Tuesday, February 14, 2006

whats in a day..

Today being Valentine's Day, let me begin by wishing you all "A Happy Valentine's Day". As I stated in the last years post on the same day, I don't know why the habit of celebrating a day for lovers come into existence when ppl in love feel that all those days being together or even thinking abt the ones they love are special for them. Anyway, since its being followed for a long time, am not going to say that its of no use. Enjoy your day with ur love, ur friends and ur family... :)

Couple of days back I happened to listen to a song in Radio City FM. This one sung by Alka Yagnik called "Saare sapne...". A fantastic song which I used to listen frequently when this album got released but afterwards jus forgot abt it. That day I noted down the song and downloaded it from the web..
Since I listen to lots of songs, I have a habit of noting down songs that I like, in my mobie as a draft message and as soon as I sit infront of the computer, download all those songs..
Here is a small list of songs that I downloaded recently and which I liked alot.. do listen to these..
  1. Alka Yagnik's Saare Sapne kahin kho gaye....
  2. Babul Supriyo's Kucch Aisa Lagta Hai.... from the album Kucch Aisa Lagta Hai. I saw this song in MTV and liked it instantly.
  3. Tere Liye.... - From the same Babul Supriyo's album, another cool song..
  4. Shaan's Gum Sum Ho Kyun... - from Tanha Dil album
  5. Martina McBride's Valentine. Thanks to Jaya for pointing to such a nice song. I liked the lyrics of this song on seeing it in Jaya's blog and downloaded. The music of this song also impressed me.. jus simple piano..
  6. Looking for Shania Twain's "What made you say that" song. A great song and nice lyrics too.. but couldn't get the downloadable version :( Does anyone have this song?

Now for another favourite topic... cricket..
I went home a bit earlier y'day to watch the final overs and was right on time to watch Dhoni's innings.. Great to see our guys going 2-1 up....
Sachin, Yuvraj and Dhoni were jus amazing..
After the match got over, I watched the straight drive show conducted by Sanjay Manjrekar in Ten Sports. In that, Nasser Hussain said one thing which I liked very much...
Nasser Hussain said something like this... After watching this innings by Sachin, all those ppl who talked nonsense abt Sachin after Karachi test match should find a big hole and jump into that :))
Lets see what comes of the next two matches...


  1. Dhoni really washed those guys with a 'blast' detergent. Let's see the outcome to next 2 matches. BTW happy V-day.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, Brother!! I don't think most people even know the real history behind V-day and it has just become a day to celebrate love among couples.

    The only song I have heard among these is "Gum sum ho kyun..." I need to update my MP3 list too pretty soon. Thanx for suggestions!!

    You are lucky to see Dhoni's innings and I was glad to see Musharaf also impressed by him and his hairstyle..he he. This is a difference between great player like Sachin and good player like Ganguly. I don't think I need to say more but Sachin will always remain the best...:-)

  3. "Sar sapne kahin kho gaye" is one of the beautiful renditions,Infact all the songs in that album are beautiful.

  4. Hmm........now you have reminded me of some very nice memories too.

    'Tum Yaad aaye' the album itself is my favourite..though i have not listened to it lately for reasons..

    And another of my fav from my school days and days of crushes include..'Woh pehli baar', from Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi..and another i like to listen to is..'Ek din aap yun humko mil jayenge..' dont remember the movie, SRK and Juhi Chawla.

    And one more...sworrie :P..is Shubha Mudgal's 'Seekho Na..nainon ke bhasha piya...'.

    Ahem, abhi ke liye bas.

    I love to listening and singing aloud to one more naughty one..Bryan Adams, 'I wanna be ur _____ ' :P :))

    Dhoni is AMAZING !! ;)And i like that he is unconventional ..its more 'Stylish':)
    Sachin is ___ lack of words here !!

  5. interesting that ankur hasn't commented yet.. he's a big shania twain fan.. he must have the song that you are looking for.

  6. Hi ya
    Thanks for mentioning my name, I liked the song very much.
    I have been listening to this song rite from my school days..it brings bac a lot of memories, Glad u liked it :)

  7. which site did u download'saare sapne' from?

  8. well said .. everyday is a v-day for one who r in true love.Oh i got a tip form the Prez of AM (absent-midned)association> now next time i shall use my mobile to note thinsg to search/download.i donno abt rest bust shaan's "gum sum ho kyun" is good so does bryan dams" have u ever realy loved a women" .. isn't it?

  9. Jaya, yeah.. u get the gold for being first :)

    Tarun, haha... thts a gud way of saying it.. yes, now waiting for the next two matches.. lets hope India wins the ODI series.. :)
    thanks for the V-day wishes... wish u the same.. hope u had a nice time..

  10. Ricky, thanks Ricky bhai... wish you the very same.. I guess its still v-day thr.. :)

    sure.. u r welcome.. these songs r very gud.. if u want, i can send u these songs.. :)

    hmm... I was lucky to watch his innings live.. it was amazing..
    Yes, Sachin is always the best... no comparisons for him.. n no more nonsense talks abt him too :D

  11. Alapana, yes... that song is a greatttt song.. i missed it for soo many days and thanks to Radio city, now i've got tht one :)
    I didn't get a chance to listen to the other tracks in the album..

  12. Nidhi, oh.. so here is a second person appreciating the whole album.. so, i must listen to all the tracks then.. :)

    yeah.. pyar mein kabhi kabhi had some wonderful songs.. i like the song "Dil se mere door na jaana.." song in tht movie very much..
    Yes.. tht "ek din" song is my fav too.. its from the film Yes Boss :)
    no probs.. i like to talk abt music 24hrs :)

    u naughty gal.. u listen to tht Bryan Adams song??? :P

    Hmm.. Dhoni is simply amazingggg... yeahh.. very much unorthodox but still very effective.. :)

  13. Poonam, ohh.. is he? even am a fan of Shania Twain.. like most of her songs.. then i should ask Ankur abt this song
    thanks for the pointer.. :)

    Jaya, no probs..:)
    even i liked it very much... but never heard of this song before u mentioned it.. my collection is growing now :)

  14. Red, i downloaded it from cooltoad.com site.. jus search for "saare sapne" in tht music search box.. u'll get it :)
    if not, jus drop a comment here, i'll mail u the song..

    chandu, hmm.. so, u mean for u, everyday is a v-day isn't it?? :P
    yeah yeah... sure.. try tht technique.. its very gud.. store the things in ur mobile... cos thts the one u have with u always.. :)
    yes.. Bryan Adams anytime anyday will be gud yaar..

  15. "I don't know why the habit of celebrating a day for lovers come into existence when ppl in love feel that all those days being together or even thinking abt the ones they love are special for them."

    u echo my thoughts here
    but it can be explained like the thing of going to a place of worship when god is omnisient or the breathing exercise when that's what we do unknowingly all the time to live .....
    somebody said these it is not my brains that made that comment though

    anyways .........
    happy valentines day da

  16. VDAY has not much significance in moi life..i fall in love 365x24x7.....with the same person ofcourse....i just loooove shania twain n its my wish to attend her concert in my life....nothing to say about cric cuz i dont like the game..

  17. Ash, hmm.. tht was a nice way of explaining tht.. never thought of it in this manner.. :)
    and thanks for the V-day wishes.. hope u had a great day y'day.. :)

    Mehak,yayaa.. u both form a very gud jodi.. ;)
    hmm.. so, u like Shania Twain.. i didn't know tht.. even i like her alot.. wish I too can attend her concert.. but am sure she won't be touring India as country music finds very little fans here.. lets see..

  18. I differ in opinion on VDay... 'coz it gives one more reason to spend some quality time together... right?

    You like Shania Twain.. cool... this song must be somewhere on the iit network.. will find it send it across.. :)

    And, yeah.. Tendulkar will always remain God... i rem'ber reading a quote somewhere that "I was an atheist until I saw Tendulkar"... !!

    And, Dhoni ne to kamal kar di... he has been a great find for india... along with pathan!!

    BTW, any guesses who will win tomorrow? I'm putting my money on Pakistan... they are going to bounce back!! What say?

  19. i have no plans of attending her show here in india....plans of watching her live n kicking in the US...or maybe in canada (she's a canadian) with Ricky...wat say ??

  20. hey songs are nice..but kabhi aisa lagta hai to Lucky ali ka hai..i havnt heard it of babul's voice

    and didnt watch the match so no comments :)

  21. Manpreet, hmm... sahi baat hai.. ;)

    Yeah.. I do like Shania Twain... her songs r simple n nice.. with gud lyrics too.. Do send me the song if u find it :)

    Wow.. thts a great quote abt Tendulkar.. and very true too...
    Dhoni is a gud find.. as also the youngster in the team like RP Singh, Sreesanth.. they can be groomed well too.. lets see..

    Hmm..so, u've put ur money on Pakistan? Pak is now in a spot of bother at 97 for 5 in 26overs..
    but, still they can't be taken lightly atall.. lets see..

  22. Mehak, ahaa.. thts a gud option.. watching in the US ya Canada.. book a seat for me too.. will join ya guys too :D

    Neetie, yaaa.. u r right.. Kabhi aisa lagta hai is Lucky Ali's and see the name of Babul Supriyo's album- its KUCCH Aisa Lagta Hai and not KABHI.. :D
    the songs in this album r very gud.. and u'll like it alot.. do check out.. :)

  23. cricket again... :)even with a vday post.. man u r impossible LOL..

  24. that will be done dude !!!

  25. 3-1 :-) and glorious game of unlimited uncertainities at its best :-)

  26. Well prasad Dhoni's made sure that the Paki's don't forget him too soon.We 've clinched the series now!

    As for ur list of songs,have u heard "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas" Or "Raat Kali" or "Dil Kya Kare"classic numbers perfect for the valentine mood. Listen to the original versions in the voice of Kishore Kumar & u'll know what I mean!The lyrics are so meaningful.

    Wat say buddy?!


  27. hye prasad...
    u seems busy these days man...
    i did watch the 4 match yesterday, which india won...
    it is nice to see they take the one day series after the test series lose....
    looking forward to the next one....
    TC man

  28. Doll,yeah.. cricket again.. and will be there for some more days.. kya karen.. cricket is part n parcel of most of our lives now :D

    Manpreet, yeah... thts really great.. we won the series.. yohooooo :))

  29. Mehak, thanks alot :D

    Stone,yeah.. am glad tht they took the series now itself without going for the final one dayer.. now lets see if they r able to be consistent..

  30. Rashmi, yeah.. am really happy tht the youngsters like Dhoni, RP Singh, Pathan, Sreesanth are coming gud.. now Raina too in y'days match was fabulous.. :)

    "Pal pal dil ke paas" is my all time fav song.. as also many other Kishore da songs..
    "Dil kya kare" is another great song.. as also the other one... i jus love to listen to these songs at night playing it slowly and going to sleep :)

  31. Prakash, not tht busy.. jus a bit occupied at work sometimes.. :)
    yeah.. me looking forward to the next one too..
    so, u too watched these matches.. thts gud..
    am happy tht they took the one-dayers atleast.. :)

  32. Ya... I am late :0

    Poonam is right... :)
    I have all the Shania Twain songs and also the Music Videos :)

    I will email you this song at ur gmail account...

    Happy V-Day !

  33. nice compilation of songs Prasad, and cricket....sgh unfortunately I havent been able to see our cricketers play for a while now...sigh :-)how are you? i have been away from home..all bout it later :)

  34. We won!! I am so happy. Bet you will be too.

  35. Yep, Alka Yagnik's "Saare sapne" is a lovely song, lyrics by Javed Akhtar, if i m not wrong!

    V-day hardly has any relevance for me , but jo manana chahta hai y stop them ... to each his/her own :-)

    And read the tag on ur last post :-)) Good one there! All the best for the search (u will need it ;-)) he he

  36. @nkur, thanks for the song :) I got ur mail..
    was looking for this one for quite some days. Now I know whom to contact for Shania Twain's songs :D

    Kaush, nice to see u after quite sometime... :)
    yeah.. I'm doing fine out here.. and I could see tht u were busy.. so, now tht u r back, I would like to see some updates in ur blog... :)

  37. Moonstruck, yaaayaaa... we won.. indeed am happyyyy :D
    and we won it convincingly, 4-1 is a great margin... :)

    Deepak, yes.. "saare sapne" is a great song.. and u r right.. its Javed Akhtar's lyrics.. :)
    hmm.. v-day... true.. let those ppl who have company enjoy ;)

    Reg the tag post, so.. isn't the list impressive :D
    Yeah.. the search for such a gal needs lots offf wishes from u guys.. hope i get one soon.. :D

  38. being really poor in the non-filmi hindi music, i havent heard of any of these songs. When it comes to english, im like a grumpy old sob who always listened to the 1980 and back music. :D
    I dont get to see any cricket here. Thats one thing i miss the most. Well said Nasser Hussain... i´ve known he is a deep admirer of sachin and so am I !!
    yeah we won the series and in style!