Tuesday, February 07, 2006

updates... RDB and Kochi trip...

Atlast... saw Rang De Basanti on Friday evening with my friends.
A Big Thanks to Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, ARR, Aamir and all the actors and technicians behind this movie... They all have done a great greatt greattt job.. I was lost in the movie even after hours of seeing it and my friends had to literally pull me out of tht mood... :)
A must-see movie... I don't have words to say how it was... I don't want to rate it or review it with any other movies. I won't say its the best movie i've seen but considering the type of movies that come out nowadays, its certainly the best one..

The scene - Atul Kulkarni's recital of “Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna” was simply amazing... brought tears in my eyes and goosebumps too.. You'll notice quite a few scenes like tht.. Please do watch it without fail.... Thats all I would say...
Picture courtesy - Chandu's blog :)

Then, as I had written in one of my previous posts, I had been to Kochi for my cousin's engagement and came back to Bangalore today morning.
I had a wonderful time there with many of my cousins, relatives and their kids...
Its been quite sometime since we all had such family gathering and we were jus pulling each others legs.. and ofcourse my cousin-bro was at the receiving end most of the time, as it was his engagement... We even discussed and named their kid.. :)) Heights of our imaginations....
Now, only four of us remain in the unmarried category in our cousins gang.. and am the only guy.. So, tht makes me the Most Eligible Bachelor in our family... :D

These are the updates from my side.. Now, let me get back to my work... :)
I know I still have a tag post pending.. tht'll be my next one soon..


  1. maams, u didn't thank me for buyingt he tickets early :B * i make sure none owes me buhaha* hehe just kidding. I knwo i owe u 2 kgs of thanks in d past. I thin i need not write a review now, coz u have put whateveer i thot of writng on moi blog. * nice escape u c!* but ture the movie make u think & make u lost itnthe thot. my another pick is the dialgue by aamir in the climax.. goora/...

  2. ohh even we loved the movie...expect for the end...oye hoye most eligible bachelor....

  3. Lots of plp saying all good things abt this movie, will make it a must-see movie :)
    So ur the next one..good. Find for a gal soon.. worried me since dad with 2 kids and no wife as yet, ROTFL...kidding kidding :) :)
    new post up, dont know y u cant see :(

  4. Greatest movie !
    Songs are too good... have been listening for the last two day... non-stop :)

  5. @jaya- u got a valid point here.. maams.. Father of two Husband of none! :P fine one soon

  6. Atlast, a post from you. I have not heard a single person who thought the movie was bad. I am a big Aamir fan and except for Mangal Pandey have liked almost all his movies. Recently, I watched the "Making of RDB" and I so so so wanna watch this movie. The guy who plays Aslam looked pretty good in the scenes that I saw.

    I have heard a lot about the Atul Kulkarni's redintion of "Sarfaroshi...".

    So, Mr. Eligible Bachleor, you and me are in same category now. Post your tag so that we can try finding a suitable match for you...;-)

  7. I know he is the only eligible bachelor with 2 kids (or 2 hubbies, I am still confused). Let's find one for him soon, nahin toh log kya kahenge

  8. Chandu maharajjj, no.. i won't thank u atall.. why should I? Its ur duty to do these things for ur friends. isn't it? :P
    hmm.. u r always finding some reason or the other for not blogging.. chalo we all demand a review from u too..
    ya.. tht climax dialogue was funny... n very gud... :)

    Mehak, hmm... everyone seems to love this movie like anything.. :)
    haanji... the most eligible bachelor.. haina?? ;)

  9. Jaya, yes.. u should see this movie even if u r not a great hindi movie fan..
    no, am not the next one.. have a couple of my cousin sisters before me.. but among guys, am the eligible one now :D
    and jaya, u toooooooooo.... :(
    mummmyyyyyyyy noooooooo... :((

    @nkur, yes... a fantastic movie... atlast ARR is back to his usual form.. isn't it? :)

  10. Chandu, arre.... phir se shuru!!! maams... i don't need free publicity maams... u guys have helped me alot by advertising abt these.. am really grateful to u n ricky :P

  11. oye Ricky, i know u guys like me alot.. always advertising for me whenever u get a chance :P
    don't worry, i'll get a gud mother for my kids for sure.. :D

    As for RDB, u should watch it and tell me.. am sure u'd like it for sure... Even am a great Aamir fan.. but apart from Mangal Pandey, i didn't like his another film Mela.. tht was a crappy film than Mangal pandey.. atleast Mangal pandey was bearable...

    Yes Ricky... now we both r sailing in the same boat.. lets get it to the shore by finding a right anchor for us :D

  12. Uhoh, i didnt find the film all that great...and family gatherings, aah always fun!

  13. Prasad, its best to find 4 a sweet gal & end all these controversies :)

  14. @prasad & ricky- a note- ANCHORS r heavy, projected sideways, rusty, quick-fading,plumpy things which u can't carry all the times & stops u from moving ahead ( in life)..lol

  15. DJ, u r the first person am encountering to say tht the film is not tht good... :(
    anyway, opinions n views differ from person to person.. so, not surprising...
    yeah.. family gatherings r always fun esply when u've lots of ppl in ur age too :D

  16. Jaya, hmm.. even i wish to do tht... am looking out for tht sweet gal now..
    All the sweet gals out thr... wait for me.. am on my way to catch u :D
    Jaya, u too let me know if u find any sweet gal thr.. ;)

    Chandu, wow... such a nice definition for an Anchor.. :))
    kya chandu koi experience???
    Ricky, don't u smell something fishy here??

  17. Don't worry Chandu, what you thinK is a rope (flexible, slim, non-rusty, easy to have fun with) is an ANCHOR in disguise....BUHAHAAAAAAA!!

  18. RDB rocks, but looses fizz when ppl compare it to DCH or Swades or Yuva.
    RDB is in its own league, different storyline, new refeshing faces, fantastic background music. In all nice package.
    Pehla one-day to gaya haath sey, more than loss team morale low ho gaya hoga :-(
    my guess 4-1 pakis, wat do u say?

  19. RDB is rocking! Very very few movies have a lingering effect.
    Family gathering sounds so good. They definitely have got to be one of the most looked-forward to events. G'luck for finding 'the one'.
    Cheerio for now.

  20. Ricky n Chandu, both of u thinking too much i guess :P
    slow down guys... :)

    Stone, yes... RDB simply rocks :) no comparison with other movies should be done.. and I don't see any part which shouldn't be appreciated.. i mean acting, photography, music, direction, script.. everything is perfect..

    Oh.. the first one day was disappointing.. first we should have one genuine fast bowler.. only then we'd be able to make some impact...
    I'd say it'll be a clean 5-0 for Paks...
    It can be 4-1 too, if the paks rest lots of gud players in the last 2 ODIs :)), then we can win atleast 1 i guess..

  21. Moonstruck, yes.. RDB had tht lingering effect for me too.. my friends literally had to pull me out of tht mood :)
    Thanks.. am sure with all of ur blessings, i'd find my one very soon ;)

  22. prasad- it's called "heights of imagination" some even call MADness. soem call it Crazy! :p

  23. havent seen RDB yet :( .... Im waiting for someone to share it up on DC++ so that i can download :D
    I like that kunal kapoor man .... he is a very good actor!

    And when is our eligible bachelor losing his bachelorism? ;)

  24. Hi Prasad.
    Cant comment on the movie ...u know why....
    but last standing man...( Bachelor)..wow....when is he going to get trapped then....

  25. Seen the movie but wont post m comments here or else my next post will appear on your comment box..he he hee :))

    Acchi movie hai, and u the MOST eligible bachelor...wow!! Arre toh phir jaldi se kisse ko patao na. ;) :P

    Kochi, I have never been to Kochi, :(

  26. Anjan, yes.. do watch it soon..
    hmm.. Kunal is a gud actor.. he jus played his role to perfection.. for tht matter, everyone in the movie did :)

    If you are expecting me loosing my bachelorism soon, then let me tell u.. no way!!!
    some more years to go.. am still a kiddo u know ;)

  27. Prakash, nice to see u back man.. and reg me getting trapped... am very much cautious abt it.. let me enjoy the freedom for some more years.. :D

  28. Nidhi, ok ji... sure... waiting to read ur post reg tht :)

    arre itni bhi jaldi kya hai.. let me enjoy it for some more years :))

    have u been to Kerala anytime? do visit... am sure u'll enjoy it..

    Hello redji.... :)

  29. Ya... AR Rehman has created magic!

  30. u went to cochin.......wow!! how i wish i am there too .my cochin dont worry i'll be there soon