, yeah.. :) thts the only passtime for me here in b'lore..
    hmm.. i had great fun @ chennai with all my college friends..

    Neetie, hmm.. i expected this comment from u ;) no probs...

    Chandu, yeah.. have watched all those war movies u've mentioned.. but i prefer slow, romantic, comedy or some very gud different kind of movies like Shawshank redemption.. :)
    Yeah.. i had absolutely great time in Chennai.. and now back to the routine work :(

  27. Rashmi, Scent of a woman? hmm.. seems lots of ppl like this too.. will add this one to my to-watch list.. thanks :)
    Rainman - haven't heard of this.. let me check..
    hmm.. thanks.. I was in Chennai only for a couple of days during the weekend... and am now back to Bangalore.. Came thr jus to see my college friends and enjoy with them.. and we all did have a nice time :)

    Moonstruck, hmmm... lots of ppl love those two movies... Yeah.. certainly Julia Roberts is one of the best actresses in Hollywood.. :)

  28. thanx prasad for the site.still i couldn't find it from there.

  29. Sleepless in Seattle is one of my all-time favs...


  30. where have u been for soooo long? i saw more movies :) ocean's eleven- cool, along came polly- cute, underworld evolution- scary, fun with dick and jane - ok ok, wedding crashers- better than ok, but not too gud :)

  31. the sunrise-sunset series is a lovely one.... the deep conversations are powerful.... i would strong suggest you this movie ..."hotel rwanda"... knowing you from what you are from this page, im sure u´d like it !!!
    happy watching :)

  32. This has become a nice collection of movies :) and made a list to see myself.
    I liked the movie " In America"- Drama,touching, family based one. U may like it

  33. Itni saari Angreji movies? :O) Kaash hum bhi thodey se padhey likhey hotey to hum bhi Julia-Vulia ki movie aatey. *sigh* Hum to babuva apne ilahabaadi babu ki pikture dekh kar hee khus hovat hain. :p

    BTW how did your Chennai trip go on??

  34. Add "The Notebook" to your collection! It spoke great volumes. The movie is based on a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. He's making millions whimpering off hopeless romantics like myself...
    Hope you're having a blast in Madras!:)

  35. Redji, i know u got the file now :)

    Keshi, welcome to my blog.. :)
    and am looking forward to watch Sleepless in seattle..

  36. Kishley, was jus taking a mini break :)
    hmm.. seems u r going on a movie watching spree.. enjoyyy :)
    Even i watched Fun with dick n jane..

    Anjan, yeah.. am gonna watch tth one for sure..
    hmm.. will note the Hotel Rwanda too.. yeah.. i'll watch and let you know how it was :)

  37. Jaya, yeah.. even am planning to prepare a list and put it in my blog :)
    Oh.. another one.. will note it down too :)

    Fundooo, welcome back!!!!
    hmm.. aap toh ab korean movies dekhna shuru kardiya hoga.. haina?? ;)

  38. Dilakshana, nice to see u back :)
    Hmm.. sure, i'll add tht one too..
    yes, had a great time in Madras with my friends.. went there only for a couple of days.. but had a great time.. :)

  39. Welcome back Prasad. Un4nately, though eye luv 2 watch eng movies, eye dont get good movie-partners 2 go vid. Kya kare?? Will watch these sooon.

  40. that movie is called after the sunset .. starring pierce brosnan and salma hayek..
    but its not a romantic movie.. its brillant though..
    watch it.