Friday, February 10, 2006

taggie time atlast...

Completing the tag atlast...
Tagged by Doll, Neetie and Chandu...

The tag is: coming up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

I don't have any big expectations... my perfect gal should jus have...
  1. The eyes of Aishwarya Rai
  2. The lips of Angelina Jolie
  3. The smile of Jennifer Aniston/ Juhi Chawla
  4. The figure of Salma Hayek
  5. The personality of Julia Roberts
  6. The chirpiness of Kajol
  7. The voice of Lata Mangeshkar
  8. Last but not the least... the love and compassion for fellow human beings shown by Mother Teresa

Easy to get a gal like this isn't it :P

Ok, to be serious, all tht I want is a gal who is caring; sharing; understanding family values; even if she is modern, shouldn't lose the traditional touch; giving the necessary space when needed and at the same time the support when needed.. and she is sure to get all these from me too.. :D

As far as I remember, almost all of my blogmates have taken up this tag. If atall anyone hasn't taken it, u can go ahead and take it :)

So, ready for tomorrows second ODI? lets see what happens this time..


  1. goood..what else left you would need :P

    ok..yeah we all want a partner who can understand us..can share and care..good :)

    all the best for your search :)

  2. nice way of putting man, btw I also tagged you for the same thing.

    Now I have my own domain, check this
    and update your link.

    I am also planning to watch today's odi.

  3. Superb 8 Points....neways moi best wishes to the father of TWO who calls himself the most eligible bachelor

  4. Finally the list is out!!

    Accha toh you have two not so very possible..and the other is reasonable enough..

    All the best for your search..and i personally think that your dream companion is not that unreal :) :)

    Best of luck !

  5. I guess none so wrote so simply abt simple demands for this tag! my god.. angelina hayek.. man u got all the hot gals on d list ;)ok .. hmm u ended it well. Now go get your # 3.. dear husband of 2 & father of none ;) maams u forgto to add " she shud know how to prepare sphagetti " ;)

  6. You "just" want these qualities. I like your list too. Can we share? I can take No. 1, 2, 4, 5 and you take the rest. Ok, DEAL!!

    Good one by the way and yea I will be watching the second ODI very reluctantly...:-|

  7. arre prasad bhai ... agar apun painter ya grafic designer hota to kasam se ye ladki tereko banadeta :))

  8. Thats a cool list.. The BEST of the everything :D

    Salma Hayek , Julia Roberts n Kajol - like all of them..
    And Mother Teresa ,really dont want to compare her to anything...wonderful human being.

    I hope u get her very soon ;) and not very demanding list..

  9. Seems you are looking for perfection... ;)
    Anyway, good luck....

    India will surely win todays' match... :))

  10. Aww! Another perfect Indian gal in demand, eh? Well, I have outdone my orders for ladies from Mars (last one went to Ricky!). Hehe!
    Seriously though, I hope you find her soon.
    And we won the 2nd ODI! 3 Cheers for Men in Blue!!!

  11. he he he.. u and ur cricket.. it bores me as hell... yaaaawwwnnn... dont mind.. even my bros are crazy abt cricket n that too with PAKISTAN!!! oh so wats the big deal.. anyways, good qualities.. if a gal like that exists then she'll be the drream gal of every other guy in the world :D...

  12. Neetie, yes.. what else do I need ;)
    thanks neetie... :)

    Tarun, ohh.. sorry yaar. didn't know tht :(
    Thts cool.. new domain... wow.. will update my link... :)
    hmm.. India won the second.. now third one going on..

  13. Mehak, thanks.. :D
    father of two??? :(( u too :((

    Nidhi, yes.. the big list is out :P
    yeah.. two lists for a change... :)
    so... atleast u feel its not unreal :D

  14. Chandu, hehee.. very simple demands isn't it chandu?
    and yeah.. sphagetti.. how can i forget tht! thanks for reminding me abt tht :D

    Ricky, yeah.. jus simple ones.. isn't it :D
    ohh.. we r not playing Deal ya No Deal (I hope u know abt this show being aired in Zee TV)..

    Ricky.. lets see whose predictions come true in the third ODI :D
    u say pak will score around 280 n me - 270
    lets see..

  15. Anjan, thanks alot.. aapko itna takleef uthane nahi padega :D
    but, nice idea.. let see if i can get hold of a painter here.. atleast i can see how she'll look with all these qualities :P

    Jaya, yeah... very gud list.. isn't it? and very simple too :D
    and Mother Teresa.. no words for her.. I jus love her like anything..

    Uma, ohh.. i jus couldn't avoid Mother Teresa cos she is one of the most influential persons in my life..

  16. @nkur, atleast there is no one to stop me from dreaming of such one.. isn't it??? :D
    lets see.. second ODI is over and now third ODI is going on..
    hope we can win this one too :)

  17. Moonstruck, ohhh... gosh... its over!!! can u get one more for me pls? :D
    hmm.. thanks..
    Yeah.. great to see India winning the second one.. lets hope they win todays match too :)

    Doll, oh. u can't say like tht.. cricket is like a religion here.. worshipped by almost everyone ;)
    what?? dreamgal of all the guys :o: noooo.. she is only my dream gal :P

  18. wow that is one heck of a perfect lover u need!!!!!
    ya can't blame u as u were asked to write about ur perfect lover...........