Tuesday, March 28, 2006

am backkkkkkk........

Hey buddies... how r u doin'??? :)
Glad to be back to the blogdom.. And thanks alot for your support, mails and wishes.... am now slowly getting back to my normal health :)
It was like a severe jolt for me... I have a bad habit of ignoring my health completely, even when I know am very much susceptible...
Thankfully it wasn't something serious, I was diagonised to have dust allergy and viral fever... but still I gave a li'l scare to my parents when I went back to Kerala all of a sudden. I took a weeks off and complete rest at home with my parents to pamper me :)

There are lots of things I learnt in these two weeks and probably thats why God chose to give me these troubles to get to know certain truths...
One thing i'll never forget is... "things shouldn't be taken for granted always".
I've forcefully made some changes in me and my life style too... Hopeful to see some gud results...

Ok enough of these boring talks... now for some other talks....

  • Jus now India won the first ODI match against England. Great bowling by Harbajan.. and glad to see him back to some form... But pathetic performance by our batsmen. And the test series is one that should be forgotten. I somehow get a feeling that Sehwag is going to be out of the team soon... He needs to get some strict sacking to get him learn some sense of purpose
  • I enjoyed the Melbourne Commonwealth Games when I was at home last week.. Some great performances by our sports person. But, again against some weak teams... Nevertheless, lets hope that they'll be able to perform better in the Asian and also Olympic games. The shooters are the main targets for us to get some medals...
    And did any of u watch the closing ceremony? There was a performance by India too, since the next Commonwealth Games is to be held in New Delhi in 2010.
    I somehow felt unhappy seeing lots of Bollywood stars performing. Somehow this shows that we keep faith in these ppl more than the real stars who have won us accolades all around the world. Do we really have to show us to the world thro' these bollywood stars? Wouldn't it be nice to jus perform with some great dancers or musicians, instead of these Bollywood stars?
  • And now that the F1 season has started, am completely hooked onto it. This time the field is very much open with Renault, McLaren, Ferrari and also Honda... all these teams fairing well.... lets hope we are in for an exciting season of F1 :)
  • Ok, I know am talking only abt sports.. but, thts one thing I can't stop talking abt :P
Currently listening to a beautiful Alisha Chinai song called "Tu jo mila". I liked this song alot when the song used to be aired in the music channels longgg back and searched it in the net and got it y'day :)


  1. Great to see you back.... :)

    Match was great... Hurrraaayyyy !!!

  2. Good to see you back and now on take care of ur health

  3. Hey !! Nothing can beat the excitement of ODIs ...Australia Vs S Africa...any score is never high enough !! India Vs England...any score can be defended :P

    But the catches were amazing too...I totally love having all the 'cricket buffet' :)

    So good to have you back...sadly I do not follow F1. And that song does not ring a bell :P Get me the link some time..

    TC !!

  4. @prasad :- maams , Im missing cricket badly (both playing and watching ) .... the truth you learnt is the greatest of the lot , but we humans have a tendency to forget that and take things for granted .... take care of ur health ..

  5. Welcome Back...nothing like relaxing at home...+ enjoying ghar ka khana...n u better take care of ur health now..i mean all the canteen food n stuff..
    OHh ur love for cricket...yeah Sehwag is more interested in getting more adverts than scoring more runs..
    well cud not catch up with the CommonWealth Games on TV...
    F1...taran bhi deewana hai...
    Yes Prasad agree with your viewpoint, y do we have to rely on bollywood stars to showcase India all the time...Esp Ash....some folk dancers/musicians wud have been a better choice.
    2010 CommonWealth games@ New Delhi..u know wat cuz of this Delhi has improved soooooo much....so many flyovers/good wide bumpless roads....DILLI ROX !!

  6. hey man! nice blog u got here! thanks for dropping by.. :D

  7. good to see you back Prasad ji! :) I hope that you are feeling better than before. :) It is always good to go home and get pampered by the parents. ;-)

    "things shouldn't be taken for granted".. it is a good point that you have learned..but am interested to know what type of changes are required in your lifestyle. :)

    all the best to the indian cricket team:-D for prasad's sake. ;-)

  8. Welcome Back Prasad Maams!!

    I am glad you took the week off and went home to recover. Mom ke haath ka khana can cure anything that any doctor cannot.

    I am glad you learnt from the whole episode. I have started taking care of my health too now. I am on a protien diet and do regular excercises.

  9. I am happy for Bhajji too. He got a lot of stick in the test matches. Sehwag is so unfit. He looks like a Inzi in making. He needs to lose those pounds and get active in the field.

    I was very proud of India too in Commonwealth. Canada came third though...he he. So, I had a win-win situation both ways.

    I agree with Bollywood part too. I was so mad when the Olympic torch came to India and Ash-Vivek carried it rather than any good player. It was disgusting. We treat our players like crap and then expect them to do well.

    I am a big F1 fan too. Yohoooooooo!! Its happening in Melbourne. I hope to see Nupur there..LOL

  10. good to see you back in good health prasad! do not ignore your health (and your dental health) good to have positive changes in life right? cricket bi baat mat karo yaar..i amnever able to see any cricket matches that I love!and I havent followed F1 as much ever! So I am hoping that I can follow it through your blog :D

  11. Great to see ya back , and hope u fully recovered! Yep, there is nothing better to rest at home under parent's supervision!

    Even i shud now be a bit careful twds health. Am quite reckless.


  12. Woohoo! Glad to see you back. About Cricket, what in the world is going on out there? Absolute wackiness. Every night of the game, I follow the score online and go to bed thinking "Gosh, we'll lose". Upon waking up, I turn on the pc to check the result and turns out we won. Not that I am complaining, but wacky.
    About the Melbourne 2006, I got to see highlights of it. And I don't even want to bother commenting on B'wood stars. Though I am truly proud of the Indian athletes. Great performance.
    I haven't heard Alisha Chinoi's album in a long time. There are a few songs I've been looking for, but can't find them. She's good :)

  13. Prsad.... you are again missing... hope u r fine !

  14. hi..first time in here.hope you have had complete recovery:)

  15. hey good to see you back...even i wasnt regular in blogs for sometime so didnt know abt ur health. but good to know that u r fit and fine now...and ya dont take ur health for granted.

    m watching 3rd ODI :) nice one...waiting for dhoni's batting hehe :P

    chalo take care of ur health and enjoy the match :)